Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 2 Episode 12

Rock Lobsters / Phantom of Rock / Fungus

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Nov 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In "Rock Lobsters", when the mother lobster hits Ami and Yumi, Yumi is shown wearing Ami's boots.

    • The case read "collapsing walls" but the walls were closing in on them, not collapsing.

    • When Ami says "Tekirai" near the end of Fungus, the closed captioning says that she was speaking Japanese. But in previous episodes, when she said Tekirai, the CC said that she said Tekirai.

    • When the fungus busts through Ami's drum, it tears it up. But in the next scene, it's fully repaired.

  • Quotes

    • (Steve interrupts by playing on the drum)
      Ami: STOP! STOP! Steve? Ami has to work. Ami will play with you later ok? No problem, its all set. A one, two, three, four...
      (They play and steve breaks the drum)
      Ami: STOP! Steve, what did Ami just say? Ami will play with Steve later, OK?
      Yumi: Is Ami ready to rock?
      Ami: Ami is...I mean I am ready!

    • Ami: But, they're so cutesy and helplessy!

    • Yumi: (to the waiter) Now, the flounder. Can I just have the floun and get the der on the side?

    • Ami: (Puts her head in the tank and talks to the lobsters) I am trying to save you!

    • Kaz: Where's the energy? Where's the passion?! That's it! I'm bringing in Johnny Ghost!
      Ami: Johnny who?
      Kaz: No, not that hack. Johnny Ghost! He's a legend!
      Yumi: Yeah, he's such a legend, we've never heard of him.

    • (After Ami, Yumi, and Kaz leave the haunted mansion and get back to the bus)
      Johnny Ghost: Ugh, Primadonnas!

    • Ami: (After she got pinched by the lobsters) OWWW!!! (Everyone starts staring at Ami) Uh, I mean, wow! Get a look at those lobsters. (People still stare at her) Uh, can't wait to eat them. Mm-mmm! (People still stare at her) Yeah, lobsters! (People still stare at her) Just turn around and eat your food.

    • Yumi: Ooh, that guy is such a thurb!
      Ami: A what? What's a thurb?
      Yumi: It's a word I use to describe things I don't like. Can also be used in an adjective.

    • Ami: Hee, hee, hee! The only thing frightening about this guy is his taste in furniture.
      Kaz: You can say that again.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • In "Phantom of Rock," the floating cloned Kaz head from AmiYumi 3000 is seen in the haunted house, surrounded by instruments. This is a parody to Madame Leota, one of the most famous characters of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride, who was played by actress Jennifer Tilly in the movie with the same name.

    • Background Character: Scary Armored Kinght

      This scary character in the background in "Phantom of Rock" looks like the Black Knight Ghost, one of the most famous monsters in the Scooby-Doo where are You? franchise.

    • Ami: I'm shaking in my go-go boots.

      Go-go boots are also worn by Alex, Sam and Clover of Totally Spies.

    • Name: Phantom of Rock
      It is a pun off of the Jimmy Neutron episode Phantom of Retroland and seems very similar.

    • The Phantom of Rock is named "Johnny Ghost". This is a parody of the 1964 cartoon, Jonny Quest. Or it could be similar to the name Danny Phantom.

    • Background Character: Chainsaw Maniac
      The scary character in the background in "Phantom of Rock" looks like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

    • Episode Title: Phantom of Rock
      It is a parody of The Phantom of the Opera.

    • Yumi: Yeah, like the army, or the navy, or the Teen Ti... (Johnny Ghost appears right in front of them, leaving them terrified)
      In "Phantom of Rock," when Yumi is talking about who to bring the next day, she nearly says Teen Titans of which the real Ami and Yumi sing the theme for.

    • Episodle Title Rock Lobsters
      A reference to the B-52's 1978 cult hit "Rock Lobster".