Season 1 Episode 5

Hot Luv

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on CTV
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Hot Luv
Millie goes up against Taylor in order to best him in an eating contest. Joyce increases Crystal's duties by allowing her to choose the next manuscript to publish.

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      • Millie: So you come here, like what, four times a week?
        Taylor: Let's just say I like my food the way I like my women.
        Millie: Fat and greasy?
        Taylor: Hot and spicy.

      • (Crystal wants the rest of the day off)
        Joyce: Is it something important?
        Crystal: Very. Undead Heart is playing. And I want to get to the theatre early so I can get a seat.
        Taylor: The zombie romance trilogy? I love those movies. The scene in the last one where the zombie queen and the voodoo cheer leader, where they fall into the mud pit and then they all start wrestling.... oh, ho! If that's being undead, count me in!
        Crystal: You picked the one lame part.

      • (coming out of a convenience store)
        Stan: What kind of store only sells strawberry ice cream?
        Millie: If you're looking for porn, though, that's the spot! I feel like washing my eyes.

      • (on the phone, arranging the eating contest)
        Millie: Be prepared to be humiliated!
        Taylor: What was that?
        Millie: I said, prepare to be humiliated!
        Taylor: Why are you saying it like that?
        Millie: Because I'm Millie... it's my name... hu-Millie-ated.
        Taylor: Ah. Good one... okay, see you at noon.

      • (end voice-over)
        Millie: Missy Grumpaloo was chosen by the village to fight the big-headed dragon who lived on Hot Rock Mountain. But the big-headed dragon could breathe fire, and Missy didn't know what to do. So she pulled out a sandwich she was saving for lunch, and offered it to the dragon. But the peanut butter made the dragon sick; and even though they were fighting, Missy visited him in the hospital every day. And when the dragon was all better, he burned Missy's house down, because dragons are jerks.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Anna: So this is like that karate movie where the master made the boy paint the house and wax the car, but he was really teaching him kung fu?
        Stan: Exactly. I mean, he didn't teach kung fu to the Karate Kid, but otherwise, yes.

        The Karate Kid (1984), starred Ralph Macchio as Daniel, a down-trodden teen being harassed by a group of thugs who also happen to be studying karate. Mr. Miyagi, played by Pat Morita, teaches him karate, but uses the unorthodox teaching method of having Daniel perform chores such as waxing the car, painting the house and sanding the floor. Daniel eventually beats the lead bully in a karate tournament.

      • Taylor: Little Orphan Stannie... what brings you here?

        Taylor is making a word-play on the name "Little Orphan Annie", a comic strip character created in 1924 by Harold Gray.