Hey Dude

Season 1 Episode 10

Ted & Brad Get Handcuffed

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Sep 15, 1989 on Nickelodeon

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  • The Defiant Ones

    It's pritty much Hey Dude doing "The Defiant Ones", this is one of my favorate episodes of the show because this was one of the first steps in Ted and Brad growing closer.

    I just love how both of them are giving each other so much grief intentionally and unintentionally. Two of my favorate moments were the bunk scene where both of them are trying to find a way to sleep but they just never can get confortable which leads them into a pillow fight. The other was when both were having breakfast and Ted is trying to use his right hand but Brad only would let him for 30 secs which obviously doesn't work out.

    I'll admit I actually did feel bad for Ted the most because he really was right about Brad stepping over the line. I know there is such a thing as banter but what Brad was saying to Ted was kinda hurtful, heck she wasn't really making the sittuation any better by giving Ted more slashing than he really deserved. Sure Ted's not perfect but he doesn't like hurting people's feelings, and when he banters or gives people grief it's harmless because it's just that a joke.

    Brad learns that she's not being fair to Ted and appoligizes but also has a revelation wondering if her banter and feelings with Ted are something more same with Ted but that is something we will find out in the future. Sometimes for two people to grow closer all it takes is a bad sittuation.
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