H.G. Wells' Invisible Man

ITV (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Big Plot
      The Big Plot
      Episode 13

      Found among the wreckage of a crashed foreign plane is a canister of uranium 235, one half of an atom bomb. Peter believes the other half is already in London somewhere, just waiting to be combined and detonated by a foreign power. Knowing this "lost" canister will be replaced, authorities wait for its replacement to be smuggled in. It arrives in the belongings of Lady Helen Peversham, a well-known golfer.

    • Shadow Bomb
      Shadow Bomb
      Episode 12

      Peter develops a bomb detonator that is triggered by a simple shadow. During the military demonstration of the device, the trench collapses, trapping a solder under debris with an armed bomb. The only person who can get into the tight spot to help without casting a shadow is its inventor, the Invisible Man.

    • The Rocket
      The Rocket
      Episode 11

      Peter and his fellow scientists plan a test firing of a rocket with a revolutionary new tail section. Enemy governments are very interested in getting their hands on this technology. Smith, an in-debt gambler who works at the lab, is easily bought off by a spy, supplying details on the time of the test and route by which the rocket will be transported.

    • Man in Power
      Man in Power
      Episode 10

      The king of a neutral desert country is assassinated by its Army's general who wants to play the East against the West for profit. The college student prince races home from his studies in England to regain control of his country, with Peter secretly along to help.

    • Man in Disguise
      Man in Disguise
      Episode 9

      In the Paris airport, a man swipes Peter's bag, wraps his head in gauze, and passes through customs unsearched because they assume he's Peter Brady. This ruse allows him to smuggle a shipment of cocaine into Britain with no questions asked. Upset over the impersonation, Peter gladly works with two undercover Scotland Yard officers to get to the leader of the drug operation.

    • The White Rabbit
      The White Rabbit
      Episode 8

      French authorities call Peter when a doctor brings in a rabbit she says materialized before her eyes. It was found just outside the family estate of Mssr. Roche, a Nazi collaborator during the war. The two investigate, learning the secretive man has been funding research on invisibility for years, hoping to create an invisible army which he'll use to dominate France.

    • The Gun Runners
      The Gun Runners
      Episode 7

      Peter accompanies diplomat Zena Fleming on a return visit to a small Mediterranean country to prove they're in the gun running business. Fleming made plenty of enemies there, evidenced when a thug walks into her room and orders her at gunpoint to leave on the next flight. The henchman works for the Citrus Export Business, which she and Peter believe is a front for the country's illegal arms trade. The two sneak onto the premises to investigate.

    • The Decoy
      The Decoy
      Episode 6

      Terri Trent, half of the singing Trent Sisters, is kidnapped from a London hotel after witnessing a murder across the alley. Her identical twin sister, Toni, seeks Peter's help in finding her missing sibling. He has her check back into the hotel as Terri, panicking the manager who was in on the killing.

    • Flight into Darkness

      Just days before Professor Stephens is to give a demonstration to government of his revolutionary work in overcoming gravity, he disappears. Not wanting to unleash another tool of destruction upon the world, he burns all his documents and disappears. Peter searches for the professor, as do enemy agents who would love to have his anti-gravity weapon at their disposal.

    • The Prize
      The Prize
      Episode 4

      Writer Tania Roskov is arrested at her home country's border when attempting to visit the West to accept a literary award. The leaders of the Communist regime consider her a traitor for her honesty. Peter, who's attending the awards with his sister, crosses the country's border minefield to find and free Tania. Because of his Peter's fame, the Communist leaders anticipate his arrival.

    • The Vanishing Evidence

      The current scientific work of Professor Harper is of great importance to the British government's security. Other countries also are interested in his conclusions; he's killed by an international spy who makes off with his papers. Peter is sent to Amsterdam to meet with an attractive British spy who's trying to get the paperwork back from the enemy agent.

    • Death Cell
      Death Cell
      Episode 2

      Ellen Summers escapes a mental hospital where she's been held, and comes to Peter for help. Her boyfriend, George, is on death row for killing of a police inspector and she has a photo proving he was elsewhere the day of the shooting. It quickly becomes obvious that Dr. Trevors, who runs the hospital, is more interested in keeping Ellen quiet than in saving George from the hangman's noose.

    • Point of Destruction

      Four pilots have died in test flights of Professor Scott's fuel diffuser, a breakthrough that would more than double the range of current aircraft. Scott fears his invention is a bust until Peter does some snooping around. The Invisible Man is convinced it's espionage, especially after foreign agents try to assassinate him. He lets them think they've succeeded so he can root out the turncoat in Scott's lab.

  • Season 1