Hey Vern, It's Ernest!

CBS (ended 1988)


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  • This show is very weird!!

    Hey Vern, It's Ernest! is one strangest show I have ever viewed in my life time. Yet again , Jim Varney gave Ernest P. Worrell that stupid but loveable appearance that the fans expected. The show ideas were good in many ways too. The show would focus on different events of children, like holidays or school. Ernest would then take one of these ideas and go on some mad adventure talking all about that subject. I have seen the episode where Ernest and his friends talk about sports. The show had its weird and funny moments, but just could not cut it for the kids in the 80’s. Maybe it was all those random inserts of different kids and Ernest and his friends during the show in which it would show their faces with all these colors and lights coming out of them. Some of the faces were spinning around and around with their eyes going back into their heads. This could have scared the kids, when all they thought they were going to get was a good laugh. To bad Jim Varney is gone, this show might have worked for today’s crazy and mixed up children.