Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 1 Episode 3

Ami's Secret / Taffy Trouble / Dance A-Go-Go

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Nov 26, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Ami's Secret / Taffy Trouble / Dance A-Go-Go
Ami's Secret:
Ami is hiding something from Yumi and Kaz.

Taffy Trouble:
Ami and Yumi accidentally created a giant Taffy Ball, and they must stop it before it demolishes their tour bus.

Dance A-Go-Go:
 Ami always have a dream, dancing. She wants to sign up but Yumi doesn't want to. But when she sees the girls on the show winning Scooters, she decides to sign up too. It seems that they have some opponents. Anyway, the Contest begins, the opponents are dancing. Right then, it's Ami and Yumi's turn. But Ami stubs her toe and can't continue. Now, Yumi have to do it. Will Yumi win the contest?moreless

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  • This show gets better and better.

    This episode was so good.

    Ami's Secret: It's nice to see Yumi in PJs, she looks so cute in them. Ami as a clown was not that pretty, but not that bad either.

    Kaz: (To Yumi) I always thought you were the weird one.

    Taffy Trouble: Kaz makes the girls pay rent but they can't so they get a job at a candy factory. Ami and Yumi were actually good at taffy making.

    Yumi: When do we get paid.

    Dance A Go-Go: Ami and Yumi enter a dance contest. For the first time in the show we see Ami and Yumi in Hula outfits, very nice.

    Yumi: I'd wather watch paint dry.

    5 out of 5moreless
  • Ami's Secret is that she was saving up money with a second job, the girls don't know enough about taffy making, and "Dance A-Go-Go" makes me think of Dance Revolution.

    This was probably one of the first episodes of the series that ever aired. I consider this three-some of stories a personal favorite.

    In the first story, Kaz and Yumi don't know what Ami is hiding until they find out she was trying to raise money as a circus clown to celebrate their band-a-versary. When Ami and Yumi get jobs at a candy factory, they have know idea at all how to make the taffy. When they accidently make a huge taffy ball, it was up to Yumi to save Kaz and their tour bus. "Dance A-Go-Go" is the very best story from the three. Ami and Yumi decide to enter themselves in a dance competition. It was fun watching the girls dancing on stage. I just can't get that "Sui Sui" song heard in that part out of my head. While they were dancing, one of the compeditors messes things up by making Ami trip. I felt sorry for Ami stubbing her toe. Yumi was the only one to save the competition.

    This episode, especially "Dance A-Go-Go," is one of the best ones they've ever done. I could watch it again and again. Hey, try doing some of those dance moves yourself. Just try to be careful. You don't want to end up like Ami...LOL!moreless
  • Ami's Secret was short, Taffy Trouble really had trouble and Dance a Go-Go had us going "hysteria"

    This is the best episode out of the otbher 2 episodes "Dis-Harmony/Collect All 5!/Ninj-compoop" and "Talent Suckers/Ole/Mini Puffs".

    In Ami's Secret, Kaz and Yumi find out Ami's "secret" and thinks she will leave the band before the bandivessary. i felt sorry for Ami but nevertheless the episode was funny all the way.

    Then, in Taffy Trouble, they get jobs to pay Kaz as he gets stingy about rent. I didnt really like Kaz's ungratefulness towards the girls in the end but the scenes with the taffy was funny.

    The last one, Dance A Go-Go was quite good. All YUmi wants is the prize but Ami brakes her toe, so Yumi performs a rock dance but only wins a small moving thingy. Serves Yumi right! Even that bratty host deserved what was coming to him.

    Even the live-action in this episode was great and I would recommend this episode to anyone who is bored.moreless
  • Three trips to the old sitcoms home.

    The cartoons in this show all had plots very familiar to anyone who watches old sitcoms- and the show didn't do any twist to them. The result was three cases of "Seen It". In "Ami's Secret" Ami is acting strangly, sneaking out at night and keeping secrets from Kaz and Yumi- which causes them to suspect Ami is going to quit the group. No points for guessing how the plot comes out. Next, in "Taffy Trouble" the writers dusted off the old "I Love Lucy" episode where Lucy and Ethyl get jobs in the candy factory- then in "Dance A-go-go" the ladies enter a dance contest and find the competition is cutthroat. Again, no surprises here.

    You get the impression the writers hadn't figured out what to do with the characters yet, so they just dusted off some creaky old storylines and inserted Ami and Yumi in them. The series gets better after this.moreless
  • In this episode Ami has a big secret, ami and yumi get a job at a candy factory, and ami and yumi enter a dance competition.

    This episode was the first HiHi Puffy AmiYumi episode that I ever saw. It was very comical. That enitire day i was waiting until 4:30 the permier of HiHi Puffy AmiYumi in Canada and it was worth it!!!!! My favourite part in this episode was Dance A-Go-Go. My favorite part in that show is after Ami hurts her toe and Yumi has to go on herself. Loved that part :D Another part i liked was when Yumi blasted her amp on her guitar to blow up the giant taffy ball. I am dependant that there is going to be better episodes but i still loved this one. Overall 10/10moreless
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