Hi-5 - Season 2

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Journeys Through Your Imagination
    Shaun makes a mountain to climb out of bed-sheets. Karla is being a shirt drying in the wind on the clothesline. Kimee becomes a "Chair Traveler". Chats and Jenn go to a fun park in their imaginations, followed by Karla and Curtis clowning around as Bumble and Stumble. At storytime, Toby and Coco (played by Curtis and Kimee) have sore throats, but their mother (played by Jenn) takes them on an imaginary trip into outer space and visit planet Pillow where Puffy the pillow guy (played by Shaun) lives.moreless
  • Journeys Through Life
    Chats is trying to figure out what to be when she grows up, with noisy results. Curtis has a Jews Harp, but he needs help from a mysterious stranger to learn how to play it. Karla is confused about the difference between wobbling, bobbling, and jiggling. Kimee looks at a caterpillars cocoon and makes up a butterfly dance. Karla flies like a butterfly then rests her wings. Curtis tells the tale of Cindi Lou the cowgirl (played by Jenn) who joins a group of boot scootin' dancers and practices for a big barn dance contest.moreless
  • Journeys: Places
    Journeys: Places
    Episode 23
    Kimee takes a walking trip through Paris and Karla practices her French. Chats and Jenn take a magical journey to "Bunyip Island". DJ Curtis plays with the volume and tempo controls at a Hi-5 dance party, and Karla plays on a giant xylophone. At storytime, Ollie Octopus (played by Shaun) travels through the ocean to the coral cave with his friends Steve Sea Urchin (played by Curtis) and Stunner Stingray (played by Karla) collecting seaweed for a lunch and meet Stacy Sea Horse (played by Kimee).moreless
  • Journeys: People
    Journeys: People
    Episode 22
    Kimee is cooking Mexican food until Jup Jup stirs things up, followed by Karla teaching Jenn a Mexican dance. Curtis remembers how he passed time on long family car trips by singing songs, and Karla needs to stretch out her muscles after her long car trip. Shaun the desert dweller rides on his cammel to the well for some water. At storytime, three fluffy white clouds (played by Jenn, Karla, and Curtis) meet a gray storm cloud named Marcel (played by Shaun) who teaches them how to make rain.moreless
  • Journeys: Animals
    Journeys: Animals
    Episode 21
    Shaun the Snow Goose is teaching his class of snow geese how to fly in formation for their migration. Karla then practices her bird movements. Jenn is a homing pigeon delivering a message to Chats, and Curtis is a worker bee who has found a great place with flowers full of pollen. Shaun reads a story of a mother swallow (played by Karla) and her babies Misty (played by Jenn), Midge (played by Curtis), and Molly (played by Kimee) who feels a bit uncertain about her first time flying.moreless
  • Wonderful Gifts and Treasures
    Jenn's ballerina music box has broken, so Chats and Jenn make their own life-sized version. Shaun the pirate discovers buried treasure and Pirate Karla has to get herself strong enough to climb the ships rigging. Curtis makes up a kitchen sink song as he washes the dishes, and Karla makes up a kitchen sink dance. Shaun tells the story about Julia (played by Karla) and her three special toys--Tina Ballerina (played by Kimee), Major Marchwell (played by Curtis), and Floppy Bear (played by Jenn).moreless
  • Wonderful Days
    Wonderful Days
    Episode 19
    Shaun has a "Wonders of the World" fashion parade, followed by Karla's effort to be the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Chats and Jenn play a game called "Night-Day" and Kimee visits the bugs and dinosaurs at the museum. Karla pretends to be a dinosaur, then she reads a story about a cat (played by Jenn), a dog (played by Shaun), a mouse (played by Kimee), and a rabbit (played by Curtis) who have trouble thinking of a special holiday to celebrate together.moreless
  • Wonderful Places
    Wonderful Places
    Episode 18
    Kimee is looking at a globe of the world. Karla dresses up in woolly warm clothes, and later plays like a snowflake then a raindrop falling. Curtis takes a magical journey to the North Pole and Shaun the Egyptian Warrior has to travel to the Great Pyramids. Curtis reads a story of some digging toys (played by Kimee, Shaun, and Karla) who live in a sand pit and help a groundhog named Snoozy (played by Jenn) dig up a makeover in her underground burrow.moreless
  • Wonderful People
    Wonderful People
    Episode 17
    Shaun demonstrates how a tug boat works. Karla and Kimee have a giggly tug rope competition. Kimee is a bus driver, a train driver and a ferry driver. Karla has a special stepping pattern that she has to follow to get from one place to another. Jenn tries finding a way for Chats to sing backup for the song "We're Hi-5". Kimee tells the story of Jack (played by Curtis) who wishes to be a fireman and helps out at the station with his uncle Rex (played by Shaun) and the rest of the squad.moreless
  • Wonderful World
    Wonderful World
    Episode 16
    Kimee is making a painting of the ocean on a sunny day, until the wind comes along and smudges it. Jenn shows Chats how a kaleidoscope works. Curtis has an undersea adventure. Karla acts out the motions of the waves and pretends to be an octopus. During storytime, a city girl named Deanna (played by Karla) gets a pair of jet boots in the mail and travels to visit her friends Peppy (played by Curtis) who lives in Alaska, and Jose and Gabriella (played by Shaun and Kimee) who live in the jungle.moreless
  • Teams
    Episode 15
    Curtis has four star struck aliens audition for him and Karla tries out for a musical. Later, she uses photos to remember what it was like being a baby. Jenn and Chats are playing with a variety of puppets. Kimee has to decide what to perform for the Hi-5 circus. At storytime, King Liam (played by Curtis) feels so lonely until Jester Jack (played by Shaun) grants him a wish to do something fun--playing in a royal band.moreless
  • Teams: Cooperation and Communities
    Curtis and Jenn put together a song for their "hopping" team. Shaun discovers that a roller system is a great way of moving something heavy from one place to another. Karla finds that the best way of relaxing is rolling parts of her body to her "wind down" music and giving herself a good foot rub. Jenn has lost her voice and Chats plays a guessing game to figure out what she wants for her throat. Curtis reads a story of a water-skiing mermaid named Latifa (played by Karla) and her whale friend Waldo (played by Shaun) who gets caught in a sandbank, until Latifa gives him some help from Lori the Lighthouse (played by Kimee) and Tully the Tugboat (played by Jenn).moreless
  • Teams: Animals
    Teams: Animals
    Episode 13
    Shaun creates a marching band out of clothes trolleys and toy animals. Karla is a scuttling crab and later, a hippopotamus. Curtis is a lonely African oxpecker bird who befriends Shaun the friendly hippo who has an itchy back. Chats and Jenn are busy beavers building a damn. Kimee reads an adventure story about some teddy bears (played by Shaun, Curtis, and Karla) who pretend to be pirates and set sail for Pirate Land in search of treasure.moreless
  • Teams: When am I a Team Player?
    Shaun and the gang are practicing their synchronized swimming routine. Karla takes Hi-5 through a medley swimming race. Curtis is the conductor of a Penguin Orchestra and Karla has some trouble with her tap-dancing feet. Kimee tries making boxed lunches for the Hi-5 swimming team, but Jup Jup makes it hard for her. Karla reads a story about Miley (played by Kimee) and her toy cymbal-playing monkey named Maxi (played by Shaun), and how two new dancing dolls (played by Jenn and Curtis) work together to pull him out of a tight place.moreless
  • Teams: Sports
    Teams: Sports
    Episode 11
    Jen and Chats practice for a hog calling competition. Kimee is trying out for a tennis team, but Jup Jup keeps on changing her racket. Karla is playing totem tennis and makes up a cheer for her favorite team. Shaun and Curtis practice the egg-and-spoon and three-legged races for the silly party games. At storytime, Shaun reads about three Dazzling Ducks (played by Jenn, Kimee, and Karla) who meet a groovy disco cat named Davo (played by Curtis) that wanted to join them for a big performance.moreless
  • Action: Health and Fitness
    Chef Shaun makes a giant healthy sandwich. Curtis exercises by doing Disco Dancing, followed by Karla doing her own Disco workout moving her body in different ways. Jenn and Chats have some fun with a jump rope rhyme and song. Karla plays a jumping, leaping, hopping game. Kimee reads a story of a squirrel named Sam (played by Curtis) who loved singing songs instead of collecting nuts until winter came and he got cold and hungry.moreless
  • Action Heros
    Action Heros
    Episode 9
    Curtis' new job is to play heroic music for Hyperguy. Kimee tries to dress up as a super hero, but Jup Jup turns her into a "Super Ladybug". Karla is practicing her super hero moves, and later is dressed as a real Super Hero!. Shaun is dressed up as a super active hero who can do anything fast or slow. At storytime, a group of superheroes (played by Jenn, Kimee, and Shaun) has broken equipment until a miled-mannered guy named Jia (played by Curtis) helps each superhero fix it up and finds his own super power--being a Super Fixer!moreless
  • Action: Machines and Other Things That Move
    Kimee uses a pulley system to build a house for her toy bear. Curtis clones himself to make the perfect duet, and Karla realizes that she dressed the same as Kimee--like twins! Chats has a problem with her drier and Jenn comes to help her figure out why it makes a strange "floppataka, floppataka, floppataka" sound while Karla cleans up Kimee's space with her super vacuum cleaner. Curtis reads a story about three pieces of heavy machinery who rescue Daphne the Duck (played by Kimee) from a mud puddle.moreless
  • Action Jobs
    Action Jobs
    Episode 7
    Jenn is doing some indoor rock climbing, and she decides to become a rock climbing rescuer and save Chats. Kimee is planting a vine in her garden, but Jup Jup gives it some "magical" powers. Shaun creates a mini harbor and he is the lighthouse helping the boats go safely past the rocks. Karla goes walking and jogging along the beach to see the sunrise. At storytime, Ziggles the Zebra (played by Curtis) escapes from the zoo and goes exploring until he gets brought home by a friend, Sasha (played by Kimee).moreless
  • Action: Games and Sports
    Shaun is the host for the newest Hi-5 game show "What's That Action?", and Jenn and Karla are the contestants. Kimee is outside jumping puddles. Curtis and Shaun have a musical competition to decide who gets the last muffin. Karla leads the gang in a tricky movement game. Jenn reads a story about a group of friends (played by Karla, Kimee, Shaun, and Curtis) who have trouble practicing for the big toboggan race at first.moreless
  • Making: Things That Animals Create
    Shaun Ant has to make a special nest for his family. Karla makes a Queen Ant out of play clay. Jenn and Chats go on an adventure to see the different kinds of nests that animals make. Karla is a monkey making lots of different monkey moves. Curtis meets a musical spider named Filigree (Kimee) who spins a tune on her silver web. Jenn reads a story of a queen bee (played by Karla) who gets tired of eating honey and commands her worker bees (played by Shaun, Curtis, and Kimee) to make her a new kind of food.moreless
  • Making a Surprise
    Making a Surprise
    Episode 4
    Kimee is making a delicious breakfast for her Mom followed by Karla doing some floor exercises. Jenn tries different ways to cure Chats's hiccups, and Chats sings a tongue-twister of a song. Karla does some sneaking and creeping as she talks about surprises. Shaun makes some homemade spaghetti. Curtis reads a story about three buildings: a skyscraper (played by Karla), a greenhouse (played by Jenn), and a museum (played by Shaun) and a builder (played by Kimee) who builds a big surprise.moreless
  • Making a Space for Me
    Kimee takes a ride in a hot air balloon. Jenn has a box with different colors that describe how she feels, and she shares them with Chatterbox. Then, Karla dances to a song called "Feelings". Professor Curtis tests how different music can affect people's moods. Karla's fingers are busy wiggling out of control! At storytime, Karla reads a story about two sisters (played by Jenn and Kimee) and two brothers (played by Shaun and Curtis) who can't agree on what to make with an empty box until they work things out and make it into a magic-mobile.moreless
  • Making a Work of Art
    Curtis uses music as an inspiration to make an abstract painting. Karla then mixes colors together and makes handprints with them. Kimee makes up dances according to different hats, followed by Karla trying out different sports with different sporting hats. Shaun pretends to be a magical creature who performs a special dance. Karla draws a circle and turns it into other things with circles. Kimee tells a story about three paint tubes (played by Jenn, Curtis, and Shaun) and a girl named Ella ( played by Karla) who loved to paint.moreless
  • Making in Nature
    Making in Nature
    Episode 1
    Jenn and Chats make a fish tank for their new pet goldfish. Karla is being a "fishy fish" swimming around, over, and through her fish tank. Curtis is growing three musical plants. Shaun dresses up like a Venus flytrap with tricky sticky pads and almost catches two flies (Curtis and Kimee) for lunch. Karla and Shaun play a snapping, trapping game of catch. At storytime, Sophia the tadpol (played by Jenn) and her best friend Georgia (played by Kimee) both discover that they are growing up and turning into frogs!moreless