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  • Follow cameras follow Paula Abdul arroud and show the daily events of the multitalented, Paula Abdul: Singer, Songwriter, Cheerleader, Choreographer, Dancer, Actress, Producer, and Judge.

    Myself being a big fan of Paula Abdul, I find this a pretty awesome show. Paula is such a kind, witty, and just plain remarkable person. It's a funny show, about the celebrity who has a very busy, but yet interesting life. Which in some aspects isn't all that different that normal people's lives sometimes. In-between all the interviews and television appearances, she still does normal things; she goes to Starbucks and gets coffee. Even when she’s exhausted and in pain Paula still finds time for her fans. How does Paula find time to do everything she does? Hey Paula really shows people that she’s not all fun and games; she’s really a workaholic and not some has-been who sit arroud all day. She doesn’t try to be someone she’s not, and you really can see that through this show. The people who disrespect her and believe that’s she’s just some has-been who happened to get lucky with being a judge on what is now taken the U.S by storm, they should really watch this show. They may just think differently of her. Which really was the purpose of creation of this so to contradict what people think of her on American Idol.
  • Shame on you Paula.

    I do find myself rewinding at parts to make sure I heard Paula really is complaining (again) about something. Anything. Just about everything. I was mildly interested in her. Enjoy some of her music. After this peek into her life, I am SHOOCKED at her ungrateful, disgusting greed, whiney approach to life. She has stretched her 15 minutes into a successful career with many blessings. But instead of showing gratitude, and thanking god everyday she got that call to judge a talent show, she cries to the camera. "I am sick of people not appreciating me for the gift that I am." Boo-hoo. Her talks to the camera are so staged. When dealing with conflict she is tacky and rude. Her constant references to Simon are gross. Shame on you Paula.
  • Hey Paula! You are NUTS!!

    I found out about this show after I saw a clip of it on E!'s The Soup. It was the one where she gets a call to do something involving the line of Bratz dolls where she is crying and asking "Why God? Why??" The more important question is why God would let a show like this air. Surely he could jam the transmission somehow. This clip basically shows that Paula has Jumped The Shark. When you are reduced to tears because you are offered a deal involving dolls? I mean really, Paula... you need to stop drinking and spend a few years in a psychiatric facility. Yet another quasi-reality TV show featuring a mentally unstable celebrity. Thats just what the world needs! Sigh......... Why doesnt she marry Danny Bonaduce? What a pair they would make.
  • Sad and Sorry to say but just as bad as the previews

    The previews where horrid but I figured give it a try anyway. Sorry to say I was greatly disappointed. This is a fake remake attempt for Paula to have a interesting unheard of hit like Kathy's D-list. Not only does the show's 'star' sleep during the episodes but the show is dull enough to make anyone sleep or at least forget why they had put it on Bravo to begin with. Bravo has had some hits lately but this was a MISS and badly! All you hear is the same thing each episode, Paula whining 'I'm tired' or 'I'm hungry.' Don't get me wrong she can sing, she has a great singing voice it is when she talks that it kills my ears. Paula honey stick to the singing!
  • Cameras follow Paula Abdul on her busy, hectic and her stress-filled public and private life.

    I've got three things I can say about Paula Abdul's TV series on Bravo:

    It's more lucid than Anna Nicole's

    It's more cleaner than Britney's

    It's more compelling that Jessica's

    After all these years, I can honestly say I'm still in love with the former Laker girl, but now I understand why her three marriages never worked. If she's too busy to eat or sleep, how in the world is she going to find time for a husband? Her show is not as controversial as Anna-Nicole, and it doesn't gross me out like Britney did, and those are it's good points, but it doesn't have it's Jessica "chicken of the sea" moments, unless you count the Simon Cowell references. What hurts it is the bad reviews; it's slanted toward Paula fans. She's a workaholic badly in need of a vacation, but she still tries to remain gracious to the fans and people who love her. She's funny, she's charming, she's adorable - and she's exausted!
  • Hello Paula, I watched this movie because you are in it. I have always thought you were great. We are about the same age and I've got chroic pain too. I got hurt in my late 20's, and I KNOW how HARD this is for you. trose@yahoo.com

    Paula I know how hard it is for you to go day to day with chronic pain, like you do. I too have chronic pain too, for last 15 years. I don't know how you do it and then hear the stress of the press, it makes me mad. I look great, normal, perfect, outside though, you know? Inside I have fushions and SO much pain. It really hard I guess for people who don't have so much pain, to see us with pain. To them we look normal. I'm hear to say that inside is so hard! The stress of the pain, stress of NOT being able to do the physical things we once could do cause it HURTS so bad. Just admitting that to yourself is so hard, who wants to hurt 24-7, no sleep, stomach problems, stress of doctors and not being ABLE to do what you want to do? Take care Paula