Hi-5 (1999) - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Music - Friday
    Music - Friday
    Episode 45
    Daily Theme: Fun Music
  • Music - Thursday
    Music - Thursday
    Episode 44
    Daily Theme: Sports
  • Music - Wednesday
    Music - Wednesday
    Episode 43
    Daily Theme: Making Your Own Music
  • Music - Tuesday
    Music - Tuesday
    Episode 42
    Daily Theme: Music and Dancing
  • Music - Monday
    Music - Monday
    Episode 41
    Daily Theme: Music Around the World
  • Machines - Friday
    Machines - Friday
    Episode 40
    Daily Theme: Fun Machines
  • Machines - Thursday
    Machines - Thursday
    Episode 39
    Daily Theme: Machines in the City
  • Machines - Wednesday
    Daily Theme: Machines for Work
  • Machines - Tuesday
    Machines - Tuesday
    Episode 37
    Daily Theme: Machines in the Home
  • Machines - Monday
    Machines - Monday
    Episode 36
    Daily Theme: Transport
  • It's Me - Friday
    It's Me - Friday
    Episode 35
    Coming Soon
  • It's Me - Thursday
    It's Me - Thursday
    Episode 34
    Daily Theme: How We Feel and What We Can Do
  • It's Me - Wednesday
    It's Me - Wednesday
    Episode 33
    Daily Theme: Looking After Our Bodies
  • It's Me - Tuesday
    It's Me - Tuesday
    Episode 32
    Daily Theme: Our Place in the World
  • It's Me - Monday
    It's Me - Monday
    Episode 31
    Daily Theme: Personal Care
  • Homes - Friday
    Homes - Friday
    Episode 30
    Daily Theme: City vs. Country
  • Homes - Thursday
    Homes - Thursday
    Episode 29
    Daily Theme: Homes in Different Places
  • Homes - Wednesday
    Homes - Wednesday
    Episode 28
    Daily Theme: Different Sorts of Homes
  • Homes - Tuesday
    Homes - Tuesday
    Episode 27
    Daily Theme: Animal Homes
  • Homes - Monday
    Homes - Monday
    Episode 26
    Daily Theme: Homes for Families and Friends
  • Wishes - Friday
    Wishes - Friday
    Episode 25
    Daily Theme: Doing Things Differently
  • Wishes - Thursday
    Wishes - Thursday
    Episode 24
    Daily Theme: Dreams
  • Wishes - Wednesday
    Wishes - Wednesday
    Episode 23
    Daily Theme: Magic Places
  • Wishes - Tuesday
    Wishes - Tuesday
    Episode 22
    Daily Theme: When I Grow Up
  • Wishes - Monday
    Wishes - Monday
    Episode 21
    Daily Theme: Imaginary Friends
  • Days - Friday
    Days - Friday
    Episode 20
    Daily Theme: Special Days

    You Can't See Me Kellie: Kellie and Chats have a special visitor, a little chick. Charli: Does the Funky Chook. Nathan: Makes masks for everyone and they dance to his song. Charli: Makes different faces. Tim:Makes game for how long the day goes for and makes Kellie and Kathleen play. Charli: Plays in the summer. Kathleen: Packs things that can be folded small to go moon gazing and takes Jup Jup's balloon. Charli:Balances different ways while throwing balloon. Story: Lucy (Charli) can't run very well with her friends (Kellie and Nathan) so the genie (Kathleen) gives her special running shoes.moreless
  • Days - Thursday
    Days - Thursday
    Episode 19
    Daily Theme: Weeks

    Kathleen: Has ring of days but has to find another piece for Sunday because Jup Jup stole it. Charli: Spins in circle with ribbon. Kellie: Shows Chats things she’s done every day preparing for her camping trip. Charli: Packs sleeping bag for camping. Tim: Has different sounding wind chimes for each day. Charli: Is blown around by the wind. Nathan: Has a different game for each day but gets them mixed up. Charli: Dances for each day. Kellie’s Word Song Alphabet City Story: Cat (Tim) has a different collar for each day of the week but his favourite collar is missing. The mouse (Kellie) has it for her doorbell and the cat lets her keep it but he’ll ring the bell on the day he wears the collar.moreless
  • Days - Wednesday
    Days - Wednesday
    Episode 18
    Daily Theme: Tomorrow

    Kellie: Is nervous because of a Hi-5 concert 'tomorrow' so Chats teaches her a song to stop her nerves. Charli: Practices dance routine for Hi-5 concert tomorrow Nathan: Demonstrates how different you can feel from day to day.Charli: Goes from being tired and awake. Tim: Everyone decides to go to the show tomorrow then they make their own fair by combining different fair sounds. Charli: Pretends she's at the show on bouncing castle. Kathleen: Prepares things for if someone comes to her place tomorrow, and decides to prepare circus. Charli: Juggles balls Kellie and Chat's word song Story: Rosie (Kellie) decides she'll make mess and clean it up tomorrow but when she looses her hat she has to clean everything up to find it.moreless
  • Days - Tuesday
    Days - Tuesday
    Episode 17
    Daily Theme: Today

    Nathan: Sings rainy day today and jumps in all the puddles. Charli: Sings rainy day today and jumps in hand puddles. Kathleen: Tries to remember which chore she has to do. Decides she has to fold clothes but she is meant to wash them but can't smell them because her nose is stuffed up. Charli: Hangs up fake washing. Gets caught in the sheet. Tim: Has backwards day where the day goes from night things to day things. Charli: Gets dressed backward. Kellie: Chats makes up a song for her special friend with the words happy, today and fun. Kellie helps her but is sad because she thinks the song is for someone else but then Chats tells Kellie the song is for her. Charli: Writes 'TODAY' with her fingers Story: Ben (Tim) wants to jump in the puddles in bright blue boots so he goes with his friends (Kathleen, Nathan and Charli). When the rain stops and the puddles dry up they find a beautiful rainbow.moreless
  • Days - Monday
    Days - Monday
    Episode 16
    Daily Theme: Yesterday

    Kellie: (Wearing pyjamas) Gets freaked out from her rabbit dream. Re-enactment of the dream with Kellie and Nathan rabbit. Charli: Dreams she can't skip so she re-learns how to. Nathan: As a caveman goes back to 'yesterday' to show how he rolled a square, bumpy and round rock to his cart. Then Tim caveman lends him his wheelbarrow with a round wheel so he can move them. Charli: Does different things with her hoola-hoop. Tim: Tim, Kellie and Kathleen play the instruments that they started learning 'yesterday' to make song. Charli: Works out hand movements for dance she learnt 'yesterday'. Kathleen: Makes a 'cold beef salad' for lunch from her leftovers from 'yesterday'. Charli: Makes Muscle mite, energy butter, strong bones cheese sandwich. Story: When Kellie, Charli and Kathleen have a picnic in the park they meet a Mars martin (Tim) who can't remember how to refuel his spaceship. He then remembers that he needs banana skins to make it work.moreless
  • Animals - Friday
    Animals - Friday
    Episode 15
    Daily Theme: Australian Animals

    Kellie: Tells Chats about fruit bats and they play a 'bat to front’ game. Charli: Hangs upsidedown like a fruit bat. Kathleen: Makes an Australian scenario in the desert with Australian animals. Charli: Jumps like different size kangaroos. Tim Uses bird sounds on 'keyboard' while the others are bird watching. Charli: Tries being different Australian birds. Nathan: Makes different footprints for Australian animals. Charli: In sleeping bag travels across the desert as a snake sheds her skin and goes back. Story: Nick (Tim) and Gus (Nathan) possums decide to stay awake all day. They go into a house and raid the fridge but they get scared away when they run into human, Charli. When they get home they get in trouble from their mum (Kellie) and can't go tree swinging that night.moreless
  • Animals - Thursday
    Animals - Thursday
    Episode 14
    Daily Theme: Animals in the Sea

    Kathleen: Measures a baby whale with Hi-5 hands to see how big it is. Charli: Dolphin dances Nathan: Makes an aquarium of what he saw at the big aquarium in the town. Charli: Walks like a crab. Tim:Has a seal-barking contest between Kathleen and Nathan, making them seal bark high and low. Charli: Balances on her legs. Kellie: Teaches Chats about seahorses. Charli: Jumps forward and back to dry her wet pants. Story: All of the whales in the ocean (Kathleen and Kellie) make fun of Bob (Nathan) the whale’s tail, so the mermaid (Charli) challenges them to race Bob to make them find out that Bob’s tail is better than they think.moreless
  • Animals - Wednesday
    Animals - Wednesday
    Episode 13
    Daily Theme: Farm Animals

    Nathan: Uses different shapes to make farm animals. Charli: Pretends to ride horse. Kathleen: After Jup Jup steals an egg Kathleen makes 'cuddled' omelettes for Hi-5. Charli: Goes on an egg treasure hunt. Tim: Has cow bells and brings in the others to YODEL-MOO. Kellie: Makes Chats guess the 3 things she brought back from her visit to the farm. Charli: Pretends to milk cow Story: Sophie duck (Kellie) that lives in the city travels to the country to go to Frank's (Tim) Birthday party but learnt the country is more of a headache than the city is. (Reader - Charli)moreless
  • Animals - Tuesday
    Animals - Tuesday
    Episode 12
    Daily Theme: Insects

    Kathleen: Wants to be an insect like her ant so she uses spatulas to give her more legs. Charli: Gets food crumbs back to her and nest. Kellie: Kellie and Chats talk like cicadas by drumming on their tummies. Charli:Finds cicadas on her hanging ring. Tim: Tim and everyone else all become different sounding insects. Charli: Flies like a bee. Nathan: Starts out as a caterpillar, then he weaves himself a cacoon, sleeps and becomes a butterfly. Charli:Breaks from cacoon to become butterfly. Story: Georgia (Kathleen) and her friend (Nathan) both love insects so much they plan to be insectoligests. That night Georgia has a wonderful dream about flying with a dragonfly (Charli).moreless
  • Animals - Monday
    Animals - Monday
    Episode 11
    Daily Theme: Jungle Animals

    Nathan: Shows different types of jungle cats and how they camouflage. Charli: Sings Cool, Cool Cat. Tim: Uses different size tubes to roar like different lion family members with Kellie and Nathan. Kathleen: Measures to see if her toy snake is bigger or smaller than her and her jungle tree. Charli: Swings on her jungle vine (rope). Kellie: Kellie and Chats learn about elephants from the book Chats gave Kellie. Charli:Lumbers around like elephant. Story: King George (Tim) the Lion does not like Harriet (Kathleen) the Mouse's dancing and won't try to dance when Harriet asks him to. When King George gets stuck in a net while he's sleeping under his tree, Harriet's dancing helps him forget about the net and helps King George slip out of the net.moreless
  • Feelings - Friday
    Feelings - Friday
    Episode 10
    Daily Theme: Animal's Feelings

    Kellie: When Kellie is grumpy because she can't find her shoes her and Chats try to imitate different jungle animal’s tantrums. Charli: Acts like animals in the jungle. Kathleen: Tries to find the kookaburra that is laughing at her but instead she finds it's four baby kookaburras. Charli:Sings Kathleen kookaburra song Tim: Shows animals have the same sort of feelings as humans. Charli: Acts like horse. Nathan: Demonstrates cat and dog feelings. Charli: Acts like cat. Story: Chloe the Joey (Kellie) has a special blanket that she always sleeps with but as she gets older the blanket gets smaller. When it is too small to cover her, her friends (Tim and Charli) can't help her but the dingo (Nathan) suggests she wears it as a scarf on her head instead of it covering her.moreless
  • Feelings - Thursday
    Daily Theme: Showing Our Feelings

    Nathan: Kathleen hides while Nathan puts different shaped mouths on a box for different feelings. Charli: Demonstrates being happy. Kellie: After finding a letter Q her and Chats think of words that start with Q. Charli: Demonstrates movements for being silly Tim: Everyone lets out their silly feelings by showing them. Charli: Hides behind hands from shyness. Kathleen: Makes savoury biscuits and gets cross when Jup Jup steals her piping bag but she makes her own bag. Charli: Makes different biscuits from play dough. Story: Zac (Nathan) has a feeling that it's going to be a lucky day and feels he is right when his mum (Charli) tells him a new family's mover in. But the family consists of Zeke bear (Tim) and his mum bear (Kathleen). But when they play together and swap their lucky caps they become the best of friends.moreless
  • Feelings - Wednesday
    Daily Theme: Different Feelings We Feel

    Kathleen: Is cold so she finds different things to help her warm up. Charli:Exercises to make herself warm. Nathan: Paints different colours on his cutout for what he feels. Charli:Does exercises for her feelings. Tim: Makes words on his guitar for how he feels. Charli:Makes song for feeling 'Swoggely'. Kellie: Can't get to sleep so Chats sings her to sleep. Story: Toby the Cricket (Tim) wants to make his chirpy cricket sound but is too scared to jump off his blade of grass. The bee (Kathleen) can't help but the butterfly (Kellie) encourages him to and all the animals in the garden have a party to congratulate Toby. (Nathan - reading)moreless
  • Feelings - Tuesday
    Feelings - Tuesday
    Episode 7
    Daily Theme: Feelings Inside Our Body

    Kathleen:Gets the hiccups and tries different methods of getting rid of them. Charli: Hiccups, sneezes and coughs to make painting. Kellie:Has steposcope and listens to Chat's heartbeat, then Chats listens to hers. Charli:Makes heart beat fast and slow. Tim: He and Kellie make rumbly hungry bear sound on the drum. Charli: Sing Tim's bear song. Nathan: Experiments with different tasting fruits. Charli:Pretends to eat lemon and watermelon. Story: Rooster (Nathan) has sore throats sow cow (Kathleen) and horse (Charli) try to wake the farmer and get sore throats too but then the mouse (Kellie) thinks to ring the bell.moreless
  • Feelings - Monday
    Feelings - Monday
    Episode 6
    Daily Theme: Feeling Free

    Nathan Blows bubbles then becomes a bubble himself. Charli: Dances while blowing bubbles. Kellie:Kellie and Chats make up a song for how they feel in each season. Charli: Sings season song. Tim: Makes up a song about feeling free. Then Tim plays it again, while Nathan and Kathleen dance. Charli: Makes feet wiggle and stretch. Kathleen: Hangs up pictures of the girls on cords, but Jup Jup keeps making them uneven so she hangs them on clips. Charli: Sings about her swing. Story: Carmella (Kathleen) decides she wants to make her own breakfast so the dog (Nathan), pig (Kellie) and bird (Tim) 'help' her make it. She decides that her milk isn't so bad when she tastes the final result though.moreless
  • Adventure - Friday
    Adventure - Friday
    Episode 5
    Daily Theme: Adventure Underground

    Kellie: Kellie and Chats do and Egyptian dance from the shapes they found on the hieroglyphics. Charli: Pharoh dance. Kathleen: Follows an adventure treasure map to find hidden diamond. Charli: Demonstrates different shapes with hands and arms.Tim: 'Digs' to 'centre ot the earth.' While 'digging' he meets two worms (Kellie and Kathleen) and two wombats (Charli and Tim) who help him dig there. Charli: 'Digs' to other side of the earth. Nathan: Goes into a rabbit warren and meets Tim the rabbit. They become friends and eat carrots together. Charli:Becomes rabbit, finds carrot to eat. Kellie and Chat's word song Story: Kellie and Nathan are the wombat parents of Charli and Kathleen. Kathleen does not like to dig because she does not know how so her family teach her how to.moreless
  • Adventure - Thursday
    Daily Theme: Outer Space

    Kathleen: Is going to outer space but doesn’t have a helmet so makes one out of her fish tank. Charli: Sings about gliding in space. Kellie: Has picture of all the planets and makes planet Chats, where everything starts with ‘Ch’. Charli: Goes to planet Move-a-Lot Tim: Has different sounding object for each of the planets. Charli: Tries to touch stars. Nathan: Goes in spaceship to Jupiter, then goes back toward the sun. Charli: Is a rocket. Story: Four friends, Tim, Charli Kathleen and Kellie love to look at the night sky. One night they decide to climb up the moonbeams to visit the universal playground.moreless
  • Adventure - Wednesday
    Daily Theme: Adventure in the Town

    Nathan: Has to deliver different shaped parcels to all of Hi-5. Charli: Rides bike around town. Kellie: Kellie and Chats make the famous Alphabet City. Charli: Alphabet City song. Tim: Finds different musical sounds in the kitchen while making damper. Charli: Is a muffin machine Kathleen: Has a little Kathleen and a park and flips a coin to see what the little Kathleen will do there. Charli: Is a frog that doesn’t like the rain. Story: Maggie the magpie (Kathleen) loves anything shiny but Charli, Tim and Nathan don’t love it when Maggie steals their shiny things. Then Tim thinks to give her a shiny disco ball so her nest’s always shiny and she gives their things back and teaches them the ‘Magpie Hustle.’moreless
  • Adventure - Tuesday
    Daily Theme: Adventure in the Home

    Kellie: Have B words and sing a song about B words. Charli: Tries to catch Kellie the butterfly. Tim: Becomes small with Kathleen the ant then becomes big with Nathan the elephant. Charli: Tries being big and small. Nathan Makes a cave for dragon to go in and finds Tim the dragon to dragon groove with. Charli: Goes dragon grooving. Kathleen: Makes energy drinks for her and Kellie but has to use honey instead of her banana. Charli: Is a piece of bread and becomes toasted. Story: Kellie and Nathan love trying out their magic tricks but their dad tells them they probably won’t work. But they manage to turn themselves into chickens so their dad tries to turn them back to children with some interruptions from dogs and frogs.moreless
  • Adventure - Monday
    Adventure - Monday
    Episode 1
    Daily Theme: Adventure Around the World

    Kellie: Takes herself and Chats to Italy with their adventure pizza.

    Charli: Tosses pizza dough.

    Nathan: Climbs to the top of his pillow Temple of the Sun.

    Charli: Climbs to the top of a hill.

    Tim: Uses his travel-gong to go to Brazil to see Charli and Kellie and to Africa to see Nathan, then they show Tim that country’s music.

    Kathleen: Is going to Antarctica but Jup Jup gives her a napkin, party hat and flippers to make her a penguin.

    Charli: Ice skates across lake to see the penguins.

    Story: When Nathan, Kellie and Kathleen are playing dressups and Nathan finds a Russian hat, Kellie a hula skirt and Kathleen a pair of clogs they decide to fly on their magic carpet to the countries the things come from. However when they land they make a friend, Tim who shows them a dance for the land they are in: Muddle-up Land.moreless
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