Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 1 Episode 12

Fan Clubs / Cat Nap / Cursed

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Feb 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Fan Clubs: Ami gets a gift from her fan club and Kaz tells her that Yumi doesn't have a fan club and she'll be disappointed if she found out about her having a fan club. So, she decides to hide her stuff in Kaz's room. Then, Yumi gets a gift from her fan club and Kaz tells her that Ami doesn't have a fan club and that she would be sad if she found out that she had a fan club. So, they keep getting gifts from their fan clubs and keep putting them in Kaz's room. Then they both receive a letter saying that their fan clubs president is coming to visit. When the girl arrives, she reveals that shes the president for both fan clubs. Ami and Yumi tell her to combine both fan clubs into one. They go to sign autographs at the club. Kaz decides to start a fan club for himself and the only person that shows up is Harmony, who scares Kaz away and chases him. Cat Nap: Kaz keeps the cats awake and they decide to ruin his sleep. They all fall asleep at the end from all the commotion. Cursed: Ami and Yumi break both of their instruments at the same time. Kaz tells the girls of the breaking-of-the-strings-and-sticks-at-the-same-time curse. He reveals that the curse gives them 100 years of bad luck. The girls keep increasing their bad luck until they decide to never leave their rooms. Kaz tells the girls that he got the curse wrong. Instead of getting 100 years of bad luck, they get 100 years of good luck. They rung up 99 years of bad luck in the last 8 hours, leaving them with 1 year of good luck left. But, its Friday the 13th, which is a bad luck day, and that neutralizes their last year of good luck.
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