Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 2 Episode 11

Run, Cat, Run / Driving School / Record Breakers

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Nov 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Run, Cat, Run / Driving School / Record Breakers
Run, Cat, Run: Kaz enters Jang Keng and Tekirai in the cat races. During the final round, Jang Keng coughs up a hair ball. It's up to Tekirai to win the race. Driving School: Yumi and Kaz want to know who's a better driver between the two of them. Ami takes them to a driving school. But even there, they are still competing. Record Breakers: Ami and Yumi are competing to see who can set a world record.moreless

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  • Driving School is flawless, the main reason to not miss the episode.

    Run Cat Run was a episode which was entertaining but at the same time, it was quite farfethed. I did like the idea of Kaz and yumi in the same team and Ami being too protective of Takirai. I also think that it was quite noble of Tekirai to win back Jang Keng's honour. However, I think the episode could have been better without the car effects.

    Driving School is probably another silly episode which I believe is flawless like "Super Zero/Artist Ami/Ikkakujuu". I think Yumi's lines of what should you do in an emergency was well done and I think the humor used was original. The deer was also cute when it was crying which made Kaz and Yumi crash into each other. Well, truthfully, in real life these kinds of accidents happen so this a lession for us not to race or be too slow! Ami's slow driving made me laugh until I have trouble breathing because its so cute.

    Record Breakers was a good episode like "Fan Club" because Kaz helped Ami and Yumi. But this episode also makes it a point where Ami and Yumi get angry with each other.

    SO I think this episode was quite good in the way the humor was handled, but I just think Run Cat Run could have improved.moreless
  • Driving School is one of the two or three best episodes of the entire series. And the other installments aren't bad either. Plus the live segment is funny.

    This particular episode is one of the series' funniest. The live action segment where the ladies audition a new drummer has some clever gags. The first cartoon takes us to the seemy underworld of cat racing as Kaz races the two cats in a NASCAR like setting (the cats even bump each other in the walls) and is pretty funny, even though it drags a bit in the middle

    But its the second cartoon "Driving School" that grabs you- its the first cartoon effort by comic book writer J. Torres- and the good news is that he wrote two more cartoons that will air in the third season. The plot has Ami, Yumi, and Kaz attending a driving school taught by Ben Stein. The jokes are very funny, and for a first effort, Mr. Torres nailed the characters perfectly- it makes perfect sense that Ami would be the safe, overly-cautious driver, and that Kaz and Yumi would end up competing against each other. Its one cartoon you could watch over and over just to catch all the jokes. The third effort, Record Breakers, has the duo trying (for some reason) to get their name in a Guinness-type Book of World Records. I thought the ending here was predictable, but that's just my opinion. Definitely watch this show for the live action segment and Driving School, and look forward to the other J. Torres penned cartoons in the third season.

  • LOL!

    Kaz trains the cats to win a race at the Catona 500. The girls don't agree at first but Yumi then lets Jeng Kang race the other cats. Jang Keng is on a winning streak until the final race. Jang Keng coughs up a hairball & can no longer race. Then, Tekirai takes Jang Kengs place & wins. Yumi & Kaz are fighting over who stinks at driving. Ami is tired of the arguing & wants to have them go seek professional help. When they get to driving school, Yumi & Kaz cet the signs right. But when the driving portion comes up, they fail & Ami passes. Ami drives the bus slowly down the highway, holding up traffic. Yumi & Kaz get off the bus & have a limping contest. Ami & Yumi have always dreamed of breaking a world record. They then think that the other doesn't have what it takes. Kaz messes up they're first attempts. Then, they start messing up each others attempts. After many failures, they make up & get ready to leave. But before they leave, the judges give the girls a trophy for "Most failing attempts by a Japanese singing duo".moreless
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Grey DeLisle

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