Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 3 Episode 4

Manga Madness / Junior Tapeworm / Kazalot

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Mar 10, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • manga madness is the only HHPAy epsisode I didn't like.

    Manga madness is really pointless and I don't like it. The only good thing was Yumi's quote "American cartoons are terrible". I really laghued when she said that. And that's it. Everything else is really stupid ... Although the show is really good 116 episodes entertained my and 1 was pointless. However I liked the sequel much more, it had great jokes, although I am wondering how did the creators think of this...
    Junior tapeworm is my favorite from all three segments. I like it becouse harmony is one of my favorite chracters in the show. It is so funny that words can hardly describe it. Kazalot is another great episode. i only think it's stupid they made the Black Knight so big, but it's so funny when Ami wins everytime. The funniest scene is when ami puts a berry on Yumi's head and the Black Knight then shots a tree like an arrow into Yumi.

    My rating for this episode is:
    manga madness:2(it would be 1, if there wasn't Yumi's quote.)
    Junior Tapeworm:10
    Together I'll give it an 8.
  • Dueling, joining a scout troop, and guarding Kazalot.

    Manga Madness is about monsters coming to life and want to duel each other. Ami and Yumi try to see which monster is better. The monsters become too caught up in battle and are fighting ferociously. Ami and Yumi draw manga versions of themselves and make them come to life. Favorite part: Manga Ami and Manga Yumi combining together to make Mega Rock Twin SaiamiYumi. Junior Tapeworm is about Harmony joining a scouting troop and starts off as a junior tapeworm. She is annoying the other scouts and the scoutmaster. They try to stop her, but Harmony scares them all off. Kazlot is about Ami fighting to be the protector of Kazalot. It should've been Yumi since she is more of the fighting type. Ami fights the Black Knight, wins all three times, tries to pull the Drumsticks of Deluth out, cannot, Black Knight tries, cannot, Yumi saves Ami, Ami pulls sticks out, Ami stops the dragon. Still, it should've been Yumi.