Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Season 1 Episode 9

Yumi Saves Kaz / Rock N Roe / Scowlitis

Aired Friday 3:00 AM Jan 14, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Yumi Saves Kaz / Rock N Roe / Scowlitis
Yumi Saves Kaz: Yumi rescues Kaz from a falling donut sign. Kaz keeps doing her favors to repay off the debt he owes to her, but what he's doing is driving Yumi crazy. Rock N Roe: Ami and Yumi eat tainted sushi, and they experience delusions. Scowlitis: Yumi is informed that she has scowlitis and must wear the Face Brace 3000.moreless

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  • This is another great episode.

    Yumi Saves Kaz: WOW!!! I thought saving Kaz's life would be the last thing Yumi would ever do. Like the theme song says "Anything is Possible." So then Kaz saves Yumi's life and says Yumi much give Kaz special treatment(Like that will ever happen.

    Rock 'n' Roe: This was a funny episode. Ami and Yumi eat cheap sushi so they start having delusions. My favorite was Yumi's head swithing places with the skull on her shirt.

    Scowlitis: This was a great Yumi plot. This episode makes me wonder if Scowlitis is a real disiase. Although Yumi did make the geekyest headgear and made it cool. Hooray!!

    5 out of 5.moreless
  • Yumi saves Kaz for the second time (First was in "Ole!"), a lesson in eating discount sushi and scowlitis?

    Yumi Saves Kaz was a very well done episode in my opinion. The scenes with Kaz doing work for her was kinda funny. Bit, I think Yumi has saved Kaz before in "Ole" from the bull. ANyway, theres nothing much else to say about this segment.

    Rock N Roe was like an alternate reality episode. It was alright but really the climax of the episode would have to be when Ami and Yumi are telling the viewers not to eat discount sushi. It was really hilarious and informative!

    The music video wasn't as impressive as I thought but it still was decent.

    The last one, Scowlitis, is yet another Yumi episode. The episode was quite good except for the doctor's insistence in the wrong ways. Other than that, the segment was alright.

    The live-action part was better than all 3 segments, the only disappointment I had was that the fans never saw the real Kaz. Oh well, save it for later!moreless
  • Yumi Saves Kaz From A Falling Donut Sign. The Ami & Yumi Eat Sushi That Makes Them See Delusions. Then Yumi Has To Wear A Face Brace To Make Sure That She Doesn't Get A Permenant Scowl On Her Face.moreless

    Playing At A Donut Shop Opening, The Gaint Donut Sign Falls Off. Kaz, Not Paying Attention, Is Underneath It. Yumi Unties The Grand Opening Sign & Swings To Kaz's Rescue. After Saving Kaz, Kaz Started Doing Yumi Favors & He Was Annoying Her. Then Yumi Gets Kaz To Save Her Life So He'll Stop Doing Her Favors. Feeling Hungry, Kaz Drops The Girls Off At A Discount Sushi Bar While He Goes To A Steak House. After Eating All The Sushi In The Shack, The Girls Get Back On The Bus & Start Having Delusions. After All Of Their Delusions Are Over, Kaz Wakes Them Up & Asks If Their Alright. Then The Girls Chase Kaz Because Of The Sushi Incident. It's Time For Puffy's Checkup At The Docters. After Getting X-Rayed, The Docters Says That Yumi's Has Scowlitis. He Makes Her Wear A Face Brace 3000 To Make Sure That She Doen't Get Stuck With A Permenant Scowl On Her Face. But The Face Brace Made Yumi's Life Miserable. But When It Was Time For Their Concert, Yumi Was Shocked To See That Her Fans Thought The Face Brace Was Cool & In The End, It Turns Out That She Doesn't Have Scowlitis.moreless
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