Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 2 Episode 9

Domo / Yumi Goes Solo / Cat Feud

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Sep 16, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • A masterpiece!

    Out of all the three episodes I would have to say Domo and Cat Feud were the best. Yumi Goes Solo was a just a "What if?" episode and wasn't that great in my opinion. Domo had to be the best of the three. Cat Feud was funny to see Kaz getting what he deserved in the end. Domo also introduced a new character Domo, a Kaz resembling dog who where he goes his master gets into trouble and a new foe for the cats. Yumi Goes Solo wasn't bad it just seems they put more of the humor in Domo and Cat Feud.