Season 1 Episode 11

Autograph Hound

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 2010 on CTV
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Autograph Hound
Millie and Stan travel the city in search of a young fan who asked for Millie's autograph. Back at the office, Joyce, Crystal, and Anna join together to pull the wool over Taylor's eyes, making him believe he's the worst literary agent ever.

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  • autograph hound

    A pretty funny episode here mainly because of the B storyline with Millie's agent and Millie's boss fighting over her contract. It was quite enjoyable and featured some great performances from the supporting cast, who rarely receives any acclaim, but is truly underrated. Hiccups has a good group of actors here to complement Robertson.

    But Millie was a little over the top here. I laughed a few times, but this character is just too exaggerated in most episodes for me to really enjoy it, and I think that most other people who watch this show will have to agree with me.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • (to Taylor, after he has negotiated Millie's income in half)
      Joyce: We forgot to negotiate her travel per diems; care to take a stab at that, Mr. Trump?

      Donald Trump (June 14, 1946 - ) is the CEO of Trump Enterprises and founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts. He is executive producer and host of The Apprentice. As of 2010, his net worth was estimated at $2 billion, with an annual income of $50 million.

    • (to the bus driver)
      Millie: I'll give you a hundred bucks to stop the bus right now!

      Millie shouts this from the back of the bus, then gets off the bus at the back, never passing by the driver, and never giving him the promised $100.00.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Taylor: Big meeting with Joyce today.
      Crystal: Uh-huh.
      Taylor: Millie's contract is up for renewal, so I've got to go in there and negosh. (Crystal starts looking around on and under the desk) Her entire livelihood depends on the stroke of my pen. I hope Joyce has been doing her homework, because she is... What are you looking for?
      Crystal: You know in the movies, how you're talking to somebody and you press a button, and a trap door opens up and the guy you're talking to falls into a pool of piranhas or something?
      Taylor: Yeah.
      Crystal: I'm just checking.

    • (standing on the side of the road)
      Stan: Hmm. I've never been kicked off a bus before.
      Millie: You get used to it.

    • Stan: This is very wrong. Two adults can't be creeping around a school.
      Millie: Unless they're looking for a little girl.
      Stan: No, still very wrong.

    • Millie: I just love macaroni art, don't you?
      Stan: I love macaroni. I don't hate art.

    • Stan: Well, it's completely understandable, Your Honour; we know this type of behaviour will not be tolerated under your command.
      Millie: (laughing) "Your Honour"? Been in the Principal's office much?
      Stan: More than you, probably.
      Millie: As if.
      Stan: As if.
      Millie & Stan: (at the same time) As if.
      Millie: Jinx!

    • Taylor: Oh, I see how it is; it's 'make fun of Taylor', is that it? I guess you didn't realize that underneath his rugged exterior and chiselled features, he has a little thing called feelings.
      Crystal: Did you just say you have a little thing?

    • Joyce: Taylor, there he is! I am so sorry about everything that happened earlier, it was very unprofessional... of Crystal, and I think she owes you an apology.
      Crystal: Me?
      Joyce: (hissing) Just do it!
      Crystal: I'm really sorry... that you found out about all this.

    • Millie: Missy Grumpaloo was looking for her friend, the Something-Or-Other. She looked high and low, but all she could find were Whatcha-Ma-Callits and Whosa-Ma-Whatsits. When she finally found her friend, she realized it wasn't a Something-Or-Other at all, it was a mean Stinkaloo in disguise. And that's when Missy realized that not all Something-Or-Others are what they seem. Some of them are mean and unfriendly, and have stupid moms.

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