Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 3 Episode 12

Disco Capers / House Unkeeping / Number, Please

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • Too bad CN hasn't run this episode in the US, because it's pretty good.

    I'm going by the Japanese versions that were put up on Youtube, so I'm missing the asides and one-liners, but luckily the humor survives the translation. First up is Disco Capers, where Kaz builds a time machine and sends everyone back to 1977. Puffy lands a gig at Studio 64, but their music is completely lost on the audience. They then comes back as a roller disco act (you have to see Ami in a huge afro, and Yumi dressed up like the Indian of the Village People- later she dresses up like a pimp!). Yumi really gets into disco, and Ami and Kaz have to snap her out of it. We learn Ami and Yumi inadvertently kill disco. It looks funny, I wish I could see the English version because I'm sure there were a lot of good lines I missed. The second one, House Unkeeping, has Puffy being denied induction into the Rock Legends Hall of Fame, Hotel and Casino (a cross between the Hard Rock Casino and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). They meet all the requirement save one: they never trashed a hotel room. So they proceed to try to trash a room at the hotel, only to run into a super-efficient maid. The design on the maid is interesting, and its a good cartoon with a funny ending. The third one, Number Please, I understood the least because of the language barrier. Ami has run up a huge overage charge on her cellphone, so Kaz takes her phone away from her. Poor Ami struggles to find other ways of communicating long distance with people. At least that's how I think it went. Let's hope we see the English language version of these, because the Japanese version came across as funny and well written.