Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 3 Episode 6

Spree! / Granny / A Grave Mistake

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Apr 21, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Ami: Oba-Chan, what a pleasent surprise. Why didn't you call first?
      Granny: Call? Granny never use telephone. Telephone STEAL YOUR SOUL!
      Ami: Guys, this is my grandma.
      Kaz: Ha je ba nastic! Konnichi wa! They are not rock stars!
      (Granny hits Kaz in the head with her umbrella)
      Granny: Why you say that? Rock n' roll bad. STEAL YOUR SOUL!
      Yumi: Whoa, well it's a good thing we're not rock n' rollers. Ehehe.