Hidden Hills - Season 1

NBC (ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • The Motorcycle
    The Motorcycle
    Episode 18
    Doug gets a motorcycle, although resists the thought of it stemming from a mid-life crisis.
  • The Housewife
    The Housewife
    Episode 17
    Janine takes a sabbatical from work, fulfilling Doug's fantasy of her becoming a 50's-style housewife.
  • The Birthday
    The Birthday
    Episode 16
    While Doug discovers Botox and waxing, Janine struggles with her upcoming birthday.
  • The Reunion
    The Reunion
    Episode 15
    Doug's high school reunion ends bitterly after he spends time away from Janine to flirt with a girl he never knew liked him.
  • The Feud
    The Feud
    Episode 14
    Doug and Janine battle with their next-door neighbors, while Pam panics about meeting Manolo's father.
  • The Neighbors
    The Neighbors
    Episode 13
    The house next door becomes available for sale, and Doug decides its time for him to sell his own house, to buy the other.
  • The Concert
    The Concert
    Episode 12
    While eating out one night, Doug realizes that no matter what they talk about, it always turns into a discussion about the kids. So Doug and Janine decide that they still can have fun. They decide to rent a limo and go to a sold-out Def Leppard concert. This means Zack has to talk to his buddy to get them tickets. Zack's friend tells him that Def Leppard is very white, which leads Zack to an identity crisis, over whether he is losing his culture. But he gets the tickets anyway. While in the limo, Janine thinks the wine is probably been peed in by teenagers, and she is right when Doug tries it. So they stop and get their own drink. They drink it all and are drunk. At the concert, Doug puts Janine on his shoulders, but when he answers a call on his phone, unknowingly to Doug, Janine flashes Def Leppard. The next day at the kids carnival for Emily and Derrick's school, Janine and Doug have huge hangovers, and all the people are gossiping about what they heard from other people at the concert. So that night, when Doug and Janine get home, they figure people will forget about it, but they are wrong, all of Hidden Hills knows, as Janine is the 11 o'clock news top story.moreless
  • The Visit
    The Visit
    Episode 11
    Doug's mother-in-law decides to move in with the family, while she searches for a home of her own in the neighborhood.
  • Christmas
    Episode 10
    Doug starts by showing a flashback of last Christmas when Pam and Russ were happily married, then it zooms to now, with Pam crying at the Barber's house, because she misses Russ. When Russ shows up at the kids Christmas pageant, he has to stand in the divorced fathers section. Afterwards, he talks to Doug. When he CLAIMS to miss Pam, Doug tells him that she has been missing him too. So Pam and Russ start dating again. But when the Barbers are picking out their family Christmas tree, Janine finds out about Doug talking to Russ, which instantly makes her mad. She says that if Pam is hurt by him again, it would be Doug's fault. When Doug goes to talk to Russ, he sees him kissing his old girlfriend. So at the Barber's Christmas party, Doug confronts Russ and tells him to tell Pam. But Doug leaves him alone long enough for him to leave without telling her, so Doug is left to do it. Pam is really mad, but in the end, Janine convinces Doug that he helped, and in a way, saved Christmas.moreless
  • The Birth
    The Birth
    Episode 9
    Doug and Janine are discussing what would happen to Emily and Derrick if something were to happen to them. They finally decide Zack and Sarah would become the guardians. So they sit them down and tell them their decision. Zack and Sarah immediately say yes. Then Janine mentions that they would do the same thing for them. Suddenly Zack and Sarah decide it's time to go. Doug and Janine are shocked and confused at why they didn't accept. So they decide to confront Zack and Sarah. While each is arguing, a series of flashbacks starts, starting with Sarah's water breaking at the Barber's house. Then while Janine is trying to deliver Sarah's baby, SHE starts having contractions.

    Sarah calls Janine and they make up, and Doug calls Zack and they settle their differences. They realize they have to put aside their differences and be friends again.moreless
  • Coach Doug
    Coach Doug
    Episode 8
    Doug dreads his daughter's upcoming upcoming soccer season. Why? Because every year, all the kids' parents take out their anger on Doug for things such as not playing their kid, or making their kid "ride the pine." This year is even worse because Zack quits to help his daughter in the drama production. Janine isn't happy because she says Doug is avoiding Manolo. So in an effort to get to know him better, Doug asks him to be an assistant coach. Suddenly, all the parents are happy. Doug is in dreamland. But Janine quickly shoots down his happiness. She says Manolo can't be an assistant coach, because she isn't sure if Pam and Manolo are in a serious relationship. So Doug has to fire Manolo, but while letting Manolo down, he mistakenly hints that Pam might dump him. Things go downhill from there when Manolo proposes to Pam.moreless
  • The Shocker
    The Shocker
    Episode 7
    Janine sees Pam being intimate with Manolo. It gets her wondering (once again) if Doug and her have enough romance in their lives. So Janine asks Sarah for help. Sarah tells Janine about a trick she uses on Zack called the shocker, but when she does it to Doug, he jumps right out of the bed. This makes Janine fear they will never be intimate again.moreless
  • Halloween
    Episode 6
    During Halloween week, Doug becomes uneasy when Janine's friend Pam makes a move on him or so he thinks. Feeling flattered and confident, Doug's imagination goes into overdrive -- only to have Janine burst his bubble when she explains that Pam is not interested in him. Meanwhile, Sarah must decide whether a breast enlargement would help her chances of being re-signed to a new contract at her job.moreless
  • The Getaway
    The Getaway
    Episode 5
    Doug outbids everyone at an auction for a getaway, only to find, once they are there, that five other Hidden Hills couples are also there. Meanwhile, Zack and Sarah enjoy themselves at Doug and Janines house watching both couples children.
  • The Vasectomy
    The Vasectomy
    Episode 4
    Janine decides she's had enough with the side effects of birth control pills. This leads Doug on embarrassing trips to get condoms. Finally they give up and decide that the days of having kids are over for them. So they both decide that Doug should have a vasectomy.
  • The Affair
    The Affair
    Episode 3
    In need of a little time away from home, Doug accepts Zack's invitation to play basketball on Sunday mornings.
  • The Mark of Manolo
    The Mark of Manolo
    Episode 2
    Sarah's got a new trainer. A good-looking guy named Manolo. Pam immediately starts drooling over him. This of course makes Doug jealous.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    In the opener, Doug Barber is lamenting a lack of time for intimacy with his wife, Janine --and the fact that news of his predicament is traveling fast around the neighborhood. In fact, his friend Zack learned of the situation from his wife Sarah in the shower. But before long it's Doug who may need a shower (the cold kind) when the neighborhood's newest arrival---a sexy, single mom with her own porn Web site---becomes his assistant coach for softball.moreless