Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 1 Episode 2

Talent Suckers / Olé! / Mini-Puffs

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Nov 19, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Talent Suckers / Olé! / Mini-Puffs
Talent Suckers: Ami and Yumi's talents are sucked out of them by three evil vampires in Slovakia. Olé!: Ami and Yumi must fight El Diablo after becoming the new Master Matadors. Mini-Puffs: Kaz is making a profit off of baby versions of Puffy AmiYumi. Ami and Yumi must stop him.moreless

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  • This episode was cool.

    The 2nd episode of the show and a good one.

    Talent Suckers: Ami and Yumi have their talent sucked from them by the Talent Suckers. It was funny how the Talent Suckers thought they can play music when they stink at it.

    Yumi: Give up sucker

    Vlad: Over My Un-Dead body.

    Ole: The girls must be in a bull fight aganst El Diablo. Ami and Yumi looked cute in madador outfits, And it was funny that every time someone said Los Gatos Feo a cat screeches.

    Yumi: Adios Los Gatos Feo(Cat screeches)

    Mini-Puffs: Kaz replaces the girls with babys. How dare Kaz make the girls babysit those drooling little monsters, but a nice episode all in all.

    Yumi: Kaz, we haven't slept in 5 days.

    5 out of 5moreless
  • Talent Suckers was unusual, Ole was weird and Mini Puffs was highly original.

    This episode for me was better than the pilot episode, but I wasnt so interested by the plots. This episodes plots mainly involved Kaz.

    Talent Suckers was a very ridiculous short but I seemed to be slightly interested by the premise of it. The ending was scary when Kaz was some type of a vampire.

    Ole had us seeing Ami and Yumi fighting their lives against a bull. They try to escape but with no luck from the nice music mexicans. Kaz here got into trouble again when the mexican guy wanted him to be the new "bull"

    Mini Puffs was one of the best shorts in the series that I have seen so far. This time, Kaz decided to have babies to bring up Puffy's ratings, but he forgets who is Puffy. So, Ami and Yumi quit and later realise that they weont be famous. Kaz also learnt a lesson about his new contract.

    An average episode for me, but better than the previous one... Kaz seemed to take things to far in this episode.moreless
  • Mini-puffs is OK, the other two cartoons pedestrian.

    Second episode of the series has two cartoons with a storyline I don't particularly care for: the group travels to a remote spot in the world and runs into bizarre locals. Here they go to Slovakia and run into talent vampires. As noted by other, this plot's been done before- and here nothing new is added. The best part is when Ami and Yumi try to figure out what it is that talent suckers would steal, and we hear the "think" music from Jeopardy. It takes them awhile to figure it out!

    The second cartoon has Ami and Yumi recruited for a bullfight in Mexico. Bugs Bunny wrote the book on bullfighting cartoons, in my opinion, so this wasn't really necessary.

    The final cartoon is the best, as Kaz comes up with two mini-versions of Ami and Yumi- AmiYumi babies, anyone? This one has some originality to it. So watch this for the music, and for Mini-Puffs.moreless
  • The Girls Talents Have Been Stolen, They Have To Fight A Vicious Bull, & They Have To Find A Way To Get The Mini-Puffs From Stealing Their Spotlight.

    This Episode Is Really Good. I Like Talent Suckers Because It Used 1 Of My Favorite Songs, Urei. Ole! Was Also Good. They Take A Trip To Mexico To See A Bull Fight, But, Instead, They End Up Fighting The Most Vicious Bull Ever. A Bull Known As El Diablo. Mini-Puffs Was Funny. Kaz Replaces The Girls With 2 Babies. After Feeling The Torture Of Babysitting, The Girls Decide To Quit. But After They Quit, They Realized That Puffy Would Be No More. So, They Decide To Go Back To Their Rock Star Lives But Only If Kaz Signs Their Contract First. I Give This Episode An A For Comedy & Music.moreless

    This episodes are great i was only unsatisfied at the banners the mexicans at the episode \"ole\" they were not written correct \"nesesitas esto?\" and buneos suerte? its more like buena suerte and nesesitaras esto -.-.and the Mariachis the mayor had as musicians were a little stupid and they didn't played the hat dance as they should have,so i think this episode showed mexico like a poor country BUT GOD DAM'IT ISN'T. oh cheet i dont have enough words so bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye byemoreless
Keone Young

Keone Young

El Diablo

Recurring Role

Nathan Carlson

Nathan Carlson

Vladimir / Pizza Guy / Mayor

Recurring Role

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