Hey Hey! It's Saturday

Saturday 8:30 AM on The Nine Network Premiered Oct 09, 1971 In Season


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  • Australian Variety at its best. Sadly missed.

    Hosted by Daryl Somers and Ozzie Ostrich (a puppet played by Ernie Carrol), Hey Hey It's Saturday was two hours of gold every week. Characters included Plucka Duck, who featured in a segment of the same name, (where a member of the public could win a prize such as a holiday, electronic goods or a car). Dickie Knee was supposedly a black haired schoolboy in a blue cap, but you only ever saw the back of his head at the bottom of the camera. He was in fact, a glorified mop. In one episode, when the camera shot changed, you saw a man crouching in front of the table holding the Dickie puppet, to which Dickies voice said: "Oh, Gidday Mark", (The name of the puppeteer).

    Hey Hey It's Saturday contained other segments, such as Media Watch Press, where people sent in funny mistakes from their local paper, (much like "What The..." on "Rove Live" today); Phunny Fotos, where people sent in funny photo's...(wow! Just like it says!); The great Aussie Joke, where people sent in jokes to be told, the funniest as voted by the audience winning a prize; Molly's Melodrama, a "what's happenening in the music world" segment, hosted by Ian "Molly" Meldrum the music guru; and Red Faces, where three amateur acts competed for $500. The main judge was Red Symonds, who was notoriously mean and derogatory, and he was joined by different celebrity judges every week, (such celebrities included Mel Gibson, Victor Borge, Kylie Minogue, Lou Diamond Philips, Kamahl, Rita Rudner, Bruce Vilanch, Ben Elton, Peter Cook, Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham to name a few). Many music groups got a chance to showcase their songs as well, both young artists, as well as performances from well established music legends. While the show was Ausralian, it also showed for a time in other countries, such as New Zealand, and filmed some episodes in America.

    Hey Hey it's Saturday was a great family show, and is missed by many.