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Season 2 Episode 4

Commercial Success

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2011 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Commercial Success
A problematic director sends Taylor and Millie's TV commercial into a tail-spin; Stan turns to Joyce for financial advice for Anna's plant business, but isn't happy when Joyce begins to mentor Anna.

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    Hiccups has such a talented cast and it has interesting plots week after week but it just continues to disappoint. This was a really bad episode of the show and it had nothing to do with the premise, the jokes just were not there. I like how the season is reemphasizing the dynamic between Taylor and Millie with him trying to make money off her, something that got a little lost in the shuffle midway through last season, but frankly the material has not been strong. The writing is killing the show and as a fan of sitcoms, I hope the program can turn things around.moreless

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    • Taylor: Five flawless takes in a row! That was incredible; you were so ...smooth, warm. Your eyes sparkled like some kind of um...
      Millie: Pinball machine?
      Taylor: Okay. Pinball Machine. Where'd you learn to sell like that?
      Millie: Oh, I have watched a lot of TV in my time. I must have seen about a million-thousand commercials.

    • Stan: Hey, Honey! Guess who helped Millie take a big step forward today?
      Anna: Who cares?
      Stan: Close; it was me!

    • Taylor: This could open up a whole new stream of revenue. Big endorsement deals from fat-cat companies... please tell me you're interested.
      Millie: Sure. Doing TV is fun. Someone does your make-up, and then someone else does your hair; it's like having a sleep-over, without all the stupid giggling.

    • (filling in a form to begin life-coaching Anna)
      Stan: And how satisfied are you with your sex life? Would you say (A): Very; (B): Hugely; (C): Over the moon?
      Anna: (laughing) Is that question really on there?
      Stan: Over the moon.

    • Anna: Will you be my mentor?
      Joyce: Do I have to do anything?
      Anna: Probably.
      Joyce: Then, no.

    • Joyce: Well, when you boil it down to brass tacks, there's one key to success in business.
      Anna: Hard work? Passion?
      Joyce: Intimidation. If other people have what you want, you have to (1): let them know you want it; (2): let them know you're going to take it; and (3): take it.

    • Stan: Hey, Joyce! Uh, quick question; do you think maybe there's a way you could mentor my wife without turning her into a terrifying hard-ass?
      Joyce: If Anna wants to be successful, she has to be tough. The more terrifying and the harder the ass, the better.
      Stan: She just stole a guy's cheese!
      Joyce: Really! She's making progress; good for her!

    • Stan: Jimmy's doing your job?
      Anna: I poached him from Joyce. It's part of my business plan.
      Stan: Won't she be angry?
      Anna: (shrugging) Joyce is the enemy; she said so herself.

    • Taylor: Millie has her public image to protect; you can't use that footage.
      Conner Hawthorn: I believe we can; didn't you read the contract?
      (cut to: Taylor and Millie reading the contract)
      Millie: What's it say?
      Taylor: (sighs) We need Joyce.
      Millie: It says that?

    • (end voice-over)
      Millie: So little Missy Grumpaloo went from town to town selling her wonder potion that she said could cure the 'flu and grow hair. But a Grumpaloo who drank her potion became horribly ill; his neck swelled, and his eyes bulged out. Everyone was scared. But Missy said, "Don't worry, folks! I have another potion here that can cure swollen necks and bulgy eyes! And it's only 20 bucks a bottle."

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