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  • read my review and answer please

    um i only watched this twice on TV. Anyone know where i can watch the episodes i missed for free? plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz help me find it
  • Its OK...

    Its OK. Its a good idea, but its looks like they are obviously acting. Its not too funny, I dont really ever laugh. I really thought from the beginning this would be a good show, but I dont really like it. You can tell the kids are acting, it doesnt seem realistic. If my parents pulled a prank like this, I wouldnt act clueless the entire time. Like that audition for the chocolate commercial, and the chocolate was bitter sweet? None of the kids really looked like they thought it was bitter until afterwards. And they all did the same thing: They said "It doesnt taste good." And then started spitting it out. Now, If I was at an audition, I wouldnt do that. I would pretend I like it, my gosh, If I said "That's nasty! Eww!" I think they would disrespect me. And the ad in the background, and the wrapper both didnt look too professional. Not only that, but none of the kids seemed excited they were auditioning. I would be jumping for joy that I was one step away from being on TV!
  • LOL!...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    This show was soooooo funniest!!! Hi-Jinks was my favorite show. I always watch that one! Wow this show was funniest on T.V. I was Laughin so hard when kids thought bear can dance, but it not TRUE! Thats good one. I cant believe it because kids thought its true. I wish they air everyday! But they cant!WOW this show sound like Punk'd. I like watch to Punk'd on T.V. But Punk'd kida for teen and say too swear on mtv. Punk'd and Hi-Jink were almost same show but they kida different than them.. . . . . . . .
  • This show is one of the most funniest shows on TV.

    When parenting goes wrong, the parents prank the kids for revenge. It's a crazy idea, but it works. What's really sad that it barely airs anymore, but this is a great series. I would love to be Hi-jinks'd. This show is really funny and the pranks keep getting better each season! This is a genius idea that they made and it's really interesting to watch. When the commericials aired, I just had to see it and the result was great. Everybody loves Hi-jinks, what's NOT to love about it. This show is a must see for anyone of all ages!
  • WEll, the show can spare time.

    It's a show about parents pulling prank on their children. There's nothing wrong with the plot, as this plot is actually a good one. However, it is sort of boring however. Let me explain why. For one, the show seems so fake with the brief jokes and not enough details. I like to have details behind the main part in a reality show. Also, the pranks are sort of "boring". They use the sorry stage crew to set up obvious jokes that even a dog can see that it is fake. If they had pranks that were a tad more watchable, then the show would get a better rating. However, it does have it's moments and it spares plenty of free time.
  • This show, is and actually, well kind of is, a pretty, well not very, but you know, ok- in a way- a good show. read inside my small review to find out more on this subject, well review: Enter if you dare, go on enter... ENTER ENTER ENTER!

    This show, is and actually, well kind of is, a pretty, well not very, but you know, ok- in a way- a good show. read inside my small review to find out more on this subject, well review: Enter if you dare, go on enter... ENTER ENTER ENTER!

    Did you enter?

    You have been high Jinked! Just kidding, well I planned it, anyhow, here we go. High Jinks or Jinked same thing is an Okay show about when parents play jokes on there kids. Not- It is not that good of a show, but managable. It is like I would say 8.0.
  • It's a pretty good Show, But it's not that good.

    I don't like this show very much and I don't no why, but I always love to see the looks on the kids faces when they realized that they are being pranked and that they are on T.V. I woulndn't like it if I was on this show and if I was getting pranked by my parents because I would probably start cursing like crazy! I mean it would be fun to be on T.V, don't get me wrong, but being pranked on T.V, thats a whole other story sister! I don't think that the show is fixed like many people do, but I think that there is a possiblity that it probably is.
  • Almost Perfect...

    This show is great! I love the pranks on this show! I almost think this show is perfect except... the pranks are pulled by parents to kids! that is why i think kids could not rate it absolutley perfect. But who am i kidding... I love whem parents prank the kids!!!!!!!! it is so fun to watch them react! That is why i am sometimes afraid to admit i love this show...I loved The Prank "The Panda Did It". it was hillarious! The"Pedicure Food" one was kind of gross!
  • great

    this show is great i love seeing thekids faces when they find out what happened i haven't been pranked but if it ever happens I'll imidiatley look for the camera. the moms are so happy at the kids faces and the pranks are totaly funny. i loved the one when the elephant was fake delivered "did you order that online" i would of just said "yeah like I'm not familiar with www.elephantstore.com" but some pranks were dumb like the photo both that sprays you with water or the vending machine that instead of M&M's it gives you deotirent really dumb
  • Hi-jinks is a funny show.The first I show it was good.

    Hi-jinks is funny and dumb.Some are dumb because they are not funny,but other are so funny.I watch it everytime it on T.V.I do not like all the shows because they don't make me laugle.Hi-jinks needs more kids.The show is the best because it mades people all around the world laugle out loud.This is one good and bad show,but it is more on a good show than bad.I like to the show.I like to laugle too.I like the tirck they do on the show.It is the best show to watch that night.
  • Just shouldn't have changed it.

    The show started out pretty good, and the jokes were funny but now it's just boring and repetitve. Talking stuffed animal, celebirty- why include a celebirty every episode anyway,just to draw in attention so people will watch!- wrecked car- how rich is this show that they can just buy a car to wreck it!!!!- all the kids get so embarressed yet they don't do anything. I would yell out something like shut up!!!! or something. No one tell me I'm wrong! They definitly shouldn't have added that laugh thing anyway. Three words: Worst Show Ever. I hate the Show. Bye!
  • Definitely not a fake show! As an actually participant of the SHOW Hi-Jinks, I know first hand how fun it is to prank your kids, in a very wholesome way.

    This show is a great alternative way for parents and kids to have fun. With all of the profanity and violence on television today, Hi-Jinks is a complete refreshment of bring the new and the old school back together. With a twist of New School pranks and the Old School Hidden Camera Idea its a winner that will make you Laugh were YOUNG or OLD. And as an actual participant of the show I know how fun it is to play a good wholesome PRANK on your KIDS.
  • First season was pretty terrible, except for a few episodes. The second season is a huge improvement.

    I agree with what some other people have said, in the first season they started to run out of ideas, and many of the first season pranks were unoriginal and just stupid. However, in the second season, the show improved greatly. Darlene Westgor did a fabulous job on the show, and the prank with a man falling from the ceiling was great. Another great prank was when it seem like Patti Labelle could break glass with her voice. And who could deny that the prank where a skateboard shop turns into a beauty shop was marvelous. This show has really shaped up, because in the first season there were pranks like: Oh-no the Ketchup bootle cap fell off. Big woop!
  • This show is a scam!

    This show is such a fake! There is no way a bunch of hidden cameras, or guys holding cameras and microphones can not be seen by kids! This whole stinkin' show is a giant fake! Don't watch this show! And no kidnoticed? And no teenage kid cursed? This show has SHAM written all over it!!
  • Sure, it's funny. However...

    At times, the pranks a re bit lame. I know the writers can do better. There are better pranks that are funnier than these. Some are pretty funny and that's good. But it should imrpove the pranks somewhat. Also, it should make the children's reactions a little more, since they seem like they knew the prank and/or acting surprised.That should be fixed, since it looks a bit fake.
  • This is a very good show.

    This show is one of the most brilliant ideas ever. It's fun to see kids prank their parents, but seeing it the other way is funny! Another good idea is having a celebrity in each episode. It is sometimes extremely funny to see the kids' reactions. There's only one thing I don't understand: why the new laugh track? It was alot better without it, but the show is still very, very good and still has decents pranks.
  • The worst TV show of all time

    Who ever thought of this show is a complete moron. I truly can’t understand why anyone would watch this show. It is point-less, stupid, and is a complete waste of time all involved with the show should be ashamed of them selves. Plan and simple this show is terrible and should be cancelled NOW.
  • They ran out of ideas!

    I could tell from the moment that show started that they were gonna run out of pranks! I mean, the "Dancing Bear" one was hilarious! But a FAKE George Washington who doesn't know anything about history, L-A-M-E!! And the guest stars, those were going downhill too! Chris Webber, pretty cool dude, but the others were B-O-R-I-N-G!! At first the show was good, but now, it's idiotic to watch. And that concludes my review, so who's up for donuts?
  • A show to prank kids???....

    A show about prankin' kids by their parents???......Its genius!!!!! I'm 13 but this show is hilarious! I think is cruel to prank kids like that but as long as they don't prank me its fine. I think the best episode yet of Hi-Jinks is when the celebrity Vivica Foxx was in it. I just love this show!
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