Season 1 Episode 7

Thanks For Nuttin

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2010 on CTV
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Thanks For Nuttin
Millie loses her faith in humanity after failing to receive appropriate gratitude for a kind act; Stan attempts to show her that the kindness is reward enough. Crystal finds Joyce's weak spot in snack food, while Taylor turns to Anna for internet help.

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    Millie was really annoying in this episode. I know that I flip flop on her just about every week, but she really irritated me here. Her behavior was very How I Met Your Mother-y, and I think you all know my feelings on that "comedy."

    THe scenes in the office building were great though. The nut man, the stealing of the nuts, the bidding on the bobblehead, or bobblyhead, as Anna called it, were all great. The writers of this show know how to create good workplace humor and if this was the entire show, I bet more people would like it.moreless

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    • (about Stan's injured hand)
      Millie: So you did that shaving in the shower.
      Stan: No, I wasn't shaving; I was sharpening pencils. Electric pencil sharpener.
      Millie: In the shower. You know water and electricity don't mix, right?
      Stan: Why do you keep saying it was in the shower? It wasn't in the shower.
      Millie: Are you sure? 90% of all accidents happen in the shower. It's a porcelain death-trap.

    • (going through the found wallet)
      Anna: Oooh, Mr. Fancypants has a gold card!
      Millie: That's his name? Mr. Fancypants? Boy, I bet grade school was no picnic!

    • Stan: You know, we could just go to the address on his driver's licence.
      Millie: Honestly, Doc, you're like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys rolled in one.
      Anna: You're like a Nancy Boy.
      Stan: I'm going to assume you don't know what that means.

    • Millie: Oh, hey, use your phone to take a picture of me giving the wallet back.
      Stan: My phone doesn't have a camera.
      Millie: Are you kidding me? Do you have a butter churn at home too?
      Stan: No.
      Millie: I do. An electric one; I got it online. I make my own butter, it's delicious.

    • (in the kitchen, Joyce is searching the cupboards)
      Crystal: What are you doing?
      Joyce: I was just looking for post-its.
      Crystal: You mean, post-it-stachios?
      Joyce: What?

    • (upon being told she has to apologize to Maxwell Smythe)
      Millie: Thank him? I'd rather die! I'd rather be dipped in chocolate, cut up into little pieces, put in boxes, and fed to hungry housewives who sit around watching daytime soaps... ha, where the hell am I going with this?
      Stan: I have no idea.

    • (end Grumpaloo voice-over)
      Millie: Little Missy Grumpaloo was out for a walk one day, when she saw Grandma Grumpaloo drop a big bag of apples. Missy gathered up all the apples and gave them back to Grandma Grumpaloo. But Grandma Grumpaloo didn't say 'thank you', and Missy thought that was pretty lousy. But then, when Missy got home, she saw that Grandma had used the apples to bake a fresh yummy pie. So Missy snuck into the kitchen, and stole Grandma's pie to teach her a lesson about being grateful.

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