Hey, Joel!

(ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • Project Televisionary
      Joel gets renewed for next season, but the price is steep: VH1 is finally going to air Project Televisionary, the story of how Joel came to VH1 and met Kevin and Michele-it's unusually humiliating and might destroy all their friendships.
    • The Niece
      The Niece
      Episode 12
      Embarrassed by Michele's accusation that he's turned into a suck-up to the stars, Joel lashes out at a celebrity relative intern until he learns she has cancer - and then he has a bigger problem: Does he have to be nice to her now, or does slamming on the cancer girl make him real cutting-edge? Meanwhile Hugo forces Kevin to re-design VH1's web page depicting Times Square, 2500.moreless
    • Hockey
      Episode 11
      Joel's search for a celebrity pal leads to an on-air hockey duke-out with heavy-metalman Rob Halford, and then a crush on Eighties's popstress Debbie Gibson, who won't stop believing that her love can change the gay Halford. Kevin catches Michele helping herself to some cash being collected for a Leif gift, to get even for his revealing their ancient one-night stand.moreless
    • The Ur-man and the Seal
      Upset that she's not impressing the right folks at VH1, Michele ropes Joel into playing Pinniped - the hero seal of an 1800-episode Japanese anime series that is the centerpiece of station CEO Hugo's attempt to lure 6-year olds to his new VH1 Juvenile. Meanwhile, Executive Remotivation Week finds musically unsavvy Z working as counter help at Skyscraper Records.moreless
    • Book'd
      Episode 9
      Joel gets hired to write a pre-celebrity bio book of an unknown boy band, then discovers they all hate each other, that their manager is a perv, and that his ironclad contract requires him to deliver five books for the price of one.
    • Joel Sells Out
      Joel Sells Out
      Episode 8
      Joel and Michele scheme to score freebies off product-mentions he "casually" gets rock stars to discuss in interviews, but that gives Z the idea for a full-time sponsor: Wobu, a trendy vitamin water, whose rep starts insisting on changes to Joel's on-air style after a Bono interview turns into a shouting match. Kevin's share of the take is 30,000 worms he can't get rid of.moreless
    • Business Affairs
      Business Affairs
      Episode 7
      A totally innocent exchange of emails between two employees is electronically circulated to the entire company, leading to an all-day Sexual Sensitivity Seminar whose leader pits Joel against Michele to get Michele transferred to L.A. Arrogant Leif - who thinks he's VH1' s star -can't get past his own building's security.moreless
    • Big Rack Attack
      Big Rack Attack
      Episode 6
      Joel grows breasts after overdoing it on a bulk-up supplement, but Michele convinces him to keep them when she realizes that his pubescent look will help her book a celebrity with odd tastes.
    • Dark Week
      Dark Week
      Episode 5
      In a ticking-clock parody of "24," Joel must overcome the stage-fright Donny Osmond has cursed him with before facing the cameras as an awards show presenter.
    • Guitar
      Episode 4
      In a misunderstanding, Joel autographs a guitar signed by the world's most famous guitarists, then must get his signature removed in time for a charity auction. Meanwhile, when Kevin reads that the average New Yorker is mugged once every 10.3 years, he decides to get his mugging out of the way right now, and Michele's hangover makes her worry-is she getting old?moreless
    • Dream
      Episode 3
      Joel, Michele, two rock stars, and VH1 all squabble over who "owns" rights to Joel's "A Hard Day's Night"-style dream after Michele pretends she dreamt it, not Joel, and "gives" it to the one she wants to date for his shrink appointment. Kevin becomes the VH1 men's room attendant in a guilt-ridden attempt to carry on "the legacy of the profession."moreless
    • Tattoos and Taboos
      When Joel erroneously reports that Jewel has a gang tattoo, he and his entire show are forced into doing a benefit concert at Attica Prison. Michele needs to quickly figure out what the song about the "sweetest taboo" means, because somehow Lenny Kravitz believes she's agreed to do it with him.moreless
    • Judgment Day
      Judgment Day
      Episode 1
      Z becomes bored with Joel and tries to replace him, while Joel is angered when Alicia Keys runs over his toe(nail) with her limo.