Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 2 Episode 5

In Harmony's Way / Time Off / Home Insecurity

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Jun 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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In Harmony's Way / Time Off / Home Insecurity
In Harmony's Way : Harmony has Ami's diary and is about to read it. The girls must stop her. Time Off: Yumi messes up Ami's alarm clock, and Ami's is reacting to everything later than when she normally would. Home Insecurity: Yumi's secruity system takes control of objects in the bus and she must stop it.moreless

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  • Who is this girl, and what has she done with Yumi Yoshimura?

    The teaser from above voices my opinion for "Home Insecurity". Yumi is acting way out of character in that segment! It's as if the writers replaced her with someone who looks and sounds like Yumi, but doesn't act at all like the Yumi Yoshimura that we all know and love. I don't like how Yumi is acting like a jerk towards Ami all because she touched her stuff. P.A.L. is sort of an unfunny parody of H.A.L. 9000, but he sure teaches Yumi a lesson, plus I liked it when Ami kicked Yumi right in her butt! Also, Yumi defeating P.A.L. with Ami's computer virus is also interesting. During the scene with P.A.L.'s minions repeatedly shooting lasers at Yumi and missing, you can't help but think that Yumi deserved all of that for being such a jerk towards Ami! But I was glad that the segment was over, and to see Ami and Yumi make up in the end, and Kaz's remark about Ami's videogame having a real laser level, now that's cool!

    As for the other two:

    "Time Off" sorta freaked me out when it came to Ami being affected by the magic of time. Now we all know that it is dangerous to mess with the flow of time, according to Doc Brown from the "Back To The Future" movies. And why are Ami and Yumi sleeping in their normal clothes? Are their pyjamas in the wash or something?

    The only good segment in this episode is "In Harmony's Way". I liked how Harmony had decorated her bedroom to become a Puffy shrine.

    But most important of all though, no Jang Keng, no Tekirai, and not many laughs.moreless
  • This episode is not one of the best I have seen, and it was quite disappointing to begin with.

    In Harmony's Way was not really enjoyable because I did not enjoy the return of Harmony but I did however, like the attempts Ami and Yumi made to get the diary back. It was humorous but lacked excitement. The ending was also not I would have expected a better ending.

    Time Off was quite silly and nice because of how Yumi messed with the clock and made Ami time-stressed. The ending was quite good and funny because Yumi finally got to sleep.

    Home Insecurity is one of those episodes where "Technology tries to kill you" which was unoriginal and I believe it ruined the episode's quality. It might have been humurous but I wanted it to be handled in a better manner.

    Overall, thse three segments were alright but the way they were handled could have improved dramastically.moreless
  • Yumi " accidentally " donating Ami's diary was pretty silly.Yumi setting Ami's clock 5 seconds later was really funny i'd have to say.But Yumi Buying a P.A.L. to keep Ami out was really MEAN YUMI!moreless

    I love this series. Yumi accidentally donating Ami's diary was pretty silly, But setting her clock 5 seconds later was totally in the middle ( sort of mean and sort of not mean. ) But buying a P.A.L. to keep her out was totally out of the line, totally mean Yumi. So all together Yumi did three wrongs and about 1 right because Ami had to tell her to tell them her secrets, and she didn't look that sorry when she... in fact, there are no rights as from I see it. So I still say i like Ami wayyyyyyyyyy more than Yumi.moreless
  • Wow.

    Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi had bad episodes before, but this takes the cake. The first segment, In Harmony's Way, reintroduces the little psychopath, Harmony, who makes Ami's diary. They are able to pay it back, but Kaz proves how cheap he is by refusing to pay a penny more than fifty cents. At the end, Ami proves to be as boring as the series and Yumi reveals her lame secrets. The second segment, Time Out, is so illogical, it is annoying. The final segment, Home Insecurity, is the worst of them all. Yumi becomes paranoid about Ami burrowing all her stuff. So, she pays a cruddy sentinal that teaches Yumi a lesson about sharing. This is the worst episode... EVER!moreless
  • So far this is the latest episode in America.

    Harmony returns yet again to learn more about Puffy. She attempts to read Ami's Diary hoping to learn more secrets about Ami, she finds out that everything that Ami wrote in her diary was stuff she already knew. So Ami found it fair that Yumi should tell Harmony some things about her because Yumi accidentally donated her diary. Yumi sets Ami's clock back 5 seconds and Ami starts doing everything 5 seconds late. She finds out what happens & tells Yumi to fix it. once again we see Ami in her sexy bikini. Yumi gets tired of Ami borrowing her stuff without asking so she buys a Personal Automated Lookout (P.A.L.) to zapped anyone who enters her room except her. After Ami gets zapped, Yumi reenters her room and ends up getting zapped. She gets frustrated & tells P.A.L. what happens & P.A.L. gets confused. P.A.L. brings every electronic thing on the bus to life to destroy everything. Yumi goes into Ami's room to borrow Ami's computer which has a virus on it. She uploads the virus into P.A.L. & P.A.L. was destroyed. A really good episode. 10/10.moreless

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