Hidden Palms

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 06, 2007 on The CW
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The arrival of Johnny's friend from his rehab days, Nikki, makes Greta completely jealous. Meanwhile, Johnny receives disturbing instant messages from an unidentified sender and learns a shocking fact about Eddie's death. Finally, a benefit at the country club turns into a chaotic spectacle.

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  • predictably horrible!

    I gave it another chance.. I know I should have known it would be bad. However it wasn't as bad as the first. Why oh why did they cast the girl from Veronica Mars season 2? She is so incredibly annoying. The ending of the episode could have been worse. Everyone knew the secret instant messenger screen name was going to be Eddie. Who could have been surprised? I, like most people, thought that it would get better as the season progressed. I know, I know it is only the second episode but the change from bad to good is really slow for this show. I have to give Hidden Palms a little credit, they saved the show from being absolutely unbearable to horribly bad. Personally I don't even know why I am writing this review. Hidden Palms doesn't deserve to get any review.. I expected more from the CW.moreless
  • Well, is each episode going to be as "nothing happened" as first two?

    Let's summarise what we found out in 1x02: Johnny was/is an alcoholic, Eddy killed himself and only Johnny's step dad knew about it deciding to buy it, Eddy claims to be alive though and Johnny's friend from rehab, Nikki didn't stop drinking. Maybe it is just me watching too much Prison Break when you get loaded with tones of threads and infos all the time, but in my opinion it is not enough for a whole episode. It is boring. Palm Springs seems to be the most boring and dull place in the world so far. What, people are so tired of doing nothing that they kill others?

    It looks like I'm gonna giva up on HP. I'll wait til Wednesday to decide.moreless
  • I can't believe they tried to pull that off!

    "Ghosts" is referring to Eddie, who committed suicide at the room that Johnny is currently staying in. When Johnny gets creepy instant messages, he starts to grow impatient. Meanwhile, his old friend from rehab, Nikki, shows up at Palm Springs. Greta and Johnny get closer while Greta warns Johnny about Cliff.

    When Johnny sees his old friend, Nikki, he's filled with joy and shows his friend around Palm Springs. Greta catches them on a lip-lock though, which causes some jealousy. Nikki is a newly introduced character, and she's probably the most interesting character on "Hidden Palms."

    When Cliff tells Johnny what really happened with Eddie, Johnny decides to talk with his mother and Bob about it and they end up fighting over it. Meanwhile, Johnny has been getting instant messages from someone who won’t reveal who he or she is. At the end of the episode, he gets a strange link from this person, showing him a video of Eddie. I just can't believe they're attempting to pull off the scary type of theme for this show. The theme doesn't match this type of show at all, and it really makes the believability of this show decline.

    Nikki decides to go with Johnny to "The Shack" after Cliff invites them. When Cliff and Nikki meet, Cliff has no idea that Nikki is a recovering alcoholic, thus feeding her drinks. Meanwhile, Johnny and Greta hit it off and seem like they're starting a relationship. I hate to see Greta and Johnny together; can it get more cliché than two pretty blonds hooking up?

    Overall this episode could have just put me into a deep slumber. I can't stand most of the actors on this show except for the newly recruited Tessa Thompson, who isn't even that good. The plot is getting way too far fetched and as for Greta and Johnny, it was way too obvious from the beginning. Liza isn't getting much of a story, so hopefully they'll give her something interesting and there might still be hope for this show yet.moreless
  • Johnny discovers something about Eddie, the guy who lived in his room.

    In this second episode we learn a lot more about the characters and new character Nikki is introduced.

    The best things about this episode was the ending, I loved that. The AA meeting and party was fun too.

    Cliff does seem to become the psycho in this show (nice role reversal from his and Johnny's roles in The O.C.).

    I like the little glimpes we get of people's past, especially Greta's and Cliffs's, they have some kind of history and it's related to Eddie or possibly even to Eddie's death. It will be interesting to watch this storyline unfold.

    I hope Johnny will gave his step-dad a break, he doesn't seem like a bad guy.moreless
  • We find out a bit more about Cliff's and Gretta's life and their possible involvement in Eddy's death.

    The show continues but it didn't happen much in last episode the only thing real interesting was the end of the episode when apparently it was Eddy sending the online messages creepy! Besides form that I didn't like that Johnny and Gretta already kissed is far to soon they barely know each other. I didn't like also the theme song or the presentation it was pretty mediocre. The apperance of Nikki didn't bring much to the episode but lets's not jump to conclusions yet I will keep on watching the show for some more episode and really hope it gets better.moreless
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