Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Soap Box Derby / Talent Suckers Return / Prisoners of Yoyovia
    Soap Box Derby: Ami, Yumi, and Kaz try to outcheat Axel and Rod Skidmark by winning the annual soapbox derby. Talent Suckers Return: The Talent Suckers owe Darrel Dome $600 and they are broke. He lets them try to work it off, but they can't do anything right. Prisoners of Yoyovia: Ami, Yumi, and Kaz become citizens of Yoyovia to make the king happy. But soon they regret it.moreless
  • Rock Lobsters / Phantom of Rock / Fungus
    Rock Lobsters: Ami and Yumi are trying to save two lobsters from being eaten. After doing so, the menu changes for the worst. Phantom of Rock: Ami and Yumi are taken to see the Phantom of Rock. When they arrive, they discover the cool side of the phantom. Fungus: Ami befriends a fungus monster in the shower. But, it keeps interfering with her and Yumi's rock time. Ami must get rid of it.moreless
  • Run, Cat, Run / Driving School / Record Breakers
    Run, Cat, Run: Kaz enters Jang Keng and Tekirai in the cat races. During the final round, Jang Keng coughs up a hair ball. It's up to Tekirai to win the race. Driving School: Yumi and Kaz want to know who's a better driver between the two of them. Ami takes them to a driving school. But even there, they are still competing. Record Breakers: Ami and Yumi are competing to see who can set a world record.moreless
  • Super Zero / Artist Ami / Ikkakujuu
    Super Zero: Athcan comes to visit, and he's been with Ami and Yumi for too long. Then Ami and Kaz are captured by Sunikura, the giant snake monster. Yumi tries to save them, but is soon captured. It's up to Atchan, their chilhood 'super zero' to save them. Artist Ami: Ami isn't good at painting, but one of her paintings is worth a lot of money. Ikkakujuu: Ami accidentally breaks Yumi's new guitar and tries to cover herself up. Then she sees a unicorn and is trying to get Kaz and Yumi to see it, but they cannot.moreless
  • Domo / Yumi Goes Solo / Cat Feud
    Domo: Kaz buys a dog that looks just like him. When his pet goes outside, everyone is mistaking Kaz for his dog. Yumi Goes Solo: Yumi dreams of what would've happened if she never joined the band. Cat Feud: Kaz tries to frame the cats because he is getting the blame.moreless
  • Ski Sick / Claw and Order / Janice Jealous
    Ski Sick: Ami and Yumi hit the slopes. But, Yumi doesn't know how to ski. Claw and Order: Kaz tries to get the cats to stop scratching up everything by buying a scratching post. Janice Jealous: Ami and Yumi try to win Chad's heart by being better than his girlfriend Janice.moreless
  • AmiYumi 3000 / The Ride Stuff / Were-Kaz
    AmiYumi 3000: Ami and Yumi are transported to the future, and they must escape being enshrined. The Ride Stuff: Ami and Yumi try to sneak Kaz onto the Heart Stopper. Were-Kaz: Kaz drinks Bald-B-Gone to help his hair grow. But instead, it keeps turning him into a werewolf and tries to attack the cats.moreless
  • Uninvited / Camping Caper / Cell Block Rock
    Uninvited: Kaz doesn't invite the girls to his party and they try to sneak in. Camping Caper: Ami is kidnapped by Bigfoot, and Yumi must rescue her. Cell Block Rock: Ami and Yumi are wrongfully jailed after disguising themselves to try to sneak past their fans.
  • In Harmony's Way / Time Off / Home Insecurity
    In Harmony's Way : Harmony has Ami's diary and is about to read it. The girls must stop her. Time Off: Yumi messes up Ami's alarm clock, and Ami's is reacting to everything later than when she normally would. Home Insecurity: Yumi's secruity system takes control of objects in the bus and she must stop it.moreless
  • Helping Hand / Neat Freak / Hypno Kaz
    Helping Hand: Yumi's hands go numb, and Ami is her helping hands until hers get better. But, Yumi takes advantage of her. Neat Freak: Ami wants the bus spic and span, and she'll do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Hypno Kaz: Kaz is accidentally hypnotized instead of Yumi. Everytime the girls say certain words, Kaz reacts to them.moreless
  • Hungry Yumi / The Oddyguard / Song Sung Bad
    Hungry Yumi: Yumi wants a Pink Palace Cheeseburger really, really badly. The Oddyguard: Kaz gets the girls an overprotective bodyguard named Wall who won't let anyone near them, not even Kaz. Song Sung Bad: Kaz wants to be a rock star, but he isn't good at singing or playing instruments.
  • Visiting Hours / Kitty Kontest / Chow Down
    Visting Hours: The girls think Kaz is in the hospital and try to visit him. But the nurse won't let them. Kitty Kontest: Kaz sneaks the cats into a dog contest to try to win some money. Kitty Kontest: Kaz sneaks the cats into a dog contest to try to win some money. Chow Down: Yumi competes against Sauerkraut Malone, the best eating champion in the world. If she loses, she and Ami have to spit polish his dentures everyday for the rest of their lives.moreless
  • Koi Fish / Arbor Day / Ami Ami
    Koi Fish: Yumi takes advice from the All-Knowing Koi Fish. Arbor Day: The girls must save a tree from the clutches of Eldwin Blair. Ami Ami: Yumi gets in an accident with the microwave, and she believes that she is Ami.