Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 2 Episode 8

Ski Sick / Claw and Order / Janice Jealous

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Sep 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not Chad again!!!!

    Ski Sick: It sort of broke my heart to know Yumi doesn't know how to ski. But then Yumi yells and causes and Alvalance and Ami and Yumi are hurt but not dead. Phew what another releif.

    Claw and Order: My second favorite characters Jang Keng and Tekerai torment Kaz once again. Man I love those cats thier so cute and funny.

    Janice Jelous: At first Ami and Yumi still don't like Chad but then like him when they know Chad has a girlfriend. So Ami and Yumi try to get Chad to like them by dressing up as Janice, and you got to admit Ami and Yumi did make better Janices then Janice, but their better being themselves.

    Despite the second appearence of Chad. This episode still gets a 5 out of 5.
  • This episode was not one of the best ones I have seen and I dislike it for a few reasons.

    Ski Sick was an alright episode but not one which I would admire because Yumi and Ami were fighting again and I ddidn't really enjoy the ending. But what was good was that Kaz wasnt involved in ruining Yumi's learning. A funny scene would be where the monkey slides down the snowboard.

    Claw and Order is a filler episode, but one which I would dislike intensely because Kaz and cats episodes are ones which I believe serve no purpose to the show.

    Janice Jealous was an average episode but I did not want to see the return of Chad. I think the ending did work well for Ami and Yumi though.

    Overall, nothing much except I would have think this episode could have improved ALOT.
  • *Sing-Song* Oh King Chad, *Turns Evil* Mess With Yumi Again & I'll Kick Your ***.

    Why are 2 of the sexiest female cartoon characters falling in love with a geek? Oh come on! My YuGioH cards could easily destroy your little Dragon Penguin Lipstick with one blow. Besides, if Stu-Pi-Doh is a spin off of YuGiOh, why don't you have any magic cards? My Theinen The Great Sphinx Could crush in one one blow. *Turns Evil Again* *Yells At The Top Of His Lungs* Yumi Is Mine & don't you forget it. Seeing her & Ami in wedding dresses almost made me wanna pick up the TV it crush into thousands of pieces. King Chad, Your *** Is MINE!!!
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