Season 2 Episode 1

Hollywood Make Up

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 30, 2011 on CTV
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Hollywood Make Up
A possible movie deal brings Millie, Stan and Taylor to Hollywood, and Joyce tests homemade skin-care products on Anna and Crystal.

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    I have been waiting for new episodes of Hiccups for awhile now. This fresh Canadian series was one of my favorite new shows last year, but the season premiere did not exactly live up to the hype. I have said before that Nancy Robertson's outrageous style of comedy is either going to be loved or hated by viewers, and tonight I really disliked it. A lot of the jokes just fell flat and the show's originality was lost in a fairly innocuous and common plot with the cast heading to Los Angeles. More scenes with David Ingram and less with Nancy Robertson probably would have been the way to go.

    I'm glad the show is back, but it has to be better than this.moreless

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    • Joyce: No, because Hollywood is full of paparazzi; not a good environment for someone who regularly causes scenes.
      Stan: Well, to be fair, with my help, she's gone from 'regularly causing scenes' to 'occasionally creating a stir.'
      Joyce: Nevertheless, the executives insist on meeting her. So I have no choice; Millie is going to L.A. And you know what that means.
      Stan: Yes. But you tell me what you think it means so we're on the same page.
      Joyce: It means you're going to L.A.
      Stan: Awesome! It's awesome that we both thought it meant the same thing.

    • Millie: This is going to be great! I've never been to L.A.
      Crystal: Your parents never took you to Disneyland?
      Millie: No.
      Crystal: That's just cruel.
      Millie: It is, isn't it? I mean, not when you compare it to actual cruel things, like thumbscrews and Christmas pageants, but...

    • Crystal: I'm not pregnant.
      Millie: You're not pregnant?
      Crystal: No. I just... put on a bit around the middle. Too much ice cream.
      Millie: Ice cream covered in naughty sauce, and sprinkled with shenanigans, and topped with sex!

    • Millie: (to Crystal as she leaves) You should pee on one of those drug store swizzle sticks! (to Taylor as he sits down) I really think she might be pregnant.
      Taylor: Who? What? What are you telling me for? It could be any... Wait, who are we talking about?
      Millie: Crystal! Her belly's out to here!
      Taylor: Oh, I never noticed; when I talk to a woman, I look her in the eye.

    • Crystal: Why are you so cranky?
      Anna: Stan's going to Los Angeles and leaving me here with these stupid things. (to the flowers) I'm sorry, you're not stupid.
      Crystal: Whenever someone does something to upset me, I respond with spite. It's healthy, natural. Makes them feel bad, makes me feel good: win-win!

    • Stan: Do you even know how to surf?
      Millie: There's only one way to find out!
      Stan: No! No way!
      Millie: Oh, come on!
      Stan: No, I am drawing a line in the sand... look, it's actual sand, that makes it official.
      Millie: That's not official.
      Stan: Stamp, stamp!
      Millie: Magic lamp!
      Stan: No erasies!
      Millie: Uhhhh, it's official.

    • Millie: Oh, this place has so much history! And I know all of it; I'm a student of rockology. You know, one night, Elvis Presley tossed out Jimi Hendrix because he was heckling Sonny & Cher.
      Stan: That never happened.
      Millie: Let's go catch a show.
      Stan: It's 2 in the afternoon! Rock'n Roll bands don't do matinees.
      Millie: Well, you don't know that! The Doors are, what, pushing 70 by now. They probably come in, do a couple of early-bird shows, and then they're home and in bed by 8.
      Stan: Well, I'm no rocktometrist, but I can tell you that The Doors called it quits a while ago.

    • Stan: Millie, you can't be lying down on the ground, you're a respected author!
      Millie: Lots of people roll around on the sidewalk in Los Angeles.; you ever watch TMZ? At least I'm wearing gaunch.

    • Mr. Saxx: I'm fired up! You know what I'm going to do? I am going to see if I can get you a meeting with one of our executives.
      Taylor: I thought you were an executive.
      Mr. Saxx: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I'm a junior associate. But I'm a senior junior associate, which means I have a direct pipeline right to those executives... by means of their assistants. One second.
      Taylor: That's great... I'm talking to a guy with no carrots.

    • Studio Boss: Let's talk about this little display of yours on YouTube.
      Millie: Ooo-kay, look, I am... I am sorry about that, I didn't mean to pull that guy's head off. Well, I guess I must have, because I was pulling really hard. But, it wasn't really his head, uh, his real head's still on. It's just... he was being a jerk! And he was drunk! Oh, you can drink all the vats of gin and bleach schnapps that you want for all I care. It's just, not around the kids. And not when you're wearing a Grumpaloo suit. The kids love them and they believe in them, and I will not stand by and let some jerk tear that down. I'm going to step up, and stop it no matter how much he smells like pee.
      Studio Boss: (to Junior Executive) See that passion? (to Millie)It's that kind of courage and commitment to your art that make us want to work with you.
      Junior Executive: Plus, like you said, those pencil-neck pukes in the marketing department couldn't dream up this kind of publicity.
      Studio Boss: I didn't say that... it's about the art.

    • (final voice-over)
      Millie: And with that, little Missy Grumpaloo returned from her magical visit to the land of the stars. Missy shared stories about riding on a huge wave and sneaking into a cave full of musical giants and about her battle with a dirty, obnoxious monster. And to prove she won the battle, Missy brought back the monster's head, which horrified the other Grumpaloos, because it smelled like pee.

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