Season 1 Episode 2

Strata's Fear

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on CTV
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Strata's Fear
Millie's anger issues spill over from her professional life into her personal as her behaviour causes difficulties with those in charge at her condo.

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  • Strata's Fear

    Now I remember why I stopped watching this show. It took awhile for me to actually see this episode, but for what I saw it just was not funny at all. Millie is just not funny at all here and her character is too unbelievable. Nobody behaves this way, and sitcoms nowadays have to maintain at least some realism.

    David Ingram was essentially a no show here, as was the assistant. These supporting characters helped balance the show and actually keep it worth watching when Millie was just having an off day. With them gone, there is no reason to watch.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Lewis: Remember when you were removed from the coffee shop for yelling at me? Well, if you continue to ignore the rules, you'll be removed from your home. Will that be funny?

      Millie was removed from the coffee shop in the opening scene of the first episode.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Millie: Can I get you a cup of coffee?
      Stan: Sure.
      Millie: Okay, I'll be right back. (she puts on her coat and opens the door)
      Stan: Wait, where are you going?
      Millie: There's a coffee shop down the block.
      Stan: Oh, well don't... I mean, I just thought you had it here.
      Millie: No, alls I've got is Creamsicles and pie.
      Stan: I like both of those. (she shuts the door)

    • Stan: I'm not sure I understand the point of painting your door.
      Millie: It changes the colour.
      Stan: I understand what the result will be. I'm just saying, you've got a lot of boxes in your condo, and you know, there doesn't really seem to be anything wrong with your door.
      Millie: It's not purple enough.

    • Taylor: How's Crystal today?
      Crystal: (looking around) Who are you talking to?
      Taylor: You. Isn't your name Crystal?
      Crystal: Yeah, but you said, "How's Crystal?" like you're talking about me, but to someone else.

    • Taylor: Listen, I know someone who's great with plants.
      Joyce: Really?
      Taylor: Absolutely. If I can get her in here to fix your plants, will you take a look at my new client's books?
      Joyce: Yes, I will.
      Taylor: Great. Wait, not just look at them, but also read them.
      Joyce: Ah, sharper than I thought. Yes, I will read them too.

    • (Anna sits down and starts to eat a sandwich she just made for herself)
      Stan: I thought you were making that sandwich for me.
      Anna: Why do you think that?
      Stan: 'Cause when I came home, you said, "Hey, do you want a sandwich?"... not sure where I got lost there.
      Anna: I'm not sure either. I left all the sandwich stuff out for you, but then you didn't make a sandwich.

    • (on the phone)
      Taylor: Hey, kiddo! Do you know anyone who knows how to not kill a plant?
      Millie: Let me think for a second... (pause)
      Taylor: Well?
      Millie: Well what?
      Taylor: Did you think of someone?
      Millie: I was thinking about something else; I'm not finished, hang on.

    • Joyce: You got kicked out of your condo?
      Millie: Slow-poke-picky-pants says I will if the purple part doesn't come off.
      Joyce: Does that make sense to anybody? (Stan raises his hand)

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