Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 2

The Legend Of Jed

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 14, 1991 on Nickelodeon



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    • Melody: I'm kind of sad to see him (Jed) go.
      Brad: You can't be serious.
      Melody: No, I'm serious. He was the best looking guy on this ranch.

    • Jake (posing as Jed): Yeah, I got that Ernst guy fooled. All I have to do is suck up to the old jerk. He actually thinks I like him. You know that sun must have fried his bald head.
      Mr. Ernst: Jed, is that you? Get out here right now! I have half a mind to...
      Jake (posing as Jed) A half a mind (laughs) thats being a little generous isn't it? Try combing your eyebrows over your head.

    • Jake (posing as Jed): Brad has the IQ of a speed bump I've had better conversations with a brick.
      Danny: You like me don't you?
      Jake (posing as Jed): Sure Danny your loads of fun, about as much fun as gum disease.

    • Jake: Uncle Ben stocked the lake, its another one of his...
      Melody: Jake!
      Jake: Very fine and well researched financial projects.

    • (Jake talking using a ventriloquist dummy)
      Jake: Uncle Ben's not really bald, he's just too tall for his hair. Hes not really overweight, he's just has his chest on upside down.
      Melody: Come on Jake, watch it.
      Jake: I'm not going to say Uncle Ben's cheap, but hes the only guy I know who will recycle dental floss. One thing you have to say about that Uncle Ben is...
      (Mr. Ernst appears from under the lodge counter)
      Melody: Hes standing right there.

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