Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Manga Madness II / Julie AmiYumi / It's Alive!
    Manga Madness II: Kaz is send into the manga where he's captured by the Evil Mr. Maestro. Now, with the help of Noble Knight, Decibel Destroyer, a pencil and a eraser, Ami and Yumi must save Kaz.
    Julie AmiYumi: This is the day when Julie, the former member of the band joins them again. Julie has always been mean to Ami, so she thought it was a bad idea. It was it. On the rock show, Julie replaced an amp instead of the Puffy JulieYumi. Will the Puffy Team get beaten by Julie? It's Alive: Evil scientist Ami, with the help of Yumi, works to create a manager to become in a rock band, but things goes bad when her creation escapes.moreless
  • Disco Capers / House Unkeeping / Number, Please
    Disco Capers: Ami and Yumi go back in time to the 1970's and become Disco stars. House Unkeeping: Ami & Yumi are denied entry in the Rock Legends museum because they have never trashed a hotel room. The duo try to rectify that omission, but find themselves thwarted by a super-efficient maid. Number, Please: Ami goes way over the limit on her cellphone, so Kaz takes it away from her. Ami has to find other ways to communicate with people..moreless
  • Evil AmiYumi / Butterscotch / Big Waldo
    Evil AmiYumi: During a concert in lightning storm, Yumi is sent to another universe and switches places with her evil self.
    Butterscotch: After Kaz knocks out Butterscotch the horse, Ami and Yumi dress up as Butterscotch to help his rider perform rodeo stunts.
    Big Waldo: Ami and Yumi try to get rid of the alligator Waldo.moreless
  • Small Stuff / BC Road Trip / Puffynauts
    Small Stuff: When Ami and Yumi try to give their cats a bath they fall in the dryer and shrink to the size of mice.
    BC Road Trip: Primitive Kaz tries to find a way to carry the girl's instruments to their next gig.
    Puffynauts: Ami, Yumi and Kaz get lost at space while trying to reach the moon for a rock concertmoreless
  • Tooth Decay / Gridiron Maidens / Sound Off
    Tooth Decay: Ami and Yumi become Tooth Fairies. Gridiron Maidens: Ami joins a football team. Sound Off: The show gets messed up because the animators fall asleep.
  • Jungle Prom / Truth or Dare / Sumo Kaz
    Jungle Prom: Ami and Yumi organize a wild dance. Truth or Dare: When Ami and Yumi play a game of Truth or Dare, the game gets out of hand. Sumo Kaz: Kaz tries to become a sumo wrestler.
  • Motor Psycho Mamas / Oldie AmiYumi / Trouble with Mimes
    Motor Psycho Mamas: With the help of a scooter gang, Ami and Yumi try to get rid of a group of thugs. Oldie AmiYumi: Ami and Yumi are forced to retire after playing their final concert before losing their popularity. Trouble with Mimes: The band is surrounded by mimes.
  • Spree! / Granny / A Grave Mistake
    Spree!: Ami and Yumi win a million yen but they have to spend it all in six minutes. Granny: Ami's granny comes to visit but Ami cannot reveal that she is a rock star to her. A Grave Mistake: The Talent Suckers recruit zombies in order to make themselves more popular. But even the zombies hate their music.moreless
  • The Golden Fleas / The Golden Fleas 2 / Sitcomi-Yumi
    The Golden Fleas: Ami and Yumi's greek ego's go on a search for the Golden Fleas, but many obstacles come their wat. The Golden Fleas 2: Ami and Yumi continue their search for the Golden Fleas as they evade Medusa and take on the Domataur. Sitcomi-Yumi: Ami and Yumi's lives are turned into a sitcom by Kaz.moreless
  • Manga Madness / Junior Tapeworm / Kazalot
    Manga Madness: After coming to life, Ami and Yumi's favorite manga characters battle each other. The fight gets out of hand and it is up to Ami and Yumi to stop them. Junior Tapeworm: Harmony becomes part of a scouting troop. She is driving the scoutmistress and the other scouts crazy. Kazalot: Ami must fight the Black Knight to see who will defend Kazalot.moreless
  • Puffy BC / Dupli-Cats / Agent Y
    Puffy BC: Primitive Kaz tries to get Primitive Ami and Yumi to join together to make a band. Dupli-Cats: Jeng Keng and Tekirai clone themselves to get rid of Domo after failing the first time. Agent Y: Yumi is mistaken for Agent Y and must handle the real Agent Y's job.moreless
  • Movie Madness / Stop the Presses / Hired Help
    Movie Madness: Yumi becomes a movie star, and Ami is her stunt double. Stop the Presses: Ami and Yumi have to stop an embarrassing photo of Ami in the newspaper from being seen by other people. Hired Help: Wall is asked by Ami to help out with the band, but he is not good at it.moreless
  • Secret Origin / The Legend of Mei Pie / Under the Hood
    Secret Origin: It's the childhood years of Ami and Yumi. At camp, Yumi is grabbed by Rumaki, the bunk monster, and Ami and Atchan must save her. The Legend of Mei Pie: Yumi needs a new guitar, so she must accomplish certain tasks to get her one. Under the Hood: The tour bus is acting crazy. So Ami and Yumi try to find out why the bus is doing that.moreless