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Season 1 Episode 1

Millie, Meet Stan

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Millie, Meet Stan
After suffering an emotional outburst in a coffee shop, Millie's publisher threatens to cancel her future public speaking events unless and until she gets help. This leads Millie to Stan, a well-meaning although not particularly experienced life coach, who tries to help her get control of her emotions.moreless

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  • Pilot

    I am a big fan of US sitcoms, and I started to get into the UK's shows, so Canadian sitcoms was the next natural step for me on my television viewing journey. The show was interesting, to say the least. It was a nice twist on the office sitcom, but this was not exactly the best premiere. Natasha Robertson is not really fit for being a star and I do not know if she can carry a show. A lot of her lines simply are not funny, and that is off-putting when the lead strikes out on so many jokes.

    David Ingram and Brent Butt were funny though and provided the majority of the laughs. Paula Rivera as Stan's wife was also good, even if she just ripped off Nadine Velasquez completely.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Millie: Ho-lee, check out the beehive on Beulah. (shouting) Say hi to the Shirelles for me!

      The Shirelles were a girl group in the '60s; they formed in 1958 and their hit, "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" (1960) was the first number 1 hit by an all-girl group on the pop charts. They were popular in both North America and the U.K.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Customer: You just can't tell someone to shut their stupid face.
      Millie: I know, I know... society dictates. Gettin' tired of that tune.

    • Joyce: You don't just work for me, you work with me. You call me Joyce, I call you Cindy.
      Crystal: My name is Crystal.

    • Millie: Am I late? I got a little side-tracked, so I ran all the way here, and I saw you talking to... is she new?
      Joyce: Oh, my banker's daughter. On an unrelated note, my mortgage for this building's been approved.

    • (about Stan's new client)
      Anna: So who is he, what's he like?
      Stan: He's a she; she's nice enough, but a real bag of snakes. I invented a new word today: over-reactionist.
      Anna: That's a big one.

    • Stan: It's important not to suck up too much too soon with a new client; you might scare them off.
      Anna: See how good you are at this? You know just how much to suck.

    • (on the phone)
      Millie: Well, I was just seeing when you want to get together.
      Stan: We should get right to work. The sooner you get here, the better.
      Landlord: (knocking on door) Dirko, you got the rent?
      Stan: Here's not good.

    • Stan: Let's roll it back to the milk; you spilled some milk on your pants, and your first instinct is to attack a dairy?
      Millie: Oh, here we go, here's where you give me the old 'you're as crazy as a pound of wet mice' speech. The old 'put down the scissors and step away from the...
      Stan: No, no, I don't want you to step away from anything. Listen, I'm a life coach, Millie. I like to think that stands for something.
      Millie: You're like Telly Savalas. What's next?

    • Stan: Millie!
      Millie: What took you so long? Did you stop for a massage or something?
      Stan: A grown man can't run seven blocks in a row.

    • (as Millie sings and entertains a group of kids)
      Stan: Am I dreaming this?

    • Stan: You're rich and famous.
      Millie: Oh, well, my Grumpaloos are famous.
      Stan: But you're rich!
      Millie: Only in the sense that I have a lot of money.

    • Anna: Mmmm, this pie tastes like donuts. Which would be brilliant if somebody thought of that.

    • (voice over)
      Millie: So, little Missy Grumpaloo got kicked right out of the coffee shop by the nasty, angry Stinkaloo. And even though Missy Grumpaloo was right, and pretty, the mean Stinkaloo's words hurt her feelings. Then, Dr. Grumpaloo, who wasn't even really a doctor, said, "Don't you worry, Missy, I'll teach you how to be not be so loud, not so mad, and not so frightened, and not so sad," and that made little Missy feel better, and she didn't feel like she had to come back and burn down Stinkaloo's coffee shop any more.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The original airing of the first episode mistakenly ran the end credits for episode 2, with guest cast "Lewis" and "Wendy". This was corrected when the first episode aired on The Comedy Network on March 6, 2010.