Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 1 Episode 4

Ami Goes Bad / Robo-Pop / Metal Mental

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Dec 03, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Ami Goes Bad / Robo-Pop / Metal Mental
Ami Goes Bad: Ami becomes possessed by the spirit of a deceased punk rock drummer. Robo-Pop: Ami and Yumi are replaced by robot versions of themselves, and they must stop them. Metal Mental: Metal Breath is ruining Puffy's life. So they have to stick it to them the pop star way.moreless

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  • Another great episode.

    I love this episode.

    Ami Goes Bad: This is the episode that made me love Ami. I used to not like Ami that much but now I love just as much as Yumi. Because Ami is better a good girl then a bad one.

    Ami: Smoken!!

    Robo-Pop: First time we see the girls in bikinis, but I like Yumi's purple bikini better then her camoflase one. How dare Kaz replase the girls with robots, thats in human.

    Ami Bot: I am Ami, I am very excited to meet you

    Yumi Bot: I am Yumi, I am to cool to be excited.

    Metal Mental: Puffy must go on tour with heavey meatel jerks named Meltal Breath. At least my favorite band Puffy beats them at their own game.

    5 out of 5moreless
  • Not the best but better than the pilot...

    This episode's live-action part seemed to be more interesting than the first 3 as this time Ami and Yumi were complaining about which was better, Osaka or Tokyo. And in the end, Yumi says Osaka is better! LOL! This episode was good.

    In Ami goes Bad, which was the most reasonable segment, this is yet another Ami plot that I don't like but it was reasonable.

    Then, in Robo-Pop, Kaz goes too far and I wish he got beaten up.

    Metal Mental was a really greta segment. Evn though I wanted to hear the chase song by Puffy but I heard another song which was great. It was also quite good to see them in Heavy Metal outfits because believe me, I like Heavy Metal too.

    SO overall, this was an alright episode.moreless
  • The writers start to get their act together

    After a couple of episodes that rehashed old plots, the writers finally start delivering episodes that deal with the characters personalities. "Ami goes Bad" is self-explanatory: what makes her go to the dark side is a pair of haunted drumsticks. "Robo-Pop" has Kaz trying to make more money by creating robotic doubles of the singing duo, much to the "real" Ami and Yumi's chagrin. But the best of the three is "Metal Mental" where Kaz books Puffy to tour with a heavy metal band. The band, Metal Breath, drive Ami and Yumi nuts with their posturing and their attitudes so the ladies take matters into their own hands and give Metal Breath a complete makeover.moreless
  • What Happens When Ami Starts Acting Like Yumi, Kaz Maks An Entire Fleet Of Puffy Bots To Increase His Wallet Size, & When Kaz Invites Metal Breath To Go On Tour With Them? The Results Aren't Good.moreless

    Ami Want To Be A Rock-N-Roll Bad Girl Like Yumi. So She Buys These Drum Sticks. When She Opens The Box, She Gets Possessed By Crazy Sticks, The Most Radical Punk Rock Drumer Who Ever Lived. Soon Ami Starts Acting Like Yumi. When Yumi Tells Kaz About The Drum Sticks, Kaz Told Yumi About Crazy Sticks & What Happened To Him. So Then Kaz & Yumi Go Find Ami & Get The Sticks Away From Her & As For Crazy Sticks Spirit, Well He Went Up In A Blaze Of Glory. It's A Wonderful Day For Relaxing. When Yumi Heard Friends Forever Playing, She Told Ami To Crank Up The Volume. But, Instead, Ami Activated The Buses Hydraulic System. Then Ami Sees Her & Yumi On The Cover Of A Magazine That They Don't Remember Posing For. When They Take A Look Kaz Introduces The Girls To His Latest Idea, The Puffy Bots. After Seeing How Well They Reacted To A Trampling, Kaz Tells The Girls That The Puffy Bots Have Everything Under Control. But After Seeing Them Everywhere, The Girls Decide To Get Rid Of The Puffy Bots. The Buses Hydraulic System Took Them All Out. Kaz Discovers Metal Breath, A Heavy Metal Band. After Saying That Metal Breath Will Be Touring With Them, The Girls Have Been Living The Rough Life. So They Decide To "Fix Up" Metal Breath For Their Next Concert. After That, The Girls Got Back Their Fans & They're Lives.moreless
Janice Kawaye

Janice Kawaye

Ami Bot / Crowd

Guest Star

Keone Young

Keone Young

Fan / Crowd

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Yumi Bot / Crowd

Recurring Role

Nathan Carlson

Nathan Carlson

Crazy Styxx / Photographer / Biker / Carnivore

Recurring Role

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