Hey, Joel!

(ended 2003)


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  • Pretty good show.

    Hey Joel is a pretty good show. Theres alot of sarcastic and dry humor that you rarely see in cartoons which is one of the reasons I like the show. But like most of the shows by MTV or VH1 it only lasted one season. Its one of those shows where you either like it or you dont. But you should give it a try and watch an episode.
    Anyone who likes sarcastic and dry humor mixed with some kinda 'inapproprate' scenes should take a look at this show. It will make you laugh. Or wonder why you watched it. And if thats the case you will still laugh.
  • It's an okay show, but it's quite sad. I don't mind poor animations, but poor humour too? I'm sorry, this isn't comedy.

    It's a pretty good storyline. It's of a guy named Joel who is trying to keep his job as the speaker of a 3-minute talk show. Sadly, he isn't very good at it, so he takes advice from his two 'best friends'. He has a crush on his boss, but she hates him. It's a pretty well thought-out plot, I agree, but the presentation just isn't that great. The jokes are sub-par and the first time I watched this (Which is also the last time), I only laughed once. I'm sorry, this show's not that funny. It has moments like the constant "That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me" running gag. That's about the only time I ever laughed. The script is sub-par, the plot gives this a 3, animations lose it 1, a good running gag every now and again gives it an additional 2 and 1 for effort.