Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 3 Episode 6

Spree! / Granny / A Grave Mistake

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Apr 21, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A couple of interesting twists on some old plots

    As I write this, CN has taken the show off the air, and off its website (although the characters continues in the comic book). But through Youtube, I was able to watch the Spree and Granny episodes ( the third cartoon involved the Talent Suckers, so not being able to see that is no great loss in my opinion). When I read the synopsis for the two cartoon, I recognized them as well-used plots from the past. But this show did some nice variations on them, and made me laugh. Spree is the old \\\"Brewsters Millions\\\" plot with the twist being Ami and Yumi go to the Mall of Japan and win a million yen- the catch being they have to spend every last yen at the mall by the end of the episode or they keep nothing (some giveaway- the mall gets all the money back no matter what!). But it was funny to see the two unsuccessful try to spend money. Their ultimate solution didn\\\'t make much sense, but they were desparate... Granny was better. In this one Ami\\\'s grandmother arrives, and Ami doesn\\\'t want her to know she and Yumi are rock stars (she\\\'s an old traditionalist,you see, and the shock may kill her). In fact, previously she told Granny she was a wigmaker. What made this show fun was that Granny has a few boards loose in her attic (she apparently opposes anything invented after 1850 on the grounds it will \\\"STEAL YOUR SOUL!!!) and the duo\\\'s attempts to explain away the musical instruments, the fans lined up to hear them play, etc. A fun cartoon and I wish the series could have continued, but c\\\'est la vie....