Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 1 Episode 12

Fan Clubs / Cat Nap / Cursed

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Feb 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Fan Clubs / Cat Nap / Cursed
Fan Clubs: When the girls receive gifts from their fan clubs, they believe that the other doesn't have one. So they are trying to keep them secret. Cat Nap: Kaz interrupts the cats naps. So the cats give him a taste of his own medicine. Cursed: Ami and Yumi are supposedly cursed after breaking both of their instruments. As they try to endure it, their bad luck keeps increasing.moreless

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  • Wow! I loved this episode!

    In, Fan Clubs. Ami and Yumi try to keep a secret from eachother that they each have a fan club. Lots of funny moments here, and we see Ami in her bikini. (Whistles)

    In, Cat Nap. Kaz disturbs the kitties while they try to sleep, so, the kitties then keep disturbing Kaz while he tries to sleep. Oh, yeah! I love it when the kitties get the best of Kaz.

    Finally, in, Cursed. The girls break both of their instruments at the same time, which causes them to get 100 years of bad luck, but, as it turns out, it was actually 100 years of good luck, too bad the girls racked up 99 years of bad luck from common superstitions.moreless
  • Back on track, a new writing team, great storylines! Kaz has changed so muc.h =D

    Fan Clubs/Cat Nap/Cursed was quite a great episode of the series. Like The Amazing Kaz-Am/Puffylicious/Lights, Camera, Danger!, this episode's new writing team was a great idea. The plots have improved slightly and I hope the series stays that way.

    Fan Clubs was quite a boring segment with no excitement but it did indeed bring out hilarious scenes, such as Ami and Yumi trying to keep things from each other and Kaz just playing along. I just cannot stress how much he has changed from "bad Manager". It looks like he has really changed to a good guy!

    Cat Nap was similar to "Kaz vs. Katz" but at least Yumi didn't threaten him. It was quite tiring but it was still quite good. The ending was great when all 3 of them fell asleep, looks like everybody wins!

    Cursed was the funniest segment and the most informative one. Informative was in the sense Ami and Yumi knew what bad luck was and calculating it in years and in the end, they only have one good year left ahead of them LOL!!!

    So, HiHi Puffy AMiyumi is going back on the right track. Lets hope Season 2 stays this way!moreless
  • Ami & Yumi Want To Keep Their Fan Clubs A Secret From Each Other. Then Kaz Interupts The Cats Naps. So The Cats Decide To Pay Him Back. Finally, Are Ami & Yumi Doomed To Have Bad Luck For 100 Years?moreless

    Ami & Yumi Have Their Own Fan Clubs. Ami Thinks That She Has A Fan Club & Yumi Doesn't So She Tries To Keep It A Secret From Yumi By Hiding Her Stuff In Kaz's Room & Vice Versa. But In The End, They Find Out That The Same Person Started Their Fan Clubs. Then She Decided To Combine The Clubs Together. The Kaz Started His Own Fan Club & He was Greeted By His Number One Fan Harmony. Kaz Stays Up Late Watching Television. When He Finally Decides To Go To Bed, He Keeps The Cats Up Again. Getting Fed Up With Kaz, They Decide To Keep Him Awake. In The End, They All Fall Asleep. After Playing A Song In Their Concert, Ami & Yumi Brake Their Instruments At The Same Time. When That Happens, Kaz Tells The Girls Of What He Read In The Big Book Of Rock-N-Roll Superstitions. He said That They've Been Cursed With 100 Years Of Bad Luck. Then Ami & Yumi Go Around Increasing Their Bad Luck. Then Kaz Told Them About What Really Happens. He Said That Instead Of 100 Years Of Bad Luck, They Get 100 Years Of Good Luck. They Added All The Years Of Bad Luck They Had & it Came Out To A Total Of 99. But What The Girls Didn't kNow Was That It's Was Friday The 13 which Is A Bad Luck Day. So That Then Used Up Their Last Year Of Good Luck.moreless
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