Hi-5 - Season 1

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Colors: Playing
    Colors: Playing
    Episode 45
    Jenn listens to Chats' heart, and they talk about the sound of a heartbeat and the color of love. Karla sings about her heart and how she can make it change size. King Curtis plays a musical game with his subjects, that ends in a collapsed heap! Kimee blows up balloons, but things get confusing when her ribbons start to disappear. Karla practices different ways of balancing with a balloon. At storytime, Zack (played by Shaun) doesn't know what to make of his new neighbor Zeke the Bear (played by Curtis), but they find out they have more in common than it seems at first.moreless
  • Colors: Imagination
    Colors: Imagination
    Episode 44
    Kimee has a belly wobble dance, but wants to make up a costume to go with it. Karla dresses up in fancy things and dances. Curtis makes "silvery sounds" and then goes up in his silver spaceship to check out the sound that silver stars make. Karla pretends to be a creature from space grooving on the moon. Shaun paints a huge painting that's big and fun and with all the colors of the rainbow. Karla draws and stamps a funny, friendly face. At storytime, a grumpy purple troll (played by Curtis) lives under a bridge and won't let the sheep cross to the juicy, green grass on the other side because they keep waking him up!moreless
  • Colors in Nature
    Colors in Nature
    Episode 43
    Kimee paints a picture of a park, and discovers that mixing colors makes other colors of paint that she doesn't have. Karla pretends to paint clouds with flowing motions, and then she paints some sharp jumping lines. Shaun rows down the Congo River and sees lots of animals (including Curtis the Croc). Karla pretends to be a parrot with colorful wings. Jenn and Chats talk about the seasons they like and the colors in those seasons. Karla has fun playing around in a pile of paper leaves. At storytime, Rusty (played by Curtis) loves his blue rainboots and splashing in puddles.moreless
  • Colors: Animals
    Colors: Animals
    Episode 42
    Curtis, Jenn, and Shaun use different sized tubes to make lion sounds. Karla struts around like a peacock, with Kimee for a shadow. Kimee makes a vehicle for her colorful stuffed animals. Shaun and Curtis ride around on broomstick horses in an obstical shape horserace. Karla pretends she's a mary-go-round horse and Curtis hitches a ride. At storytime, Little Tiger (played by Jenn) is having a birthday, and her friends tell her to meet them at places like the purple flower and the green prickly bush, but she can only see in black and white.moreless
  • Colors: Favorites and Feelings
    Jenn is happy, but Chats feels grumpy. Karla sings about ways to say goodbye, like blowing kisses and hugging. Curtis listens to the quiet...and then sings a song about his noisy family! Shaun paints his feelings--yellow for happiness, purple for feeling peaceful, and others. Karla demonstrates her movements for her feelings. Curtis reads the story of two daffodils (played by Karla and Shaun) and a red tulip (played by Kimee).moreless
  • Silly Music
    Silly Music
    Episode 40
    "Blurg, ting, dop, stip" are the silly sounds that Curtis comes up with for his silly song, and some of the others help him come up with motions to go with the words. Jenn and Chats play a guessing game about silly instruments, like a kazoo, a slide whistle and thumb cymbals. Karla feels "fizzy". Shaun makes instruments for the Wild Music Band using boxes, elastic bands, and pot lids. Karla is in her own wild music band and uses a pretend megaphone. At storytime, some friends do silly dances on a rainy day in a contest to see who was the silliest.moreless
  • Music and Movement
    Music and Movement
    Episode 39
    Curtis plays different rhythms on a bucket and conjures up a waltzing couple and the "Lumpy Oatmeal Blues". Shaun finds a music machine that plays a real rockin' tune, a love song and, tap-dancing music. An orchestra...conducts Karla! Kimee plans a trip to Antarctica and dresses up like a penguin. Karla looks for a penguin but has to ice skate across a frozen lake to get a closer look. At storytime, Phil (played by Shaun) loves to sing in the bath, but he has some trouble when his brother Bill (played by Curtis) invites him to sing on stage with his band.moreless
  • Music from Around the World
    Jenn and Chats sing "Funky Reggae Music" as Jen plays the steel drum. . Karla dances to a drumbeat until she falls over! Kimee dances to Indian Music with ankle bells and finger cymbals. Karla pretends to be a clapper inside different size bells. Curtis discovers a strange basket with a turban and an instrument called a tiktiri, and he becomes a charming snake charmer. Karla is being a snake slithering across the sands of the red desert. Curtis reads the story of Serina (played by Jenn) who has a music box with Spanish Dancing dolls (played by Shaun and Karla).moreless
  • Styles of Music
    Styles of Music
    Episode 37
    Shaun is in a Latin American mood, and dances the Limbo. Karla also limbos under the bar which seems high enough for her to go under. Jenn surprises Chats with a "magical music box", which plays different kinds of music, like disco and country. Karla practices a leg-slapping dance with Kimee until they fall over laughing! Curtis sings scat to a sad jazz piano named Jazz (played by Shaun) until he remembers how to groove again. Karla pretends to be a music box ballet dancer. At storytime, the band has a hard time deciding what style of music to play, (you should hear Curtis' Johnny Cash impression!) and then they come up with Hi-5 style!moreless
  • Music: Instruments
    Music: Instruments
    Episode 36
    Kimee makes her own windchimes, but she needs to be industrious because her chimes keep disappearing! Karla hops out a song on a floor piano. Curtis talks about the string family of instruments, and how it's a family of sounds. Karla shows how she moves when she hears each different string instrument. Shaun makes different things using shapes, like a guitar and a crown, and announces that he's the king of "rock 'n roll"! At storytime, the Junkyard Animal Orchestra meet in the junkyard every night to play music, on pot lid cymbals, paint can drums, and any other instruments they can find!moreless
  • Wishes: What If?
    Wishes: What If?
    Episode 35
    Kimee plays a "what if?" game, wondering what it would be like if things were different and without things that we need. Karla makes her fingers, arms, and legs like scissors, and then does a whole body jumping type of scissors--jumping jacks! Jenn and Chats sing about coincidences when they end up buying the same hat on the same day without knowing it! Karla feels really great and full of energy, but she wonders how it feels when she's down. "Speedy" Shaun gets ready for the big race. Karla twirls a ribbon in different shapes. At storytime, Amanda (played by Karla) collects some little items to remember her island vacation.moreless
  • Wishes: Daydreams
    Wishes: Daydreams
    Episode 34
    Jenn and Chats talk about daydreams, and imagine they're at the seashore. Karla is at the beach collecting seashells, only to find she had been daydreaming all along. Curtis and Jenn pretend to be firebirds flying to the music, but Shaun and Kimee mistakenly think they are birds on fire. Shaun has a dream guessing machine, and Kimee is his first subject. Karla rows around an island, at least she imagines that she does. At storytime, dolls come to life in a kindergarten class after the children go home.moreless
  • Wishes: Imaginary Places
    Curtis has a Celtic harp and sings about a magical land with leprechauns and three moons in the sky, oh my! Karla imagines she's in a baby land. Shaun goes to Egypt and looks for Queen Kimarina's secret pyramid. Karla shows some basic yoga poses, like the lotus pose. Kimee dresses up as a "wonderthing"--you'll have to see it to believe it! Karla invites the viewers to shimmy and shake with her in Dance Land. At storytime, Sparkle the Unicorn (played by Karla) wants to help the creatures get ready for the big party in the magic forest, but she can't seem to find something helpful to do until she remembers her magical powers.moreless
  • Wishes: When I Grow Up
    Hi-5 is glad they grew up to be Hi-5, but they each thought about being other things first. Shaun first thought about shoeing horses as a farrier, but he really loves trains and wanted to be an engineer, or maybe a city planner. Curtis wanted to be an astronaut. Jenn might have been a pilot. Kimee thought being a florist would be fun, but has trouble practicing when JupJup gets involved. And what is Karla doing to Curtis' and Jenn's hair? During storytime, a group of young friends think about what they want to be when they grow up.moreless
  • Wishes: Imaginary Friends
    Kimee thinks she's hearing things and finds some clues that she's not alone, like a bed and 5 footprints... yet JupJup remains a secret! Karla sings about her imaginary friend. Shaun wrestles with his friend, Bag o' Beans. Jenn is grumpy when she wakes up because she had a bad dream about a bunny rabbit, but Chats helps her see the dream in a different light. Karla introduces her elbows and knees to each other, and her feet to her ears. Curtis confuses his friends when he sings a song called "My Best Friend" for his dog, but they think it's about each of them!moreless
  • Bodies: Games and Sports
    Despite his enthusiasm, Curtis has some trouble in the Hi-5 marching band. Karla pretends to be a marching girl with a baton to twirl. Jenn teaches Chats some basics about tae kwon do. Karla shows some different ways to thank people, like blowing kisses to an audience. Shaun exercises by playing different ball games. Karla acts out a poem about playing with her favorite ball. Storytime illustrates that dancing can be as much exercise as swimming or running.moreless
  • Bodies: Movement
    Bodies: Movement
    Episode 29
    Shaun dresses up like a skeleton, and does a dance with his friend Skelly, and he has a great impression of a jellyfish to demonstrate what would happen if we had no bones. Karla pretends to be a push-button toy that collapses. Kimee's lunch "really" gets eaten by the cupboards when she pretends that they are a mouth and tummy--or could it be Jup Jup? Karla rubs her tummy and pats her head, can you? Chats sings Jenn a lullaby to help her fall asleep, and it works right away for Jenn's teddy bear. Karla yawns and stretches in the morning. At storytime, Cosmo the Dragon (played by Curtis) enjoys knitting sweaters, which causes much amusement among his siblings until there is a cold night.moreless
  • Bodies: Inside and Out
    Chats is so sleepy that Jenn suggests they do the "Dance Fun Energy Workout" and some clean fresh air. Karla shows us "eyerobics"--exercise for your eyes. Kimee tries to be the tallest in Hi-5, but no matter how big her platform shoes are, she can't get taller than every one else. Karla walks fast, faster, and then faster yet on cans. You don't need instruments to play music, because Curtis shows us some of the many ways we can use our bodies to make music, and not just clapping! Karla shows us how to play pretend instruments. At storytime, Toby the Cricket (played by Curtis), learns how to make chirpy cricket noises, and has an adventure at the same time.moreless
  • Bodies: Arms and Legs
    Do hugs have sounds? The hug club thinks so! Shaun has a heavy dream about being the strongest weight lifter in the world. Karla does some weight-lifting exercises to build strong arms. Kimee jumps rope and talks about the importance of drinking water while exercising, but for some reason she can't seem to get a drink! Karla demonstrates remembering steps and going back through your day. Jen reads a story where David (played by Shaun) has a nice surprise birthday, even though he's in the hospital with a broken leg.moreless
  • Bodies: Faces
    Bodies: Faces
    Episode 26
    Jenn and Chats try to figure out how to get rid of hiccups, for good. Karla has the unexpected hiccups, sneezes, and coughs. Curtis, Kimee, and Shaun come up with sounds for eating, like a slide whistle to bring the food up to their mouths. Karla has a big bowl of spaghetti. Kimee brushes her teeth for a visit to the dentist. Karla practices her smiling exercises. In the story, Bat (played by Shaun), Bee (played by Kimee) and Possum (played by Karla) try to figure out what Butterfly (played by Jenn) could eat at the end of summer feast.moreless
  • Silly Day Games
    Silly Day Games
    Episode 25
    Detective Curtis identifies some mixed-up animals like Jenn's part-chimp, part-zebra--a Chebra! Karla races against herself in a silly race. Ballroom dancer Kimee partners with Shaun to a 3-rhythm waltz and leads into Karla asking her mop for a dance. Jenn and Chats play a guessing game about the sounds of different vehicles. Karla sings about taking different vehicles to visit a friend, and she reads the story about a boy named Robby (played by Shaun) and his birthday surprise.moreless
  • Physical Games
    Physical Games
    Episode 24
    Shaun is working on his part of the dance for the Hi-5 Games opening ceremony. Karla works at keeping a balloon in the air. Curtis plays instruments you might hear at a soccer game - like a referee's whistle and a plastic horn. Karla is a football player. Kimee plays a game with things she finds in her wall. Karla plays with a Beach Ball. Curtis reads a story about sports lover Melissa (played by Jenn) whose sportstars posters come to life.moreless
  • Fantasy Games
    Fantasy Games
    Episode 23
    Jenn and Chatterbox make a Snowy Snowman. Karla taps out rain noises. Curtis builds a musical merry-go-round with five musical instruments. Karla claps two plastic cups together like a trotting pony and a galloping racehorse. Kimee loses puppet Handy Sandy then uses gloves to put on the Counting Hand puppet show. Karla is a puppet on strings--a marching puppet and then a ballerina puppet. In the library, Samantha (played by Kimee) meets Johnny the Joke-Teller (played by Curtis) from a joke book, Little Bo Peep (played by Karla) from a Nursery Rhyme book, and Shaunus Maximus from a History book.moreless
  • Rainy Day Games
    Rainy Day Games
    Episode 22
    Superhero Shaun dances up a storm with the Super Sky Heroes. Meanwhile "Bolt Girl" Karla strikes a lightning bolt pose. Curtis plays a silly singing game where everyone sings "Ready Or Not" in a different way. Karla does a groovy Fishy Wobble dance. Jenn and Chats put rain sounds into a song. Karla jumps and leaps over puddles in the rain and splashes in them. Shaun reads a story about a Sunflower Fairy (played by Jenn) whose flower is picked by Kimee, discovers that she Can Fly, and meets a helicopter (played by Curtis) who also can fly.moreless
  • Outside Games
    Outside Games
    Episode 21
    Jenn and Chats go on a Surfing Safari, while Karla pretends to play with a beach ball. Kimee the weather reporter has unexpected climate changes thanks to Jup Jup. Karla imagines she is the sun and does a sun dance as Shaun prepares for some obstacle shape games. Karla jumps like a bowling pin. Jenn tells a story about James (played by Curtis) running with his Magic Shoes that he got from a genie (played by Karla).moreless
  • Adventure Underground
    Shaun tunnels underground to the home of Curtis the rabbit. Karla hops like a rabbit, a bird, and a kangaroo. Jenn deciphers hieroglyphics with Chats. Karla is an Egyptian princess. Kimee is Looking For An Adventure using a map to find shapes. Karla experiments with making shapes using her fingers and arms. Kimee reads the story of Dirt Boy (played by Shaun) who meets an earthworm (played by Karla), finds a Spanish coin (played by Curtis), and a huge dinosaur bone (played by Jenn).moreless
  • Adventure to the Universe
    Jenn and Chats point out constellations in the night sky made up of "Shimmery Stars". Karla is on Planet Move-A-Lot. Space Cadet Kimee works on finding the right space helmet. Karla sings as she glides on the moon and lifts balloon "moon rocks". Curtis is the keeper of the night stars, helping lost stars find their way home by singing "Where Your Heart Is". Kimee reads a story about Stephanie (played by Jenn) and her brother Jeremiah (played by Shaun) who take their recycled-material rocketship to space and meet Tom (played by Curtis) from Planet Politus and Mary The Intergalactic Litter Queen (played by Karla).moreless
  • Adventure Around Your Town
    Postman Shaun makes deliveries to each of the team. Karla is Riding her bicycle around the town and back home. Policewoman Kimee stops a speeding teddy bear and returns a lost backpack to a dalmation. Jenn and Chats decide to be Firefighters. Karla is a fire truck then an ambulance. Later, she reads the infamous adventures of Captain Puffy Pants (played by Curtis), his first mate (played by Shaun), and his parrot (played by Jenn) who race Captain High Note (played by Kimee) to an island in search of treasure.moreless
  • Adventure Around the House
    Curtis pretends to be as small as an ant and as tall as an elephant as he sings "I Wanna Be Small/Tall ". Karla is also practicing being different sizes. Kimee retraces her steps to find her special silver watch arranging pictures of what she did throughout the day. Karla tap dances in "chatty" shoes with faces on them. Sir Shaun the knight and Curtis the Dragon do the "Dragon Dance". Karla does a groovy Dragon Disco Dance. Shaun tells the story about the Silly Bubblestone Family.moreless
  • Adventure in Other Countries
    Jenn and Chats sing a sombrero song and Karla is a Spanish dancing horse. Shaun goes on an imaginary adventure to a Mexican pyramid. Karla climbs Mount Challenge. Curtis visits everyone using the magic travel gong and playing musical instruments from other countries. Later, he reads a story about 3 friends (played by Shaun, Jenn, and Kimee) who dress up in clothes from different countries and take a Magic Carpet ride to Muddle-Up Land where different kinds of music and dancing is combined.moreless
  • Fun Machines
    Fun Machines
    Episode 15
    Pilot Shaun goes on a rescue mission singing his helicopter song, while Karla is a fun dancing music machine. Jenn and Chats experience flying a kite indoors and Karla pretends to be one and gets stuck in a tree. Kimee makes a time machine out of household objects, and Karla even has her own time travel adventure to the future. Curtis reads a story about the triplets Lily (played by Jenn) and Billy (played by Shaun) who try to wake up Milly (played by Kimee) with the help of Lucy the cat (played by Karla) and a new invention they come up with.moreless
  • Machines That Carry People
    Chats and Jenn go adventuring in a purple submarine while Karla pretends to be one. Shaun drives to the beach in his funky little car, in a bus, and then a train. Karla picks up passengers as she moves around like a train and Curtis takes everyone on an imaginary roller coaster ride as they make the sounds for it. Shaun reads a story about Kaya (played by Kimee), her mom (played by Jenn), her puppy (played by Karla), and how she and her imaginary friend, Whusher Blumster (played by Curtis) go to the moon.moreless
  • Machines in the Country
    Farmer Curtis is "Building a Fence" while Karla is being a hay bailer. Everyone helps Shaun work out what's wrong with his tractor. Karla is being an engine and her legs are like pistons while Jenn offers to take Chats for a ride on her bike. Kimee reads a story about a lighthouse named Ruby (played by Jenn) who helps guide Franco the Fisherman (played by Shaun), and her friends Tommy the Seal (played by Curtis) and Sally the Sea Gull (played by Karla).moreless
  • Machines in the City
    Robot Shaun has a robot dog, Robo-Dog, who doesn't seem to want to walk. Robot Karla takes herself and her robot dog out for a walk. Kimee overcomes problems with her homemade traffic lights while Karla plays a stop-and-go game with music. Curtis and Jenn use a computer to make city sounds and sing their "City Ditty". Karla flies like an airplane over the city. Jenn tells the story of little Wayne The Crane (played by Curtis) who saves an elephant (played by Kimee) for the circus ringmaster (played by Shaun).moreless
  • Machines in the House
    Kimee is a Phone Operator and takes messages. Karla sings about using the phone, television, and computer to communicate. Curtis uses a remote control for 4 specialty machines that toast, clean, scrub, and rest ("Let Them Work For You"). Karla is a Tumbling Dryer, and later a donut machine. Jenn blows Beautiful Bubbles while she and Chats sing a bubbly song. Karla tells a story of a little old silver toaster (played by Curtis) and a new breadmaker (played by Jenn) that makes fresh warm bread for the children (played by Shaun and Kimee).moreless
  • Animals in the Neighborhood
    Kimee the Cool, Cool Cat makes a cool, cool cat drink. Karla takes care of her pet kitty. Curtis gets 3 dogs (Jenn, Shaun, & Kimee) to sit, sing, and play as a band, the Pup Star Dogs. Karla wants to be a pop star parrot. Jenn takes Chats for a ride during the evening in the Chatsmobile through the park where they hear and see a tawny brown owl (Curtis), a frog (Kimee), and a possum (Shaun). Karla is a fruit bat who likes to hang around upside down. Kimee tells a story about 2 brother possums named Nick and Gus (played by Curtis and Shaun) that stay up all day, visit a human house and raid the fridge. When a human kid (played by Karla) finds them, they run back to their mother possum (played by Jenn).moreless
  • Water Animals
    Water Animals
    Episode 9
    Penguin Shaun tries to keep warm with his penguin friends. Karla slides around on the ice like a penguin. Curtis the Puerto Rican frog sings in Spanish. Karla the frog gets rained on. Kimee the scientist measures a baby whale, and later reads a story about Cameron the fish scientist (played by Karla) who talks on the phone to an angelfish (played by Shaun), Sally Seahorse (played by Jenn), and William the Whale (played by Curtis).moreless
  • Farm Animals
    Farm Animals
    Episode 8
    Jenn brings Chats a special visitor, a baby chick. Karla does a funky chicken dance. Cowboy Shaun rounds up and fences in cows. Cowgirl Karla has a hoedown. Curtis Yodel-Moos along with 5 cowbells and sings with 4 cows. Karla pretends to milk her cow, Alexandra, and then she reads a story about Sophie the city duck (played by Jenn) who visits her cousin Frank the farm duck (played by Curtis) for a party and hears new noises from a sheep (played by Kimee) and a cow (played by Shaun).moreless
  • Animals: Insects
    Animals: Insects
    Episode 7
    Jenn builds a giant ant's nest with Chats while Karla crawls through ant tunnels. Spunky funky spider Shaun weaves a web. Kimee becomes a bee and looks for her flowers. Karla pretends to be a bee and a ladybug. Curtis reads a story about Caitlin the caterpillar (played by Kimee) who buys dancing shoes like her friends, Gilbert the grasshopper (played by Shaun) and Harriet the spider (played by Karla) from the bug shoe shopkeeper (played by Jenn).moreless
  • Jungle Animals
    Jungle Animals
    Episode 6
    Jenn is her favorite animal, a meerkat, and so is Chats. Karla is a lion who doesn't seem to have a scary roar. Curtis and friends do a chimpanzee rain dance. Karla is an elephant. Shaun joins the cool, cool cats of the jungle. Karla swings on a jungle vine. Jenn tells a story about a frog named Ed (played by Curtis) who can't jump, jump, jump and gets help from his father frog (played by Shaun), a grasshopper (played by Kimee), and Joey the kangaroo (played by Karla).moreless
  • Senses: Tasting
    Senses: Tasting
    Episode 5
    Curtis uses containers of cereal, macaroni, rice, and water to make great Shakers. Karla thinks about how different animals eat. Jenn delivers "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza", and teaches Chats a few tasty Italian words. Karla pretends to make a pizza. Shaun compares watermelons and lemons as he makes himself a snack. Karla sings about her fruit salad and does a dance to go with it. Karla tells a story about Karmela the kitten (played by Kimee) who chooses her own breakfast from birdseed from a bird (played by Curtis), a juicy bone from a dog (played by Shaun), lettuce and potato scraps from a pig (played by Jenn), and her own bowl of milk.moreless
  • Senses: Smelling
    Senses: Smelling
    Episode 4
    Shaun tries out different animal noses. Karla is a little pig who is to stay clean but can't resist a mud puddle. Kimee counts Sunflowers and receives a plant from Jup Jup. Karla dances with flowers. Outer space friends visit Curtis to play music with him and show him what the sounds for each instrument mean on different planets. Karla is a bobber who loves to bob. At storytime, Shaun reads about three fragrent flowers (played by Karla, Kimee, and Jenn) in an enchanted garden who get visited and smelled by Prince Sniff (played by Curtis).moreless
  • Senses: Seeing
    Senses: Seeing
    Episode 3
    Shaun plays detective to figure out who left red painty handprints on the wall. Karla sings and dances, wearing her happy, smiley face. Kimee makes a fun puppet with Five Fingers Dancing. Karla plays with Finger Puppets. Jenn and Chats are Shadow Dancing, and Karla dances with her shadow friend Kimee. Curtis reads a story about a mermaid (played by Jenn) who goes to Doctor Turtle (played by Karla) for a vision test and gets glasses, with her friends the octopus (played by Kimee) and the blue fish (played by Shaun).moreless
  • Senses: Hearing
    Senses: Hearing
    Episode 2
    Jenn and Chats learn Sign Language together, while Kimee finds what she thinks is an echo in her magic wall (Tap Tap Tap). Karla pretends to tap with a hammer and to saw. Curtis is stomping around in big boots and the others join in with their Chatty Feet. Karla finds different ways to walk and listens to how they sound. Shaun reads a story where Rory the rooster (played by Curtis) gets help from a cow (played by Kimee), a horse (played by Karla) and a mouse (played by Jenn) waking up the farm.moreless
  • Senses: Touching
    Senses: Touching
    Episode 1
    Shaun builds a fort out of chairs and a sheet, and invents a secret fort club handshake. Karla gets all the members of the team to be the walls, roof and door of her Fort. Jenn and Chats have fun with a laughing cushion. Doctor Kimee sees three patients. Karla sings about feeling okay Today. Chats reads a Circus story.moreless