Hidden Hills

NBC (ended 2003)





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  • I love Hidden Hills

    This was one of my all time favorites. I know a LOT of people that loved this show and are still talking about it even after being off the air for 8 years!

    The humor was great and the lead actors were really really good:

    Justin Louis and Paula Marshall.

    It's a shame that such a great television series was canceled so quickly. It only lasted one season.

    Please bring it back into syndication (even though there were only 17 episodes). i would be willing to sign a petition to bring it back or at least get it online somewhere...like on HULU or something.
  • Love this show

    I really wish I can remember more about this show. I can remember watching it whenever it was on. The opening with the new version of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" seemed to capture the mood of the show.

    Paula Marshall is great in any show she is in and I wish that there would be a project that wouldn't get yanked--so that everyone can see how awesome she is.

    I remember that the premises were typical in sit-com nature, but the one-camera gave a unique perspective of the 3 camera counterparts.

    As a writer, I was about to spec the show when it got pulled off. And usually there has to be something special that a writer will see in a show to spec it. And this one was special.
  • Hilarious, why did it ever go away? Too funny for the weak gutted!

    I loved this show! Loved this show! Funny everytime and with a most likable cast backed by a cozy suburban backdrop and solid writers to keep the goofy coming! A nice cross between Scrubs and Desparate Housewives, this show started the whole primetime shock factor that we know of today with the men in the neighborhood talking about the "porno mom" and the wives brooding over manolo the resident latin heartthrob. Sounds all too familiar, no? Well I think it was evident that this show had all the makings of an hit, why it wasn't given a chance we may never know but, it still bites! Good stuff, much fun.
  • It would be nice to write a summary based on watching an actual episode of Hidden Hills however I have been unable to find a site online to assist me in this attempt. I remember it being one of my favs at the time. I say we petition to bring it back!

    I think this show was fantastic. I heard that they had cancelled it and when they realized they made a terrible mistake and wanted to bring it back all the actors had gotten other jobs. BIG BUMMER! I think they should try again with some well known actors and actresses. The writing was top notch and we all know that a good comedy is hard to come by!!! If you get a chance to look at some of the taped episodes you won't be let down. They are simply hilarious to say the least. I have nothing but the fondest memories of watching it. The show is an A++!