Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 3 Episode 5

The Golden Fleas / The Golden Fleas 2 / Sitcomi-Yumi

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Apr 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Greek Story and Sitcoms, What will they think of next?

    Golden Fleas Part 1: Ahh nice to see the girls in togas. But the girls must do another job for Kaz(Can't that idiot do anything by himself?)Ami and Yumi must find The Golden Fleas.
    But they run into Medusa who is played by Harmony.

    Golden Fleas Part 2: Ami and Yumi get past Medusa(Thank You)and continue their adventure and find the Domotar who is played by Domo, and find the Golden Fleas. The girls become rock gods and Kaz sells their products(Finally payback on Kaz)

    Sitcomi Yumi: Ami and Yumi star in their own sitcom, and we learn Kaz signs a lot of things. And do to me not seeing Puffy BC this was the first time I've seen the girls in their new primitive outfits(Whistles)

    5 out of 5
  • A good two-parter followed by one of the funniest installments of the entire series.

    This show gave you a good idea of where the series was going- First up is Golden Fleas, which is the first and only two-part episode. Golden Fleas is interesting in that the cast appear to be consciously playing characters- Ami and Yumi are Greek minstrels, Kaz is an emperor, the cats are lions, the koi fish is an oracle, Harmony is Medusa, and so on. Its quite good. The third cartoon, Sitcomi Yumi is one of the two or three funniest entries in the whole series. Ami and Yumi find out that Kaz has signed a contract to turn their life into a sitcom. They then go through different formats as the producers tweak the concept to keep the show a hit. We get versions of the Partridge Family, Bewitched (and they get off a good gag about that show's changing of Darrins), The Addams Family, Three's Company and more. Finally Ami and Yumi get fed up, and decide to get the show cancelled once and for all. I got the feeling Sitcomi Yumi was inspired by the real life behind the scenes battles on this series. Oh, and the folks at Renegade clearly have a fun time doing the animation on this one. You can catch the show on Youtube, so go over there and watch it now.
  • The Golden Fleas is the only episode that has 2 parts and Sitcomi Yumi is the funniest episode ever.

    The Golden Fleas was thought to be an episode in the record book because I counted the time for this episode and it is 13:01, and that is including part 2. Overall, this was a great and funny epiosde, especially when the cyclops monster got blind and ran into a tree, twice!

    Sitcomi Yumi was the funniest episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi I had ever seen. This episode had lots of hilarious parts. For example, Kaz, in the scene "Hi Hi Puffyed," got hit by a sushi dish and couldn't say his catch phrase, "Talking don't pay the rent, nah," and in "Puffy Ami Gloomy," Ami was a witch and Yumi was, well, FrankenYumi and, instead of Kaz, a foot pops out of a box and says Kaz's catch phrase and all of a sudden, Kaz arrives and fights with the foot and in "The Puffystones," they copy "The Flinstones." Ha Ha!

    This episode is so incredible and hilarious, you cannot take your eyes off of it. You should watch this episode 'cause I garentee you, you will laugh your lungs out (not literally).
  • Greek Ami and Yumi travel on a journey and Kaz turns the girls lives into a sitcom.

    The Golden Fleas (Part 1) is the beginning of Greek Ami and Greek Yumi's adventure. The Golden Fleas (Part 2) picks up where our greek heroes left off in the last part. Sitcomi Yumi is about Kaz turning the girls lives into a sitcom. Is it just me or are the episodes getting better and better?