Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 3 Episode 8

Jungle Prom / Truth or Dare / Sumo Kaz

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Jun 27, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • How could CN do that to Ami and Yumi!!!!???

    Jungle Prom: Defenitly nice episode. Ami and Yumi are in their primitive outfits again(YAY!)

    Truth or Dare: The best out of the three. The girls have a slumber party for the first time how cute. And it was also cute to see the girls in their PJs again. They look so cute in thoses. And who knew Ami and Yumi kept different secrets from eachother.

    Sumo Kaz: 3 things wrong with this one. 1 its about Kaz. 2 Kaz becomes fat and huge(Shivers). And 3 CN turns the sexiest girls on TV into fat slobs. All right CN that draws the line(Walks to CN Studios)I made my point so don't do it again.

    5 out of 5
  • I loved it. Please CN bring it back.

    I love that episode too. I love all episodes. Pretty cool show. I want that show back very bad. Please decide to return it. I love those girls. I loved them very much. Please CN please cre for the puffy fans who love this show wanted to return. Please cartoon network? You guys did great making that show. I want it back, We want it back. Please? I love those gorgeous girls. They are the best cartoon girls I ever seen. Puffy AmiYumi is the best cartoon in CN history. I loved it. Please Cartoon network. Please Sam Register? Please? Pleaseeeeeeeee?
  • Three pretty good cartoons

    Jungle Prom was better than I thought it would be. While the plot is a bit shopworn, the dialouge was funny, particularly the "Are you OK?" "No, me Ed" bit, and Myrna's observations about Ed as a man who used to cheat deaths, but now only cheats on his diet. And I liked Renegade's designs on the animals, particularly the lions with the square manes. Truth or Dare would have been better as a comic book story than as a cartoon- the first half of the cartoon is a bit slow in my opinion. It picks up in the second half, when they just show the dares. Best part was Ami chugging the Enormous Gulp soda, which causes her to bloat up like a balloon and float away. Sumo Kaz was also pretty good- Renegade did a good job on the sequence showing Kaz's first day at the Sumo training center. It wasn't the best episode of the series, but all three cartoons had their moments
  • Ami and Yumi setting up a dance in the jungle, playing a crazy game of Truth or Dare and Kaz becoming a sumo wrestler? What the hell?

    This episode was !@#%en funny! I mean:

    When Ami and Yumi meet a primative guy named Ed, they try to get his divorced wife back.o Ami and Yumi throw a wild dance! Then Yumi sprays zebra scented perfume on everyone and the lions come, but she did that on purpose. Will her plan be a sucess?

    Also, Ami and Yumi have a slumber party and they play a game of Truth or Dare, but it gets out of hand, because Ami and Yumi alway say truth to each other, but they don't wanna say it, so they always pick dare. That's when it gets out of hand. I mean stealing Kaz's favorite teddy bear, painting faces on the faces of the 4 presidents on Mt. Rushmore and drinking a giant container of soda, CRAZY!!

    Last, Kaz defeats a world famous sumo wrestler by accident because he dropped a piece of sushi. Now, Ami and Yumi supersize him, but he is too fat and can't move. He loses the sumo competition and retires from sumo. Then, Ami and Yumi convince Kaz that he's not the only one who has to lose weight on the bus because Ami and Yumi supersize themselves. At the end, Ami makes a joke about being "Puffy" AmiYumi and Yumi explains about how you'll be a lil' desperate with 117 7 minute episodes.

    HA HA HA!! This episode is #1! But I bet the last 5 episodes will be even better. You never know!
  • Ami and Yumi in their new primative outfits again, a truth or dare game gone wrong, and Kaz wants to be a sumo wrestler.

    Jungle Prom was amazing. I got to see Ami and Yumi in their new primative outfits yet again. Good job CN. Keep it up. Truth or Dare was about Ami and Yumi playing a very whacked out version of truth or dare. They ended up doing dares everytime. Sumo Kaz was about Kaz becoming a sumo wrestler. I just hated that Ami and Yumi were fat at the end. Come on CN. That was wrong. You can't have two of the hottest cartoon chicks looking like that. Shame on you CN. Overall, this was a good episode.
  • I think this episode has Ami, Yumi and Kaz show more skin than in any other episode.

    Jungle Prom: It's nice to see Ami and Yumi in their primitive outfits again, but I miss the old ones!!!

    Truth or Dare: Ami and Yumi are in their jammies, and they reveal lots of secrets about each other. Kinda like a mix of "Ami's Secret" and "Fan Clubs"... I especially liked the part where Yumi walked barefoot through hot coal.

    Sumo Kaz: If you could use one word to describe Kaz as an eater, it is "Garfield-esque". Ami's crazy about sumo wrestling, too? Yumi's right--she spends WAY too much time with Kaz. Also, I didn't like it when Ami and Yumi got flattened by a sumo wrester or when they were sumo-sized.

    Despite this episode's pros and cons, I give this episode a 3 out of 5.