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  • Its OK...

    Its OK. Its a good idea, but its looks like they are obviously acting. Its not too funny, I dont really ever laugh. I really thought from the beginning this would be a good show, but I dont really like it. You can tell the kids are acting, it doesnt seem realistic. If my parents pulled a prank like this, I wouldnt act clueless the entire time. Like that audition for the chocolate commercial, and the chocolate was bitter sweet? None of the kids really looked like they thought it was bitter until afterwards. And they all did the same thing: They said "It doesnt taste good." And then started spitting it out. Now, If I was at an audition, I wouldnt do that. I would pretend I like it, my gosh, If I said "That's nasty! Eww!" I think they would disrespect me. And the ad in the background, and the wrapper both didnt look too professional. Not only that, but none of the kids seemed excited they were auditioning. I would be jumping for joy that I was one step away from being on TV!