Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 3 Episode 7

Motor Psycho Mamas / Oldie AmiYumi / Trouble with Mimes

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Apr 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • At first I hated this episode but now I love it.

    Motor Psyco Mamas: I loved how Ami and Yumi had trouble understanding what the Mucky Pup leader was saying, looks like they don't know English LOL. I also loved the way Ami and Yumi had good English accents at the end of the episodes.

    Oldie AmiYumi: What I feard, the girls have retired(Gasps) but at least they looked cute as old ladies, and they made a retirement comeback.

    Trouble With Mimes: To me this was the best out of the three(What can I say I like Mimes) And how Ami was the only one who could understand what Sy was saying. And Yumi was funny when she got mad at Sy.

    5 out of 5
  • COOL SHOW!!!

    Please cartoon netowrk. Please bring Puffy amiyyumi back on Cn. please don't cancel it. I'll be bored without it. Please I want it back. Please Cartoon Network I like that show back. please,please,please,please,please,please,please,pleaseeeeeeeeee? I love this show. It's the coolest show I ever seen on CN history. oh please bring it back please I want it back. please please please please please pleaseeeeeeeee? Please cartoon network. Sam register your the best cartoon creator ever in thw world. I love those gorgeous girls. I want it back. I love all the episodes. Please? Please return it so you can get new veiwers and they might love it. Oh please?
  • London Bike Gangs, Retirement Home, and "How I Hate Mimes"

    I’m glad there’s another episode about the girls riding their colored scooters. This takes place in London, England. I really don’t like Britain much. Anyway, Ami and Yumi are on a heroic mission to defeat the evil bike gang known as the Mucky Pups. They recruited the possible members to prevent crimes in Great Britain. In the end, I was really ticked at Kaz for throwing pies at the girls. He makes me very angry when he does things to make Ami and Yumi look bad.

    I really don’t enjoy seeing Ami and Yumi being placed in a retirement home. This marks the second time Ami became old, and the first time for Yumi. The nurse was a really tyrant! She has still has no respect for our favorite J-pop Queens. The end was really great. They finally got revenge by having fun along with the other senior citizens.

    This is how many reasons I can hate mimes. They are more annoying than clowns. Everywhere the girls turn, those black-and-white voiceless freaks won’t leave them alone. They disturb them with their invisible tricks. However, there is one way to chase them away. All you do is get them to speak out loud. And then they turn themselves in at “Mime Jail”. I never liked mimes.

    The season is almost over. Just a few more unique episodes, and then the third one will end. I wish it won’t end easily.
  • If this episode was a character in the HHPAY series, it\\\'d be Eldwin Blair.

    Cartoon Network, you have disappointed me. Here\\\'s what happens:

    Motor Psycho Mamas: In the end, Ami and Yumi destroy London trying to beat the Mucky Puffs. Sure, they put it back together, but it\\\'s one of the worst \\\"Lesson episodes\\\" I\\\'ve seen in the series.

    Oldie AmiYumi: Ami, Yumi and Kaz were terrible as geezers, and to make matters worse, the nurse from \\\"Visiting Hours\\\" is back and grumpier than ever.

    Trouble with Mimes: Trouble with plotlines is more like it! I enjoy Ami\\\'s cute poses, but the whole mime thing is just...stupid.

    A 2 out of 5. Better luck next time, CN!
  • Getting rid of thugs, retiring, and mimes.

    Motor Psycho Momas is about Ami and Yumi getting help from a scooter gang to get rid of some thugs. Olidie Ami Yumi was about Ami and Yumi retiring after they imagine themseleves being old. Heartbreaker indeed. If Puffy retires, my life would be a mess. Trouble with Mimes is about Ami and Yumi dealing with mimes.