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Hey Monie!

BET (ended 2003)


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Hey Monie!

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Hey Monie is an animated comedy that explores the life and longings of Simone ("Monie"), a single, African-American, professional woman in big city America with her best friend, Yvette, by her side. Accented by improvisation from our Second City cast (and real-life best friends who play Monie and Yvette), there is an authentic feel to the show's language and dialogue.

These girls do not hold back, and every woman should be able to relate to their honest dynamic, which is often brutal- albeit in a loving way- and not unlike that of most real-life close female friends.
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  • A healthy potrayal of the modern, African American woman. Funny, down-2-earth, "feel good" humor!

    That was my tension reliever back in my high school days. I'd call my BFF up and we'd watch it together. Monie and her girl had us rolling! Most of all, we related to it, although our lives were nothing like Monie's, there was something for everybody to click with: the sweet-hearted grandma, the crazy friend, the..."interesting" neighbor, the inconsiderate jerk of a boss, the fine but nerve-testing co-worker...etc. It was a relief to see BET finally giving our people a light and flavorful image, which we deserve. But I guess that's why the show was canceled. People ain't interested in us doing nothing but fighting, shaking our rumps, struggling, killing, or being killed(even our own people). But for people like me, it was a breath of fresh air. BRING IT BACK!moreless
  • funny as Dr. Katz, but not as popular

    As I was watching an episode the watchable-but-nothing-special, Dr. Katz-like series Hopeless pictures, I had a sudden flashback to Hey Monie. Done in the same conversational style as Dr. Katz, with similar animation, this show was just plain hysterical. But it didn't last that long. I mean, according to this site it lasted three seasons, but my recollection is there were just a flurry of episodes and then it was gone, so they must have shown three seasons in a year or something.

    Why wasn't this show more successful? It started on one minor network and then hopped to another (BET and Oxygen, not sure of the order), and perhaps that was a lot of the problem. They may just not have enough viewers. Or maybe the viewers on BET don't like shows about women and the viewers on Oxygen don't like shows about black people? I just don't get it.

    It's all very sad. When I looked up the show here the average user rating for it is 6, and that I don't understand at all, although perhaps it's just what can happen when only 7 people have voted on a show.

    If you ever get the chance, check it out. It's so funny.moreless