Season 1 Episode 8

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Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2010 on CTV
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Mr. Picky-pants Lewis reappears in Millie's life to cause her problems after she hires Crystal to do some redecorating at the condo. Stan feels the need to prove himself to Joyce, and so tries to help her solve one of her problems.

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    And this may be the last time I watch Hiccups. I live in America so thankfully I have access to a plethora of better comedies.

    This quirky sitcom has its moments, but it is rarely consistently funny. I cannot recall one episode where you laugh for 20 minutes straight, like I can with most other shows.

    This episode was just completely outlandish in premise, and not only was in not funny, I actually felt embarrassed to be watching it.

    Brent Butt and David Ingram weren't funny, and they are usually the one constant source of humor on the show.

    Poor, poor outing for Hiccups.moreless

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    • Joyce: Which title grabs you more: "I'm Okay, You're A Bastard", or "Stop Helping Yourself, A Guide To Curing Kleptomania"?
      Anna: I'd say they're equally bad.

    • Joyce: Anna tells me you're not a doctor or a therapist.
      Stan: Not technically, as such... per se.
      Joyce: So what are you? Guru, shaman, life coach, spirit guide?
      Stan: The third one.
      Joyce: You're a life coach? I didn't even know that was a real thing.
      Stan: Oh it's real. You can pinch me if you like. (pause) It's a real thing; fully accredited and uh, well, not accredited... maybe accredited; what's accredited mean?

    • (on the phone)
      Stan: Hello, who's this? A big fat liar?
      Taylor: Uh, maybe. Who's this?
      Stan: It's Stan. You just made me look like a total idiot. Joyce doesn't hate men.
      Taylor: I just assumed, you know, 'cause she's never made a play for me.

    • (trying to get in to Lewis's condo)
      Crystal: My car broke down and, um, I was just wondering if I could use your phone... in there... to call my boss back at the modelling agency and bikini car wash.
      Lewis: Who buzzed you in? Because if you weren't buzzed in by a registered tenant, you'll have to leave.

    • Joyce: Why do you look so smug?
      Stan: Oh, I wouldn't say smug, I'm just very pleased with myself.
      Joyce: That's what smug means.

    • Joyce: Thanks to your little talk, my ex-husband thinks I'm being petty. Now he wants a painting that I got in the settlement.
      Stan: Well, this is great! He gets the painting, you get the trunk; flipsy-flopsy, everybody wins.
      Joyce: That painting is worth $25,000.
      Stan: I see. And the trunk is worth... I'm guessing, less?
      Joyce: About twenty-four thousand, nine hundred and ninety dollars less.
      Stan: Ouch. It's only worth a hundred bucks?
      Joyce: Ten, Stan, it's ten bucks.

    • Millie: I'm sorry, I had you all wrong. You're not a persnickety prune-faced jerk. You're the kindest, most selfless man I have ever known!
      Lewis: Thank you. But for future reference, you can't hold gatherings of more than six people in the hallways. It's a fire hazard.

    • Millie: Boy, that guy really grills my fish! I mean, it's days like this that I wish I was 100 feet tall and had bazoombas for eyes!
      Joyce: Bazoombas?
      Millie: Well, I meant to say bazookas. Although...

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