Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 1 Episode 1

Dis-Harmony / Collect All 5! / Ninjcompoop

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Nov 19, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Dis-Harmony / Collect All 5! / Ninjcompoop
When Kaz holds a Puffy's #1 Fan Contest a little girl name Harmony is chosen as the winner. She is so obsessed with Ami and Yumi she will not leave them alone. Can the girls get rid of her?
Collect All 5!:
Ami begins to collect Huggle Buddies. She collects 4 out of 5 of the Huggle Buddies but cannot find the 5th one. What will Yumi do to get Ami the 5th Huggle Buddy?
After a career test Yumi orders a kit to train her to be a ninja. Things go to far and it is up to Ami tosnap Yumi back into reality. Can Ami get Yumi back to her normal self?moreless

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  • Best Piolet to the best show.

    Man was this episode was funny I laughed up a storm.

    Dis-Harmony: Ami and Yumi meet their #1 fan Harmony. It was funny how Harmony follwed Ami and Yumi everywhere but kind of annoying. My favortite quote, Yumi: Be our #1 fan somewhere else!

    Collect All 5: Ami trys to collect all 5 Huggle Buddys. This one was the funniest of the 3. Ami has 4 of the toys but she can't Bunny Huggles. Ami acts like Ren Hoek(Ren and Stimpy)In this episode. Favorite quote, Ami: Must...Get...Bunny...Huggles!!!

    Ninjacompoop: Yumi becomes a ninja, but takes it to seriously.

    Favorite Quote, Yumi: Your my best friend Ami, I could never fight you

    Ami: Good, you would probably whup me anyway

    Yumi: Yeah, I know.

    5 out of 5.moreless
  • The first 2 episodes were good, but Ninjcompoop could have been better. Here's my summary and review on this episode.

    The first episode of Puffy AmiYumi consists of the following 3 stories:

    a) Dis-Harmony – Ami and Yumi meet their number one fan, who turns out to be a freaky stalker following them wherever they go. The little girl looks sweet, but her actions were creepy, like when she hides in their sock drawer wearing a bunny costume and inhaling their socks! Anyway, the ending was fun, and not something that I would have expected.

    b) Collect All 5! – Ami becomes obsessed in collecting all the huggle buddy toys from the cereal box, and loses it when she cannot find the last piece. The funniest part in this story was when Ami attacks a sweet girl for the toy, and the girl turns out to be vicious and starts fighting back.

    c) Ninjcompoop – After taking an aptitude test from a magazine, Yumi finds out that she would be perfect as a Ninja, and decides to take a week course in Ninja training. This was not as good as the previous stories, since it really didn’t go anywhere. The biodegradable monkey was good for a laugh, but other than that, there isn’t really anything to expect from this story. It would have been better if Ami and Yumi actually fought together as Ninjas.

    Anyway, regardless of the third story, this episode was still funny and is worth watching at least once.moreless
  • Not bad!

    I loved the first story! The crazy fangirl - stalker was following Ami and Yumi everywhere they went. She knew every detail of their lifes, and claimed to be their #1 fan. They desperately attempt to get rid of her, but when they do, they want her back. My favorite part had to be when the fangirl told Yumi that she knew shye had a birtymark resembling Abraham Lincoln on her foot, it was random and funny. The second story, Collect All 5!, focuses on Ami getting obsessed with trying to find the toy "Bunnyhuggles" and she goes to extremes. First, she tries to steal it from a little kid, but fails. Second, she goes to the company tht produces the toys, but gets packaged in a box of cereal. She finally obtains it when Yumi is forced to trade her guitar for it at a pawn shop.

    The third story was my least favorite of the three, but it wasn't bad. Yumi becomes a ninja and believs everything is dangerous. Ami tries to fix this by becoming a ninja too. Overall worth watching!moreless
  • Not your usual rock band cartoon.

    I watched the premier episode of Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi with low expectations, because most cartoons about real-life music groups are uninteresting. I was pleasently surprised by what I saw. There were three short cartoons, all dealing with the theme of obsession. "Dis-Harmony" has Ami and Yumi dealing with their "number one fan" who turns up no matter where and how far the duo go in their attempts to be rid of her. It's a concept that's been used in many cartoons in the past, and it works well here. The second, "Collect all 5!" is the best of the three: Ami get obsessed with obtaining the final piece of her collection of cereal box premiums. What's fun is to see the lengths Ami will go to get that final piece, she even steals the piece from a little girl (who then proceeds to beat the tar out of her). Unexpected and funny. The final cartoon has Yumi taking a magazine quiz and learning she is best suited to become a ninja-but she gets way too much into the role- and Ami has to find a way to snap her out of it.

    P.S. Their music is good, too.

  • It wasn't bad but it wasn\'t too good either...

    Yes this is the first episode of another series of shows with no plot. The first cartoon short is not the best to start off with. The second one if rather bland too and the third... well the same thing. The first episode isn't too decent but the series itself is very good when you get into it. Although a low mark for a bad opening act from Puffy Ami Yumi. It gets better though so don't put the show down.moreless
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