Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 2 Episode 10

Super Zero / Artist Ami / Ikkakujuu

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Nov 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • This is truely the funniest and most entertaining episode of the series.

    Super Zero was quite nice to see Atchan despite the fact his "lightning speed" thing was irritating. Sunikura was so cool and I loved her voice too much, too bad it wasn't listed in the credots. I also enjoyed how Yumi was tolerating Atchan which I do believe is very humorous.

    Artist Ami was quite nice because I liked Monet Renoir. I also think Kaz and Yumi had excellent lines in the episode to keep it humorous.

    Ikkakujuu was the first non-vocal cartoon. The way it was handled was brilliant. The bubbles were possibly one of the show's best original work since "Mini-Puffs". Anyway, I liked the way the music and how the episode was handled. Even the ending was quite good.

    Overall, this is my favourite episode of the series and I do recommend you to watch it.
  • I almost died laughing at this episode.

    Super Zero was about Ami & Yumi meeting up with Acha, an old friend of theirs. Acha believes he's a super hero & can do many things. He annoys the heck outta Yumi with his stories. But, the girls & Kaz get kidnapped by a giant snake monster named Sunikura. Yumi breaks free & tries to save Ami & Kaz but ends up getting captured instead. Acha then comes in & saves the girls. Artist Ami was about Ami wanting to design a new cover for their album. She stinks at painting & Kaz wants it thrown out. Yumi throws it in the garbage can & an art collector grabs the painting & admires it. She tries to sell it but Kaz wants to sell all the art she's created. So he has Ami paint until she can't paint no more. But in the end, the first painting she'd done got sold for $10,000. Ikkakujuu was nothin' but music playing for the voices but it was hilarious.
  • Funniest. Episode. Ever. Period.

    Seriously, I laughed so hard during Ikkakujuu I fell off the sofa and stayed there. xD It was just the thought of Ami seeing an old donkey as a giant unicorn and random pictures kept popping up when someone spoke. Ami's image of what the intruder looked like was also very funny since Yumi and Kaz didn't believe her and an exact replica of it arrived at the end of the episode. Pure random humor, that's what I like!

    What kind of series would be a series without some hero wannabe showing up and annoying the crud out of everyone? Super Zero made sure HIHIPAY didn't miss out on that one. And Artist Ami? C'mon, you all knew Kaz would do that! Right..? (cricket chirps) Well I did anyway...

    Definitely an episode to remember.
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