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  • Yes, I love Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

    Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is one of my all-time favorite Cartoon Network originals from the 2000s. Next to Camp Lazlo!, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi also is one of the three greatest Cartoon Network original shows to come out of the city era. This show definitely needs a revival, because it ended FAR too soon. It almost feels like the Invader ZiM of Cartoon Network shows, especially since both got cancelled in 2006. I love Puffy AmiYumi, and making an animated series based on it works. It sucked that it lasted for only three seasons. I really miss this show. Cartoon Network, bring this show back, because this show is awesome. I think the hatred to this series is SERIOUSLY getting old. I think the animation looks beautiful, the characters are loveable, and the acting isn't all that shitty; in fact the acting is really good. THIS SHOW WAS ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ANIMATED SHOWS THAT CARTOON NETWORK EVER GAVE US, AND THEN THEY CANCELLED IT??!!! I wish CN NEVER hired Renegade Animation to do Out of Jimmy's Head. This show is NOT the reason why animation is dead. What do people think this show is??!! JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS??!! THAT CRAPPY ANIMATED SHOW FROM THE 1980'S??!! Overall, this show is awesome.
  • Troll much?

    eh AwesomeDude12 if you like shitty shows like Uncle grandpa Breadlosers and Sanjay craig then why the hell do you come here?
  • Awesome!

    A great show! Ami and Yumi are very cute when they're animated teens! Lots of laughs in the episodes as well!

  • What a stupid show

    This is a stupid shows. It's just about two girls that can't sing to save their lives. Also unlike Sanjay and Craig, not farts and ugly character designs. Why can't animators watch those shows to see what we want to see.

  • Awesome Show!

    The characters were cute and it was just really fun and interesting! Loved it!
  • Sorry finnysohr, but girls can be cool too.

    I thought AmiYumi was virtually on the same level as the Powerpuff Girls, in the sense that it embraced toughness/coolness in female protagonists, while still maintaining that level of cuteness and innocence. That alone made it a heck of a fun show to watch. That and the outright random humor, most of which came from Kaz. Coming from a 19 year old dude, I feel that girls and boys can find appeal to the show, and not have to be guilt-tripped for watching it. Overall, a great show from the later portion of my childhood. Despite its occasional "WTF" moments, it proves to be entertaining.
  • Cute,interesting and unique main characters ruined by cheesy jokes,cliched plots and lazy,off the wall flash animation.

    I mean,no offence to benthelooney or any one else who loves this show,but I just can't get into it. It's not bad by any means,but it's just...... not my cup of tea.

    Theo things that practically makes the show are the main characters,who are both very cute and,okay I admit, I had a crush on them when I was a kid. They also have different and unique personalities. Their manager,kaz,however is a cheap mr krabs knock off, who can be funny sometimes,but most of the time,he's just a greedy bastard. The jokes, can also be funny at times, but most of the time,they're really cheesy and corny. The plots are either cliched,predictable or both. The animation,to some people,is unique,but to me,it's just lazy and too off the wall.

    Also,if the show is supposed to parody anime,then why do most of the characters,with the exception of the main characters,look like misshapen fetuses instead of characters resembling anime?

    Also,te main characters are voiced by american voice actors,which I actually don't mind. They actually do a fairly good job at voicing the characters.

    But another thing I can't stand about this show are the scenes with the real ami and yumi. I mean,don't get me wrong,their songs in the show are awesome,but when thet're on screen,it feels like they're actually TRYING to act retarted. I mean, in one episode, they appeared out of nowhere,spoke something about soup and started dancing randomly. And in one episode,there was one scene where they are hanging out with their friends in a pizza shop. And NOTHING FUNNY HAPPENED!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! That scene was so boring that it even put my little sister to sleep. But sometimes,they actually DO make me laugh,in an uncomfortable way.

    The episodes are also really hit and miss. Some episodes are better than others. But the show has yet to have a bad episode.

    Overall,a mediocre show. If it weren't for the two beautiful and unique main characters,this show would've gotten a 2.

    Cartoon network has made other cartoons that tried to parody anime like code lyoko,samurai jack,megas xlr,gumball,ben 10,teen titans etc. And all of them were better than this show except ben 10,which in my opinion is just overrated and bland.

  • I wasn't impressed with this show

    I thought this show was weak, and it suffered tons of poor writing. This might be a long rant, folks. I'll start off ranting about the animation. It's really kind of creepy, and they try to make it look anime, but fail, just like The Amazing World Of Gumball. The Amazing World Of Gumball is another bad show that airs on the same channel as this show, but we're not talking about that show, now are we? Next, I'm going to rant about the background music. Some of it isn't that bad, but the rest is pretty dull. I find lots of the background music to be annoying and hard to stand after a few seconds and most of the music barely fits the scenes. Some of it also made me cover my ears due to how bad the music was. Thirdly, I will rant about the characters. Seriously, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi? You had to make the characters females? That made me facepalm SO HARD I gave myself a headache. Males would fit these characters, particularly Ami. She's the tomboy. I only know ONE male character on this show, who is this weird ***ed guy who is ugly and not fit for a male at all. Why does anime always have to be directed towards females? It makes me sick and disgraced as a male. Luckily males are less likely to get hurt and more males are born each year. Males are also better at rapping routines. Anyways, let's move on to the backgrounds, shall we? The backgrounds are very ugly and look like the backgrounds on Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, and Littlest Pet Shop. I really hate the backgrounds and how they're not drawn correctly. It looks like a mixture of Ren and Stimpy and Spongebob's backgrounds, which is NOT a very good mix at all. This show was a very bad show, and I would have given it a 0, but the rate scale doesn't go that low.
  • Good Series

    Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi is one of Cartoon Network's best shows they have ever produced. What's strange is that this show features music I don't particularly care for, which is Japanese pop-rock-techno, but I can easily look past that. Yumi is my favorite character. Grey DeLise obviously does a great job voicing the character, and her character design is really cute. I like Ami too, but to a MUCH lesser extent. I don't care for characters with high-pitched voices like that. Granted, Ami isn't a bad character by any means, but I simply don't care for her as much as I do Yumi. What really makes this show amazing is the art direction. It's anime mixed with Adobe flash. The characters each have anime faces and mouth movements, while obtaining an Adobe/cel animated body structure. Also, the backgrounds and colors are very creative and vivid. It's really enough to make me enjoy this show.
  • A great show!

    A great show. Especially because Puffy AmiYumi sang the Teen Titans theme song. Overall, it was a great show, too bad it was canceled.
  • this show deserves to be revived for the best main characters ever.

    this is easily the best show i've ever enjoyed. the main characters ami and yumi have their bestest rock band ever to make a great miracle of cartoon network's cartoon spirit of the decade. sam register, you make the bestest cartoons for me in my entire life. the animation is excellent, the music is great, and the episodes were awesomely great. here is my final overall of this show:

    plot: 10/10.

    sounds and music: 10/10.

    characters: 10/10.

    animation: 60/10.

    final grade: a++.

    oh, and cartoon network, hi hi puffy amiyumi deserves a second chance, and a revival.

  • This show isn't that great...

    I would like this show much better if it had more anime faces and better comedy. I would like to remake this show and into more anime style. This show is such an anime wannabe. It's more cartoony if you ask me.
  • CN's best..

    When I was around the age of 6, I came home just to watch this..

    I'm a guy, and my friends thought I was weird and stupid for watching this (xP), but I still kept watching it.

    When this show went off air, I literally stopped watching Cartoon Network. The only time I watch CN now is for Regular Show and Adventure Time. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is still shown around the world other than UK and US.

    Summary: I really loved this show. I hope it returns. Even if it doesn't, I got ALL episodes pirated.. xD
  • Cute Show

    I love this show because it's sooo cute. It is not the best cartoon ever made but it's still great to me. Ami is just adorable. At least this show is better than Fanboy and Chum Chum.
  • pretty good

    a decent show
  • I never picked up this show while it was on CN but now that I have, it's one of my favorite shows ever.

    Why I didn't pick it up before: My family made me insecure and tease me when I watch shows with female protagonists when I was younger. Perfect role models if you ask me. Now that I'm older I can just shrug those off.

    I just picked up on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi recently. I mean I haven't watched all episodes yet but so far so good. I find the animation interesting and amazing just because for me, it fits the style of the show so no problems there. The characters may not be the most original character ever made in animation history but they are very lovable and memorable...sorta. And I like the jokes a lot. They even made me laugh and get scolded for it once or twice, something modern cartoons have not been able to make me do. I wish this show stayed longer than it should and I find it a bad, scratch that, stupid move by CN to cancel such a good show.

  • Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi is the greatest show of all time.

    This show is so awsome. Here are the reasons its my favorite show.
    1. The animation is very good and colorful.
    2. It has some funny humor in it.
    3. It got me into the band that became my favorite, Puffy
    4. Ami and Yumi are very cute looking. You don't see that on other shows.
    But I hate the fact that CN is treating this show like trash.
    Why must CN do the biggest mistakes in TV history. And I also hate it when people make me mad by making a big deal out of me loving this show. At least this show is better then any other CN show. And Puffy's music is better then most of the singers my friends like. This show is so great that its made my way to my heart and I wish I could go back to win this show was a smash hit on CN and it will always be a smash hit to me.

    5 out of 5
  • A decent cartoon.

    This is a really good show. I really do like the main characters Ami and Yumi. But mostly Ami. Well, when this show first aired on Cartoon Network, I did see some episodes of it, but It really didn't grab my attention. Yeah, I was more into Thomas and Friends and an anime called Mermaid Melody. And after 2005, I've never hear about it again. But recently, I've rediscovered this show and I like it now, as I am currently watching the episodes on Youtube. It is really good, for flash animation. I like the character designs for Ami and Yumi. Oh, and I found Kaz to be just like Mr. Krabs. A money loving character. It's a decent show, though it can get a little crazy and gross sometimes, but it's not that bad, like Fanboy and Chum Chum. (YUCK!) So, now, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is one of my new favorite shows. And also, I was looking foward to watch this show on Cartoon Network on 1/3/11, thanks to the scam on facebook saying it'll return. Now I know that Cartoon Network is being run by people who are drinking alcohol. This is getting out of hand. Anyway, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, good show, glad I'm watching it now, it's way better than Out Of Jimmy's Head, worth watching. Oh, one more thing, in my opinion, 2005 is the last decent year for Cartoon Network. Also, I would like to thank a youtube user for brining up this show, which is how I rediscovered it.
  • A weird show but for some reason i like it

    A weird show but i like it. The whole show is weird because of all the strange things and the backround. But yet i still insist on watching it for some weird reason. Maybe its because of the music even though im not a music fan. Oh well it will forever be a mystery for me why i like this show.
  • This show sucks!

    I used to like this show it was darn intresting but then now i look back on this show i can say this show sucks and it is very childish especially the way Ami acts very very childish and yet one of the writers of this show write the season 4 episodes of SpongeBob.They made SpongeBob similar to Ami and Squidward similar to Yumi whatever this show just makes me sick(not really i just hate it and it gets on my nerves) and this show what is really immature and childish it has been right from the start i hope the creator gets in trouble for making fun of the Teen Titan's theme song singers by making this childish junk and i'm glad this does'nt air on CN anymore though sadly at nights it does play on Cartoon Cartoons(i live in the UK this is the UK CN i am talking about)
  • This show gives Asian girls a bad name.

    Even when I heard the name of the show it made me scratch my head. Japanese Rock stars? Never heard of that before. What's next? Teletubbies gone disco? Each episode is more random than Bobobo bo bobobo and it isn't as cutting edge as I thought it would be.

    I hate the human Ami Yumi more. They act cute and immature and they look 18. Bye bye boo? That's what they say at the end of each show. You know, Asians aren't wierd or random and I don't see why they make such fools of themselves. Cancel the show before they embarrass themselves.
  • This is weird...

    First of all, what kind of a name is HiHi PuffAmiYumi?! and why would anyone want to make a girly show about two real life rockstars who go on pointless adventures? Also, this show has poor animation. Cartoon Network seriously needs to snap out of it, putting this crap on their channel...I'd rather whatch PPG than this! Plus Ami and Yumi's voice are done by americans. Aren't they supposed to be Japanese rock stars? To me the only likable character in this show is Kaz (Ami and Yumi's manager). Ami and Yumi are always pushing around Kaz which I find very disturbing along with their cats always playing evil tricks on him. So, as you can see I just plain don't like this show...
  • This show is based on the live band Puffy AmiYumi, who sing the theme song for "Teen Titans." It's series features two teenage Japanese rock star girls who have lots of adventures while on tour with their dumb, cheapskate band manager Kaz.

    THIS SHOW ROCKS!!! When I first heard the theme song for Teen Titans, I thought the voices sounded Japanese. When I saw the band singing in a music video, I had my doubts, but when HHPAY rock toured into my life, I think about them EVERY DAY. I especially like the episodes where the girls wear revealing outfits! (purrs) The live-action segments rock as well, and the music videos always make me feel happy inside. Ever since HHPAY took over my happy place, I transformed into a fan of Puffy's music. May Puffy never vanish from stage or TV!
  • Why did I watch this?

    I hate to give shows bad scores and bad reviews but this one needs it. This show is about 2 girls who travel around the world while they are one a tour. They meet people and help them out. Anyways, this show is not so interesting. So I dont recommend you watching it.
  • Why I don't like this show

    1. The girls aren't voiced by the actual singers. Why would people watch a show about famous people if they aren't even on the show?

    2. They look nothing like the actual singers. Blue and pink hair? WHAT?

    3. The episode plots are basically the same as the ones from all the other cartoons, the creators just think it's cooler if these things happen to pop stars.

    4. Not a real reason, but-I hate Kaz. He is a jerk.

    I know these may seem like stupid reasons to dislike a show, but there aren't many shows these days that I don't like, and I really didn't find much interest in this one. I'd never be one of those "This show sucks and if you like it you're stupid" people, I'm just saying I don't like it.
  • Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi provides laughs far greater than those of any other cartoon on Cartoon Network. Its over-the-top animation and wacky plots make it what a cartoon should be.

    Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi is the only cartoon that I watch on Cartoon Network anymore. Why? First off, the show introduced me to the band that would become my favorite: Puffy Ami Yumi. Their music is used cleverly throughout the show. Secondly, the show has a lot of humor that is simply not found in other Cartoon Network shows. Most shows have devolved into lame humor that relies on "fart jokes" that only dirty-minded children could enjoy. However, Puffy Ami Yumi seems to achieve its humor in a variety of ways, which range from its wacky and fun animation style to twisting cliches. Thirdly, the animation of Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi is far better than most cartoons today. People whine that it doesn't look realistic, but here's the thing- it's a cartoon. Cartoons are meant to be unrealistic and wacky. Many other cartoons bore me now simply due to their dull animation styles. Finally, the show has clever diologue and the characters are designed very well in both looks and personallity. Ami and Yumi's contrasting views often allow for a lot of humor. It's a shame this show is not more popular, but I suppose everyone just likes shows that make a stupid amount of references to sex nowadays. Some episodes are better than others, but most all of them are quite memorable. Give Puffy a chance, and it can brighten up any tough day.
  • how can a show about 2 Japanese-Goth/GoodyGoody-Rockstars be so boring?

    when i heard of ths show i thought"I'm not watching that"

    then i saw it and thought "Not Bad"

    I saw it again and thought,"I just wasted 18 mintues"

    This show is boring,confusing,doesn't make any sense and had horrible animation!It's about 2 Japanese Rockstars!Who are complete oppsites but best friends.

    to me,that sounds awsome...then i watch it...

    what is wrong with these people,it's a good idea but a horrible show!

    and it has Grey DeLisle and Janice Kawaye,they have beautiful voices but are playing such stupid roles.they could be good roles but no,no,no.
    Instead,these 2 very talented/beautiful woman are wasting their energy.

    i say,if they cancel this show,it won't hurt anyone.
  • A rocker girls' show or a very desperate attempt?

    I have seen a show made by someone who makes or actually fakes his music. That show was called 'Romeo'. Now there is another show in cartoon version and made by someone else. To put it simple... 'Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi' SUCKS!!! First of all this show makes just as sense as a goldfish that can breath out of water, it doesn't! Second most of the time I can't understand a single word whether it's in the episode or in their music. And third this whole show should've never ever seen the light of day. Ami and Yumi should've just stuck with music and broke in two months instead of this crap. Sorry but no offense.
  • A cartoon show based on two real life rock stars from Japan. COOL!

    Some people say it's not good, but I'll have to disagree with them. Puffy Ami Yumi are my favorite rock stars and I like their music. The best part of the show is when they sometimes do mini music videos. Even if people dis it, I won't. So, I give this show a fabulous 10 out of 10.
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