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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 2 Episode 1

Koi Fish / Arbor Day / Ami Ami

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Apr 22, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Koi Fish / Arbor Day / Ami Ami
Koi Fish: Yumi takes advice from the All-Knowing Koi Fish. Arbor Day: The girls must save a tree from the clutches of Eldwin Blair. Ami Ami: Yumi gets in an accident with the microwave, and she believes that she is Ami.

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  • Ami and Yumi finding a magic koi fish which puts Ami in havoc, a squirrel\'s tree being torn down to become stupid tooth picks and Yumi becoming Ami after the microwave blew up? Sounds like a lot of adventures for Puffy AmiYumi in one episode.moreless

    After finding a koi fish in the dumpster, Ami puts havoc on herself and when Ami, Yumi and Kaz were on a picnic, Ami is upset that the koi fish is Yumi's decider. Ami wants Yumi to start making her own decisions so she jumps into a raging river and almost gets herself killed, but Yumi leaped into action and saved Ami's life, without listening to the koi fish!

    When Kaz almost ran into a squirrel,they go outside and ask the squirrel why it's so sad. So the squirrel tells them, and obviously no one understanded it except Yumi. Yumi understanded the squirrel and the squirrel said that its tree is under demolition, going to be torn down, and the squirrel had to move out, but that didn't stop Ami and Yumi so they went to the woods. When Yumi bumps into the squirrel's tree, Blair arrives and tells the gang that he's going to use the tree for toothpicks. TOOTHPICKS!?! He uses a squirrel's home for toothpicks!?! Man, he more than a b**** than I thought he was. When the gang get surronded by bulldozers, Ami says a sad reason why not to tear down the tree and Blair doesn't want to tear down the tree. Instead, in the end, Blair decides to tear down the rest of the forest.

    In an explosion that occured at lunchtime, Yumi got so stressed with Ami that she actually became Ami. Now, Ami will stop at nothing to get Yumi back because if Yumi stays like this forever, Yumi will become the NEW Ami.

    Overall, this was a very good episode, but it was kind of unclear to me. What will they think of next?

  • In the episodes the girls and thier manager get into funny situations where they have to be smart and funny to get themselves out of them.

    I liked Arbor Day, how Ami wound up \\\"recruiting\\\" kaz and yumi to help her save a tree. But my favorite part was the whole \\\"who gets the last luagh?\\\" thing whenever i think about it, i grin. I like how the guy and ami try to get the last luagh, but ami always gets it.
  • A masterpiece of fine work. Truely, this is a antastic way to start out Season 2.

    The way Season 2 began was incredible. The live-action segment in this episode was not as lame as those in Season 1. And, the title cards held in Japan is quite unique and nice, but hard to read, so that probably why they say the episode name.

    Koi Fish was a superb and a truely original episode. I don't think any other cartoon had someone who couldnt make decisions for themselves. SO, this episode gets 4 thumbs up! I just felt that AMi was being rushed to just force herself to commit suicide but it did teach us a important moral.

    Arbor Day is similar to Save the Farm in the sense that Eldwin Blair is up to his same old tricks again. But sadly, he succeeds. The squirrel was funny being dressed up as Yogi Bear and the "language". The only thing that kinda ruined the segment for me was that Yumi could talk squirrel even though in "Dis-Harmony" she was afraid of squirrels so that didn't make much sense to me.

    Ami Ami was a great episode but I felt that Yumi was a little mean. Ami dressing up like Kaz and Kaz using the cats to get liposuction was funny.

    So overall, a great season opener that HHPAY fans would be satisfied by.moreless
  • New writing team makes for three excellent cartoons.

    Season 2 saw a new writing team led by Adam Beechen, and their first effort hit the bullseye.

    First the group finds a talking fish who is used as a decision-making charm. Soon Yumi is letting the fish make all her decisions for her, so Ami tries to snap Yumi out of her dependency by deliberately going against the fish's advice. The results are a homage to the Tex Avery classic "Bad Luck Blackie". Highlights include Ami's bizarre test-question for the koi fish, and some of the mishaps that befall her when she defies him- for example what happens after she eats the bad sushi.

    Next is "Arbor Day" which has Ami and Yumi chain themselves to a tree in an effort to save a forest from being bulldozed. I ended up liking this episode because the ending was different from what I had expected.

    Finally, in "Ami Ami" Yumi is involved in an accident using the microwave and wakes up thinking she's Ami. Again the writers avoid the predictable (Ami doesn't retaliate by imitating Yumi, she dresses up as KAZ, then later decides she has to out-Ami Yumi), and as a result the episode is very entertaining. And Kaz's efforts to resusitate the stricken Yumi rank among the funniest moments of the entire series.

    From start the finish, the best single episode of the series.moreless
  • Yumi Starts Taking Advice From A Fish. A Squirrel's Tree Is In Danger Of Being Cut Down. Then, Yumi Starts Acting Like Ami?

    After Making 1 Wrong Decsion, Yumi Thinks That She's Lost Her Good Decsion Mojo. After They Crash Into The Junkyard, Ami Finds A Koi Fish On Yumi. She Asks The Fish A Question & It Gave An Answer. Everytime The Fish Gave An Answer, It Was Always Right. Then, Yumi Started Listening To The Fish Instead Of Herself. Getting Fed Up With The Fish Talking, Ami Decides To Jump Into Jump Into A River To See What Yumi Would Do. Yumi Asked The Fish 4 Times If She Should Save Ami. The Fish Said No Everytime. Then Yumi Threw The Fish Away & Jumped In To Save Ami. Eldwin Blair Wants To Cut Down A Tree That Gave Him The Idea To Start A Toothpick Factory. The Tree Belonged To A Squirrel That Kaz Almost Hit. After Talking To The Squirrel, Yumi States Whats Going On Because She Learned To Speak Squirrel Back In School. Then Ami Chains Herself, Yumi, The Squirrel, & Kaz To The Tree. Kaz Manages To Break Free From The Chains & Left The Girls To Handle The Situation By Themselves. The Girls Finally Convince Blair That Not To Cut The Tree Down. After A Microwave Incident, Yumi Started To Think That She Was Ami. She Started Stealing Ami's Life. Then, Ami Decided To Out Ami Yumi. She Annoyed Yumi Until She Was Back To Normal.moreless
Janice Kawaye

Janice Kawaye


Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Jang Keng / Squirrel

Recurring Role

Nathan Carlson

Nathan Carlson

Koi Fish / Eldwin Blair

Recurring Role

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