Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 1 Episode 5

Showdown! / In The Cards / Team Teen

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Dec 10, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • How could Ami and Yumi fall for a crackpot like Chad.

    Another episode I love(sort off)

    Showdown: Ami and Yumi have broken The Burlap Boys out of jail. And now they're wanted(gasps) but at least they were able to take the boys done. Puffy wins again.
    Yumi: We need the sheriff, it's about the Burlap Boys!
    Prospecter: 'Frade that won't be to much help to ya, y'see the sheriffs a chicken.
    Ami: You like a coward?
    Prospecter: No I mean hes a chicken literally.

    In The Cards: This was the first episode to brake my heart. How could Ami and Yumi fall for Chad hes a crackpot.
    Yumi: I'm a sucker for bad boys.

    Team Teen: Ami and Yumi join Team Teen the worst super heros ever. Nice to see the girls in super hero outfits thoe.

    5 out of 5
  • Showdown was disapointing, but In the Cards and Team Teen make up for it!

    I didn't like the first story, Showdown, which was where Ami and Yumi got lost and ended up in a desert where they meet some cowboys. But the second story, In the Cards, was awesomme! And obvious parody of Yu-Gi-Oh, Stu-Pi-Doh has tooken attention away from Puffy during a concert. But Ami and Yumi find the "Stu-Pi-Doh Master", a geek they find very attractive. But in an attempt to win his heart, Ami and Yumi play the game against eachother. Ami wins, but finds out that the geek's only love is Stu-Pi-Doh. The third one, Team Teen, was great as well. There was a team of three lame superheroes, and Ami and Yumi join. They find out that violence can not be used against bad guys, and all they villians are released and tol to be good instead of defeated. Ami and Yumi then find out a bad guy captured Team Teen, and they must save them Puffy style! A great episode if you skip Showdown.
  • Very good and well written

    In the Cards introduces the most hated character King Chad who Ami and Yumi are gaga for. He thinks he all cool beating Ami like that. But Chad mark my words Ami will rise and destroy that pathetic Dragon Penguin Lipstick of yours. So get ready to lose. The other episodes were good too. Especially in Showdown where Kaz was mistaken for a leperchaun. Priceless!
  • A fun parody of Yu-Gi-Oh, a good music video, and the creation of the most PC superhero team ever make for a fun episode.

    A superior effort starts with the weakest cartoon of the three- Showdown- where the group is out west and Kaz accidentally crashes the bus into the jail, allowing the villianous Burlap Boys to escape. The best parts involve Ami's attempt to fit in and a bizarre gag involving the fact the sheriff is chicken-literally. This is followed by a great parody of the Yu-Gi-Oh cartoon where the band is booked to play at a convention of devotees to the battle-card game Stu-Pid-Doh! The battle between Ami and Yumi is funny stuff, as the two unleash increasingly bizarre attacks on each other (after a parody of those countless Yu-Gi-Oh scenes where their characters just stand still and think out their moves-great!). After a music video its "Team Teen Time", where the two get to join a group of Superheroes only to find out the group (Team Teen) were apparently created by a childrens television watchdog group- the heroes all drink milk, go to bed at 8 O'clock, and will only use pillows and other non-violent methods to defeat colorfully harmless villians!
  • Stu-pid-doh... an amusing re-creation of yu-gi-oh...

    These episodes are not too bad. For someone who has watched yu-gi-oh it's quite funny too see Hi Hi's recreation of it. Team Teen reminds me of another tv series that poked fun of other shows but can't put my finger on it right now. Showdown really puts a damper on the whole episode. I personally don't like this one. They should have done a copy off another show. It would at least keep the theme going. Power Puffy Girls... ok so bad pun but heh... 0_0;; Not too bad overall though!
  • Ami and Yumi vs. Cowboys. Ami vs. Yumi for a nerd. And finally, Ami and Yumi join a rather stupid team about teens. First one with a music video.

    Showdown! was a preety funny episode. Yumi and Ami were quite idiotic here but the showdown was good. And I felt sorry for the ending when Kaz ate the mayor. I liked this episode best for it was silly.

    Ami and Yumi were acting like normal girls in In the Cards when they were crazy over the geeky boy. It was a shame that the geek didn't like them. What a waste! I liked this episode the second best out of the three.

    The music video was very interesting and I hope more episodes will have music videos.

    The last one, Team Teen was quite ridiculous and I didn't like Team Teen also as they were so silly. The episode was interesting but I was disappointed that Team Teen supported the bully in the end.

    Overall, superb (showdown!), good (In the cards), great music video and mediocre (Team Teen). I can't wait for the next episode.
  • The First Episode To Have A Music Video In It.

    Thats Pretty Much Why I Love This Episode. The Music Video Was For 1 Of My Favorite Songs Performed By Puffy, Urei. That Song Is AWESOME. It's Not My Favorite. It's My Second Favorite. In The Cards Was A Spin Off Of YuGiOH. Team Teen Was Like Teen Titans Except The Titans Don't Let The Bad Guys Loose. Showdown! Was Good. Ami & Yumi Face Off Against The Burlap Boys. This Episode Was Surprizing To Me Because Of The Video. Keep Up The Good Work CN.
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